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Tips to Improve Off-Page SEO

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Search Engine Optimization is one of the most significant and used techniques in order to improve the traffic to the website by getting high rank placements in Search Engine Results Page (SERPs) such as Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. SEO has two techniques for improving the website position in SERPs which are: On Page SEO and Off Page SEO.

Off Page SEO: It is very helpful in making our websites popular on the internet so that we can get more visibility. With these SEO techniques, we can improve our website in SERP.

Here are some SEO techniques which are very helpful in Off Page SEO:

Sharable Content: Amazing content is always the king in SEO. If we are creating amazing and sharable content, it will be the smart way for generating more and more natural back links to our website of blog.

Social Media Engagement: This is a major Off Page SEO technique and if we want to make our business as well as blogs and website popular, we should engage with the people on multiple social media platforms. It will help us in growing our business.

Video Submission: It will help us in making our videos popular through different popular video submission sites. Go for the proper title, tags and reference links in order to get quality back links as all video submission sites have high PR.

Image Submission: We can share our photos on the popular image submission websites. We should just optimize them with the correct URL and title tag and also check if they have proper title, description and tags.

Info graphic Submission: We can create info graphics as they are being popular on the internet these days. We can submit our info graphics on these sites and give reference links to our webpage and blog.

Document Sharing: We can create attractive documents related to our business or blogs. They should possess unique and should be in form of pdf or ppt formats. We can submit these on different sites.

Social Bookmarking sites: They are one of the platforms in order to promote our websites. When we bookmark our web page or blog post on popular bookmarking sites, we can gain high traffic to our websites.

Forum Submission: We should participate in the search forums which are related to the website and business and also can make a connection with that community.

Article submission: We should submit our articles in the high PR article submission directory. We can also give links to our sites. Content should be unique and of high quality.

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Links which are harmful for your website

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Whether you are running a website for business or other purpose, you should know about every SEO sin that can penalize your website. Among different search engines Google is the one that launches latest version of algorithms more frequently. And the one that is not aware of the latest SEO techniques to be followed has to pay for it.

Orca-harmful links

Back links is the term which can be traced in SEO techniques from times and is working well till now. It is usually added on others blogs or websites that is helps in driving traffic towards your website. If you are looking for best position in SERP, then back links can really help you a lot. Getting back links to your website is not a difficult task, but what one needs to consider here, is to the follow the way that is permitted by Google. Natural links and unnatural links are the two different types of links that can be good or bad for your website.

Reciprocal links are the other links in this category in which webmaster links to your website and your website and you also link to his or her website. Although this can help you to some extent in raising your search engine position, but Google doesn’t see them as earned. Bad links are one of the worst links which can take your website to trouble. So, as a precaution avoid to these links and if by chance you get these links just remove them.

Most common bad links are from social bookmarking websites, the links from pages with very less content, link directories, back links of those websites which have duplicate content and Links from irrelevant websites and content.

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Easy Online Tools for Small Businesses

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Small businesses leave no stone unturned to keep their growth trajectory upwards. But, due to limited resources all owners fail to do so. Ups and downs related to it make it more complex. A number of factors like staffing resources, finance, new competitors and technology and many more determine small business success. But, besides this there are some easily-manageable tools too, that can be used for business growth. Read on to know about them in detail.

Orca -online-tools

E-MAIL MARKETING: Email marketing helps in building strong customer relationships by targeting audience. It is a wonderful a strategic tool that helps in building strong band that accelerates fresh sale. Other direct marketing efforts are directly augmented through this. The free version of this software allows at add up to 2000 names to your lists.

BOOKKEEPING – E-COMMERCE: E-commerce is a growing trend which has eliminated many time-consuming activities like paperwork. Cost of doing business is also reduced to a considerable extent by cutting short the expenditures of stationary and other things. The losses occurring due to indirect data entry or the processing errors are also reduced by use of automated bookkeeping. So, you can do a good business without a team of staff members too.

WEBINARS: For webinars and teleseminars Free Conferencing.com is a great program. Up to 1000 people on the call can be handled easily through this way. Showing and sharing screens becomes much easier through this. This also records the seminar too.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Role of Social Media in growing business needs no explanation. As we can see small and big companies all using Face book, Twitter, LinkedIn to promote their businesses. People build their professional network and through this they get connected to number of people across the globe.

WEBSITES, BLOGS and POSTS: Websites, Blogs and Posts are the easiest ways of promoting business. Your clients remain connected to you through this. Content posted on websites and blogs help you in telling customers about the services you offer.

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How ‘Call to Actions’ can be effective in website conversion

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Online marketing is for growing business by following online strategies. To see effective results understanding the elements of key marketing is a must. First and most important element is to drive traffic toward your business website. And then the second is converting that traffic into customers. Converting visitors to clients should be the main motto. Call to Action plays a great role in getting more leads and sales from blogs and websites. Read on to know in detail how effective call to action buttons can help in increasing the number of leads.


A call to action, or CTA, is a banner, button, or some type of graphic or text on a website meant to prompt a user to click it and continue down a conversion funnel. It is an essential part of inbound marketing as well as permission marketing in that it actively strives to convert a user into a lead and later into a customer

Optimizing call to actions buttons is one of the easiest ways of boosting conversion rates. So it’s very important to work on them. A call to action is for every occasion and should be placed on every page of your website to meet the goal you are looking for. Add to cart, Click here, buy now, purchase now, and order now are some of the call-to-action text that we usually notice. You should always use that button text which is related to your offering or selling. Color also matters a lot; different colors give different meanings, so make sure to use the color which helps you to stand out. Location is another factor that can add a lot of difference.

Call to action should never be placed higher on the page; it should be placed above the fold or below the fold. Let the reader decide what he wants to do. First allow him to read what you are offering, so that they are really excited to know what more is there in the store. It’s not necessary that standard call to action buttons convert the best, try something creative.

Call to action should be simple with little special effects and procedure to fill should be easy. So, that people can easily use it and you can make the best out of your business