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Use Twig and Timber for Next Website

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There is no doubt that WordPress is a great platform to manage our content on our site as well as for other works on website. It is the most versatile platform proof of which is that currently it acquires more than 23% of the internet as we know it.

The wordpress themes industry is getting pretty large and every day we see many new businesses pop-up, offering their own themes and now one more has been added to these trends which are Twig and Timber.

Twig: It is a PHP based templating system which allows us for writing faster and cleaner codes across all the sites we build. It is also easier to use and focused on more complex development tasks or can even take a brand new CMS when the project or client demands for it.

Timber: Timber is that plugin which is responsible for uniting wordpress with Twig. Along with the advantage of using Twig, it allows us to separate the PHP from our HTML templates. It gives us a more comfortable environment for developing themes.

Pros of using Twig:

  • Fast: Twig is able to comply down to plain optimized PHP code. In comparison to regular PHP, the overhead was reduced to the very minimum.
  • Secure: Twig has the sandbox mode in order to evaluate untrusted template code. Due to this, twig can be used as a template language for applications where the users can modify the template design.
  • Flexible: As the Twig is powered by flexible lexer and parser, developer can define its own custom tags and filters as well as create its own DSL.
  • Easy to Learn: The syntax is easy to learn and along with this, it allows web designers to get their job done faster without getting in their way.
  • Extensibility: Twig is flexible enough for all our needs even the most complex ones due to the open architecture, we can also implement our own language constructs for creating our own DSL.
  • Unit tested: One thing that Twig is fully unit tested and its library is also stable and ready to be used in large projects.
  • Documented: Twig is fully automated along with a dedicated online book and a full API documentation.

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Make Your Website Accessible with these Tips

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There are a millions of users out there and if we want to attract more of them to our site, there are some necessary steps which we must follow to ensure that site are being used by everyone. For this, accessibility is important which is not difficult to implement. All we need to understand the underlying issues which can make a site hard or impossible to use by certain people.

Here are some tips to apply and mistakes to avoid for making the site accessible:

Choose CMS that is supportive to accessibility: As there are many content management systems are available there to help us in building our website but we must choose a CMS that suits our needs and make sure it is accessible also. After that, we have to consult the theme’s documentation for notes on accessibility and tips for creating accessible content and layouts for that theme.

Use heading correctly: We should put our focus on using the correct and strategically heading (h1, h2, etc.) to navigate the well organized and easily interpreted content by screen readers. We should also make sure to adhere to correct order of headings and separate presentation from structure by using CSS.

Proper alternative texts for images: Alt text should be used for the images so that screen readers users could be able to understand the message conveyed by the use of images on the page. It is crucial for informative images such as infographics. The alt text should contain the message we want to convey through that image.

Give links unique and descriptive names: Whenever we include links in our content, we should use text that is able to properly describe where our link will go. Use of “Click here” is not a good idea as it is not descriptive and ineffective for the screen reader users. The most unique content of the link should be shown first.

Design forms for accessibility: If our form fields are not labeled properly, the screen reader user does not have the same cues available as the sighted user. For this, each field in our form should have a well positioned and descriptive label.

Use tables for tabular data: We should use tables for page layouts as they add additional verbosity to screen reader users. Whenever a screen reader goes through the table, he is informed that there is a table named ‘X” number of columns and rows and distracts from the content.

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Tips for Best Typography for Website

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Any website becomes successful when it is able to convey its intent and emotion of the business to the maximum visitors and in terms of digital world, the easiest way to perform this task is through the typeface. Typography is personal as well as can be used as an extension of a particular brand. It is important to pick up a typeface which is appropriate for our industry as well as compliments our brand and image.

Here are a few tips for bringing the most of the typography on our website:

It’s about contexts: There are particular typefaces which are appropriate for the different industries, purposes and brands such as we will not expect a toy manufacturer website to use the same font as a law firm uses. Sometimes simple font is the most appropriate option whereas other times, use of decorative font could make people talking about our website.

No excess typefaces: Having too many fonts on a website look disorganized and also confuse our visitors. It is distracting and takes attention away from our website. We should use 2 and 4 typefaces in our website design for everything. Consistency is the key to a professional website and using the same fonts throughout is the initial step towards this.

Alignment is important: An aligned text can dictate how the readers look through our web pages. For providing the best user experience, the text must be aligned for complimenting the structure and flowing of our content. Alignment is a guide for our readers, the easier it is to follow, and the more likely they are to read it.

Text size: The size of the words on web page is a great contributor to the user experience. Most people are around 20 to 23 inches from their computer screen when sitting properly, so it is important to keep design strategy in mind when implementing our website. Texts should be large enough to be legible. If there is a necessity to zoom in or out, it would impact user experience.

Spacing: This is also important when considering the texts. The correct distance between characters and words can impact appearance of our content and its readability. Too far apart letters will be harder to read and make our content appear longer.

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Storytelling can improve our Website

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The idea of having storytelling on our website sounds interesting, right? Well, when we think about the top brands in the world, we find that they all have a story. It is an interesting premise where users and consumers can relate to since the inception of the brand till today.

We all know that human is emotional creature on the earth and stories are impossible to be resisted by anyone if it is a good one. Similarly, if we have storytelling on the website, if will be very effective for our brand and company’s image to make people remember about it. It gives the user on the site some visual cues for remembering about us.
Here are some important storytelling tips which are helpful in representing you and your organization in the best way:
Words or Images? Only having verbally written information is not enough, we must display it in such a manner that people could enjoy and understand it easily. For this, visuals are really important. We can use pictures for telling the story all the time but images and videos hold more power over the users than words. Well explained visual stories can really move, mold or melt the reader’s heart.

Animated Content: Through the storytelling, we can share the mission and vision of our company to be remembered. We must create appealing content to help in achieving the business goals.

Focus on Authenticity of our Story: Clarity and consistency is highly important in our content throughout the website by using the central story. We can use props, visuals and videos for igniting the feeling towards our cause or organization in the user’s heart. We must write blogs on the tips, benefits and history of our business by telling the examples.

Communication with Visuals: The concept of storytelling is not really a marketing strategy rather it is a way through which we can share our history to the world. It cannot be done verbally rather we can use the chance of visual storytelling to let them know about us. Display and videos are the essential factors for the fastest growing digital marketing.

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Use Cinemagraphs to bring website Life

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Many trend designs may come and go in the world of web design but some of them remain for quite a long period of time such as call to action buttons and emphasis on the scrolling which were more than just trends. They were successful in redefining the components of great web design and now they are common features in almost every website today.

Hero images are another example of a design trend which has shown evolution in unique ways. While they are still popular today but designers have combined hero image aesthetic and placed video in the background rather than a picture. But most recently, cinemagraphs have bridged the gap between photography and video by combining the strengths of each into a striking hybrid.

Cinemagraphs: It is a gif but more subtle or we can say a high definition photo with one element of that image moving such as flickering candle frame or hair waving in breeze etc. Here are some ways we can use cinemagraphs on our websites:

Better Project Pages: whenever people are scrolling down our pages for looking some information, we can make them stop for a while with cinemagraphs. We can offer alternate and more detailed views with these cinemagraphs of our products alongside the static photos we already have. Mostly photos are enhanced by subtle motion.

Get Attention on Landing Pages: Landing pages for the services and freelance work are the great potential to inculcate cinemagraphs especially if our landing pages are too long. If there is a beautiful cinemagraph at the start, it can tempt our users to read further. Placing these cinemagraphs at the end can be great payoff for the reader’s effort.

The first image on the landing page must be like the hero image which we are going to use on home page as it is the place for displaying the best product or drawing the viewer in so that they would keep scrolling.

About Pages: If a user is visiting our about page that means they are quite curious but they are totally convinced yet. They may be interested but looking for more information about our company. In this case, the right visual aid can help us in convincing them about our expertise.

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Facts about Cloud computing

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First of all, we should know about cloud computing. Cloud computing is a type of computing which functions on shared computing resources instead of having local servers or personal devices to handle various applications. In a simple language cloud computing takes services and making them move out from an organization’s firewall security. In this storage and other works are accessed through the web. These services are delivered over the internet and paid by the cloud customer.

Cloud computing is used in various services like, software development programs, storage and software over the web, which is cloud computing. Commonly there are three characteristics of cloud computing which is common among all cloud computing, they are as follows:

1) Cloud vendor manages the back-end of the application especially the hardware.
2) A user has to pay for services like memory, processing time and bandwidth.
3) Services can be scaled, means they are scalable.

Cloud computing is also related to virtualization. Cloud computing has the ability to pay on demand and quick scaling. Some organizations say that using cloud computing, data may be lost. These are the issues which are claimed by the companies. Cloud computing is still a new paradigm in the software companies. The naming of cloud computing is derived from the traditional use of cloud which represent the internet or WAN. Cloud computing is a term for delivering the hosted services over the internet. Cloud computing allows companies to consume a compute resource example virtual machine or storage.

Following are the characteristics and benefits of cloud computing:

1) It is self service provisioning: end users can compute resources for any type of workload on demand. This result in eliminating the traditional need for IT administrators to manage compute resources.

2) Its elasticity: companies scale up when demand is increasing and scale down when demand decreases. Doing this will eliminate the need for large investments.

3) Pay per use: you have to only pay for that, what you have clicked. Means your pay depends on your click.

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Things to remember Before Developing a Website

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As soon as the technology is getting advanced, the need of online presence is also increasing for many businesses so that they could be successful among their competitors in this day and age. For this purpose, having a website is really important but for many people, the task of building a website is not so easy as they do not have skills to build that.

The fact that the work involved with building a successful website should be done upfront. Here are some steps which need to be taken before you should begin building a website:

Choose a Domain and Host: Great domain names say so much about a website so it needs to accurately reflect our brand’s voice and they should be easily spell by the users. The task of choosing the right name for our brand is significant as inculcating SEO, simple selling and brand identity into the domain name leads to the higher possibilities of being located in search engine results.

Technology and Purpose: Choosing the right technology in eh building of new successful website is one of the things that developers need to perform very quickly.

In addition to this, the main purpose of our business should also be kept in mind while developing a website as different kinds of websites have different purposes depending on the intended audience.

Color and Layouts: We should consider color for our websites very carefully for background, highlights or banners or texts etc. as they are very subjective and sometimes can evoke opposite emotions in people. They can also have different meanings in different cultures.

Simultaneously, the layout of the website is equally important as it takes mere seconds for a visitor to decide if they like our site enough to stay or not.

Sitemap: It can be an effective tool for the designer and non-designers alike. It is a focused planning tool that can be helpful in organizing and clarifying the content needs to be on our site.

Content: Strong and original content has the ability to attract and influence the visitors on our website. In order to successfully target our audience, the content must be unique and has some sense of freshness.

Audience: The essential step towards building a high converting website is to identify our target audience. Knowing our target audience and ideal customers is essential as they have a huge influence on our web design and will help us in making the perfect website.

Advertisements and Pop-up Messages: Advertisements and pop-up messages are the new concern by the developers as they have an impact on web design but they should not be used in excess as it si the most annoying thing for most of the users.

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Mobile SEO for website

Mobile SEO for website

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Versatile SEO is picking up fame because of a rising pattern of moving from work area to portable. As per eMarketer, almost 2.6 billion individuals that are around 33% of the worldwide populace will utilize cell phones by 2018. This pattern will prompt a colossal effect on the conduct of purchasers around the world.

They inquire about, make inquiries, search for an audit of the items and administrations, look for stores at nearness to where they are or even buy items online through their cell phones. A current report by BrightEdge demonstrates 57% of all inquiry activity is as of now originating from versatile or tablet gadgets. In this way, it is essential that some portable SEO best practices ought to be viewed as immediately.

As of late updated my telephone to an iPhone 7S. Without a doubt, it’s out of date somewhat yet just in the event that you consider Apple’s beastly dependence on refreshes where none are required. The fact of the matter is, it’s an extraordinary telephone.

Work in Responsiveness:

A responsive site is fundamental, generally, 38% of individuals will quit drawing in with the site and think that it’s ugly.

First of all, it’s what I’ve just said quickly above. On the off chance that your advanced methodology has just as of late consolidated versatile perusing, responsive website architecture for portable or responsiveness should be up front as far your needs are concerned.

In spite of these solid client inclinations for portable neighborly sites or responsive website architecture, it has been seen that 91% of private companies and new companies don’t have a responsive, versatile improved site.

Have you worked in the capacity of your site to identify differed screen sizes and change the format in like manner? For the uninitiated, best versatile sites are the responsive sites get rid of keeping up a similar site on numerous URLs. Your site has recently the one address and paying little heed to whether it’s being gotten to on a cell phone, a tablet, a “phablet” or huge screens, the design does all the work.

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Web Design Trends

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Getting snobby about trends in creative disciplines is easy and there’s nothing creative or innovative in keeping tabs on to know “what’s hot” until and unless you are not doing continuously for updates. Creativity is way of conversation where learning to recreate elements of our world in ochre and charcoal on cave walls. A sprawling, polyphonous and chaotic conversation is possible because of trends acting just like threads.

From selection to adoption or resistance, the creativity choices exist alongside these trends. Evolution of trends helped in providing context and many other benefits which are mentioned below in detail.

  1. Responsive Web Design

The prediction of large number of mobile users has come true and because of this introduction of responsive web design came into existence. An innovative design that responds according to the device system criteria everyday there is increase in mobile usage that led to the introduction of this unique design for every website. This trend will long last for few more years.

  1. Simplicity

Web designing trends also includes simplicity as one of their factor. This factor helps in developing interest among the customers as well as better understanding of the website. But the arrangement of so many things simply is one of the difficult tasks. Before developing of the website experts need to use pen and paper for every idea want to be incorporated.

  1. Circles

Recent trend that came into existence is circle that is even when web 2.0 was having boom and most of the designers were focusing more on drop shadows and circles. With the introduction of CSSS3, the creation of different kinds of boxes for highlighting or navigation links in the website.

  1. Vector Art

Few websites uses cartoons to welcome their users for advancing their brand introduction. It is one of the best ways of using these adorable vector dudes with the rising trends. Points for website enhancement are very helpful for website recognition.

  1. Infographics

It has hardly created any affect on the website trends but any expert cannot ignore but because of it presentation simplicity it is very popular. Even without any clue about the topic anyone can understand with the images and understanding.

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Choosing The Right CMS

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CMS stand for Content Management System and the term is not just limited to one meaning rather it has variety of meanings depending on scenarios and the person’s or project objectives. CMS is an application that allows the multiple users with different capabilities levels to manage content, data or information of a website project, or internet/intranet application.

The management of content refers to many factors that affect the website are like developing, editing, combining on, reporting, acknowledging website content, collecting data and information etc. In simpler terms it is a management system where users can do web editing giving full control of updating, changing and organising all of the content on any website. But the question arises how to choose the best CMS for website.

Firstly, choosing the right CMS either will make your website or break the online face of any website that’s why it is necessary to consult with web experts or agencies who are working with this from many days. With the growing need and size of the organization, the number of stakeholders also increases so, IT might demand for CMS fitting the current infrastructure stack.

Few essential features that could help users and website owners to ease the understanding like

  1. With this management the solution required for the audience and you will be on track that means providing ease in working.
  2. The main essentials provided by CMS is functionality, even the users unaware of it will be able to work with continuous work thus maintaining functionality.
  3. The roles played by admin is smooth and very easy to understand thus developing face of the company fluently in-front of the users.
  4. Customization is another important factor which is obtained with CMS as it customize according to the website being in process.
  5. It develops the trust and security in the mind of owners as everything is secured and safe.
  6. Support and scalability is another feature that is obtained with CMS.

Other than these features, figuring out stakeholders involved in CMS decision in accordance to different organizations. Further prioritizing the requirements of stakeholder which are beneficial for organization, these are the basic understanding of CMS and right way to choose it.