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SEO Copywriting Guide

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Search Engine Optimization is one vast field of website enhancement and optimization on the search engines and there are many factors that affect it. But content is the major one that affects the overall ranking. The difficulty is acknowledged by writers when writing SEO articles and presenting the details that may benefit the readers and audience.

Here is the article to guide with certain steps for SEO copywriting guide.

  1. Identifying the Target Audience – Focus on the needs for whom you are writing and what they are seeking for.
  2. Profitable Keyword Research – Keyword is necessary because the campaign cannot be started without it. List all the final set of a keyword with the help of keyword analysis tools like Google, word tracker and SEO book.
  3. Longtail terms and keyword variation – SEO can be enhanced by this and with the use of stemming and long tail keywords according to the prescribed suggestions in hittial.com, twitter trends, and Google insight.
  4. Catchy headline based on Keyword – Prepare a catchy title with your keyword placed in it. A title must temp the users to know what you are about describing.
  5. First and Last 50 words are hot – Your writing skills sound for best. All the prioritize keyword within the first 50 words.
  6. Engage with the content – Keep your content precise, straightforward and relevant. Make it interesting good flow and logical example.
  7. Not fooling the Search Engines – Search engines are well designed to detect duplications; there are many chances of getting caught whenever spam is detected. Write primarily for your audience than the search engine.
  8. Avoid Complicated Sentences – Victorian English is never expected by a reader and additionally, it must be easy to read and understand
  9. Keyword Density 1% – Never make the reader feel that you have attempted on a particular keyword.
  10. Humor is Essential – Humor rich sentence will make readers more engaged as reader mood matters.
  11. Use Bullet Points – Use bulletins to highlight your priority keywords.
  12. Proofread your content with Coffee – While sipping the sip of coffee, recheck your article or proofread and fix the errors and typos. Remove or add keywords as if needed to maintain the flow.

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Basic Content Marketing Considering in B2B and B2C

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Content gives vision to idea and words provide a view of an innovative idea into papers. Content always plays a bridge between owner and their people of an audience, different platforms use different ways of writing format like informational content, entertainment content, website content, digital content. The best way of communicating information, thoughts, and news using all those platforms of social media and digital media will be always beneficial and currently trending.

Content plays a vital role in the marketing of an organization that is present in an online platform and content marketing is the new term which differs in B2B and B2C but the tactics differ. The key differences on both will be effective if content written targeted to the right audience and right platform with the right message.

B2B, around 51 percentile of marketers don’t have effective processes in place to evaluate the quality of leads and in simpler terms means identifying of prospects is way less. Whereas B2C identify their prospects around 64 percentile and this process quality leads get lost and forgotten.

E-mail marketing rate of in B2B and B2C is 58 percentile and 63 percentile respectively and this land as the most effective marketing strategy processes for the marketers.

One of the difficult tactics faced by marketers is a content creation in B2B and the rate is 39 percentile but the difficulty phase faced by Business to Consumer marketers comes with social media in the execution of content.

Other social media which help a lot both to B2B and B2C marketers are LinkedIn and Facebook by the percentile of 83 percentile and 90 percentile respectively. In B2B, marketers connect with other companies and increasing their network.

Another important factor that comes in content marketing is Blog content i.e. part of off page SEO which plays a major impact in the presence of the website. Blogs content written get into the count list of Google with the attached links and in B2B marketers get 67% of leads and in B2C marketers get 88% of leads per month with their blog writing and content creation.

Marketing has just evolved with the time it’s no more marketing door to door because people are just e-mail away. Digital marketing will more and communicating with the lead will become more convenient.

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Make Your Website Accessible with these Tips

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There are a millions of users out there and if we want to attract more of them to our site, there are some necessary steps which we must follow to ensure that site are being used by everyone. For this, accessibility is important which is not difficult to implement. All we need to understand the underlying issues which can make a site hard or impossible to use by certain people.

Here are some tips to apply and mistakes to avoid for making the site accessible:

Choose CMS that is supportive to accessibility: As there are many content management systems are available there to help us in building our website but we must choose a CMS that suits our needs and make sure it is accessible also. After that, we have to consult the theme’s documentation for notes on accessibility and tips for creating accessible content and layouts for that theme.

Use heading correctly: We should put our focus on using the correct and strategically heading (h1, h2, etc.) to navigate the well organized and easily interpreted content by screen readers. We should also make sure to adhere to correct order of headings and separate presentation from structure by using CSS.

Proper alternative texts for images: Alt text should be used for the images so that screen readers users could be able to understand the message conveyed by the use of images on the page. It is crucial for informative images such as infographics. The alt text should contain the message we want to convey through that image.

Give links unique and descriptive names: Whenever we include links in our content, we should use text that is able to properly describe where our link will go. Use of “Click here” is not a good idea as it is not descriptive and ineffective for the screen reader users. The most unique content of the link should be shown first.

Design forms for accessibility: If our form fields are not labeled properly, the screen reader user does not have the same cues available as the sighted user. For this, each field in our form should have a well positioned and descriptive label.

Use tables for tabular data: We should use tables for page layouts as they add additional verbosity to screen reader users. Whenever a screen reader goes through the table, he is informed that there is a table named ‘X” number of columns and rows and distracts from the content.

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Disabilities Matters for Accessible Website

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In the present scenario, every business owner owns a website for his business so that he could reach to the maximum people as much as possible and also the users prefer approaching websites if they want to get any information about the particular business. These web users are a very huge group of people due to which internet span the globe and allows people to communicate and interact their perspective or opinions across ages and nations.

However there are some differences between the users which are not in terms of location or languages, rather they have lives that are complicated with lifelong disabilities but these extra challenges do not stop them from availing the benefits of being connected to the digital world.

For this purpose, accessibility is necessary which can be added to web functionality by means of tools, additional software or special training as disability might be an obstacle but there are some ways to navigate the web.

Disabilities on web:

Cognitive Issues: It is a condition that affects the brain functioning and processing of information. This can be a learning disorder where letters or numbers are switched and difficulty in retaining memories or short attention span. This lack of concentration can make it extremely hard to focus on completing task while using the web. One way for dealing with this is to avoid pages with long block of texts and the information should be broken up with numbers of bullets. Captioned pictures are also a good idea to maintain interest in site.

Sight Issues: Visual conditions of the users can affect our web usage and accessibility. Although it is common to wear glasses for some users while browsing the web, but it is also a sign of a mild visual disability. It also includes low vision which is a struggle to see the content or text on screen. So the web developers must be careful about writing their codes to display the content and text. Also make sure that our site has a uniform appearance across browsers.

Hearing Issues: Having difficulties in hearing is not only limited to being a consequence of listening high volume music or T.V. while some hearing loss can be corrected with hearing aids or sometimes there is a complete loss of sense. For those who can still hear but have difficulty in perceiving sounds, there are website modifications that amplify foreground noises and separate them from background sounds.

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Choosing the Right CMS is Important

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Whenever we are thinking about building or getting a new website, the task of having a visual look of the site is not that tough but what matters the most is its content which will be managed by effective content management system. So it is important to select the right CMS system.

CMS: In simple words, the content management system is the core of our site which allows us to manage and maintain our web content anything from the light editing of text, uploading pics or videos, adding pages or even whole section to the menu. Managing our site by using CMS does not need any technical knowhow such as HTML etc.

Pros of using right CMS: Having a good and quality content management system is the soul and heart of our site for ensuring the update and fresh content of our site. It includes SEO optimization, driving traffic to the site and getting more visitors.

Here some benefits of CMS:

Work efficiently: By choosing the right font or layout, it is easy to get lost in our computer screen and spend hours by building the optimized pages and sites in half of the time. Due to the right CMS, we do not have the time to waste on one individual aspect or another.

Standardized and uniform pages: As everyone have their own tests and preferences but using the several different styles on one site looks so sloppy and untidy while a CMS template keeps our site looking well-organized, well planned with all of those things. Complicated CSS can make our sites difficult to view on some devices but a CMS with templates ensure that our content will be readable on every site visitor’s screen

Smoother workflow: The sites with scratch does not offer smooth workflows and web designers and writers have to be in constant communication for publishing content but with CMS, we can leave the content to the content writers and simple templates allows them to plug content into the template and publish it themselves. They can easily insert links, texts styles, alt tags, title tags and meta tags.

Optimize the pages: Many CMS allows us to optimize our title, content depth, keywords, meta descriptions and calls to action all in single text fields.

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Social Media Content Calendar

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As we know that social media is an efficient and all time promising tool for increasing traffic on our blogs and sites so why we are posting updates only when we are online? It is the perfect reason to start a social media calendar. Through the use of third party scheduling and social media management tools, we would be able to manage multiple social media accounts and always have content going online at different times.

This is a great idea to make sure that our older content is always getting a fresh and consistent flow of click activity. It can help us in visualizing all our planned posts for the next weeks or months ahead.

How to Prepare Social Media Calendar:

Step 1: Categories: At the time of creating our sharing schedule, it helps us with a list of post types that we would like to share on a regular basis especially if we are sharing several types of updates such as:

  • Conversation starters
  • Blog Posts
  • Quotes
  • Re-sharing
  • Images or videos etc

Step 2: Categories Placement: After having the categories, we have to decide the time to share the content such as blog posts might be share don Tuesday and videos on Wednesday.

Step 3: Regular Updates: This is one of the most fun and exciting part of the social media calendar which come up with all the content we will be sharing in the coming months or weeks and if we write our updates as far into the future, we can have them for our entire category.

Step 4: Special Events: As we know that the year is full of special events in addition to the regular posts so it will be great if we would plan ahead for them so that we can make sure not to miss them as well as create more excitement and opportunities around them. We should write our posts for those events so that we could diminish the rule of forgetting or missing one. There are some special events we might consider covering such as:

  • Holidays especially which are relevant to our industry.
  • Product Launches
  • Announcements
  • Met ups etc.

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Beta Plugins – Future of WordPress

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As an efficient content management platform, WordPress is continuously evolving with the latest technologies and also looking for adding the features that would be able to keep its visitor’s base happy as well as attract the new users on their site. Over the years, it also added some very popular additions such as Custom Post Types or Custom Fields and widgets etc.

Now there are Beta Plugins which are in the development for the possible inclusion in the future version of WordPress. These plugins provide an easy way to get involved with Beta testing WordPress. Here are some beta plugins while you have not heard much about them yet:

Two-Factor: Two-factor authentication has become quite popular throughout the industries like banking and even social media. In terms of reality of compromised data, the two-factor provides user accounts with that extra bit of security. In WordPress, they allow back-end users for further verifying their accounts through various options including email and the Google Authenticator app.

Customize Posts: This is the common issue with the users that when they create or edit content, they are not able to see the exact changes which are affecting the front-end of our website in real time. But the customize posts provides the functionality in order to resolve the issue and also allows the users to edit page and post content from within the WordPress customizer.

Dark Mode: This is one of the biggest trends which we are witnessing in the UI design in optimizing screens for easier viewing at night. This is available in multiple forms with mobile apps such as Google Maps which are changing over to a dark color scheme to coincide with the time of day and windows 10’s night light feature.

Preferred Languages: As we know that WordPress is being used by people all over the world. In this, although the existing ability for users to choose the primary language of their site is good but the software will revert back to English if a translation string in the theme or plugin cannot be found in the chosen language. Preferred languages provide users an ability to set fallback choices and also allow WordPress to move on to the next chosen language in the chin.

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Ways to Get More Subscribers on YouTube

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If we are uploading our videos to the YouTube, we want it to be successful and grow into a huge channel. In order to do this, one way for measuring the success of a YouTube channel is through the subscriber count. It is a good way of measuring the success of our YouTube channel. The more YouTube subscriber means usually more views, more ad revenue and better content.

Here are some useful YouTube video marketing tips which we can use to increase our subscribers on YouTube:

Ask People to Subscribe: If we want to increase our subscriber, the task of building a call to action button will make it easy for people to subscribe.

Add YouTube widget to our blog: We can also increase our subscribers through our blogs if we imbed our videos into our blogs and it will also capitalize traffic on our blogs.

Partner Up: We should find those websites who are having the similar content and team up with them so that we could share our contents with the audience.

Interaction: We must upload the quality content on our YouTube channel so that we could be able to engage our audience and could get involved in the community.

Add some fun: We must inculcate some sort of fun and excitement by adding a view counter or subscriber counter or host a contest.

Use of right tool: There are many quality tools which are being offered by YouTube. They are analytical and content tools.

Evergreen always works: If we upload a quality but evergreen content, our users could read them in terms of any new technologies out there which lead to continue traffic on our site.

Be aware about trends: Only quality content is not essential until we relate it to the latest trends around us. We should create relevant content which would be based on current trends.

Good Title: As we know that good title always attracts the users and visitors on our channel so we should focus on the interesting and unique title.

Add annotations: Annotations can be a great idea to bring users on our channel and make them to watch our other videos.

Video length: We must keep videos under five minutes to maximize viewing.

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Creating Different Shapes with CSS

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Sometimes when we want to create some quality CSS containers, we find it difficult as they are round or somewhat round, square or rectangular and we feel like we have a lack of creativity in performing these tasks. When we get the job done, we find that they are not especially unique or exciting.

But with the help of modern CSS and JavaScript, we have the opportunity to design containers that essentially stand out differently amongst the circles and squares. Here are few unorthodox container designs that enhance the standard shapes:

Notched Boxes: It is subtle as well as offers a much fresher initiative on the standard box. We can have a more nuanced look by simply angling off the sharp edges. This is that type of effect which provides a much more artistic feel at the time of maintaining usability.

Angled Full Width Image: We can have the images could stretch out over the full width of the viewport if we do something a bit different in terms of shape. These angled borders are an efficient way of creating a cool visual effect that does not overwhelm the user as sometimes subtle is usually better.

Accent Containers: Although the containers can be used as places to hold content, they can also be used for nice design accents.

Windows: In this, the CSS clipping paths can perform some amazing things as well as they can also bring one of the staples of print design into the more interactive medium. Clip paths are helpful in creating a window shaped effect around a set of images which completes with beautiful hover animation.

Diamond Navigation Menu: One of the best things about the series of diamond shaped buttons is that they can turn the boring collection of navigation links into something unique.

In conclusion, we can say that CSS is an integral part of modern web development process. It is the highly effective HTML tool for easy controlling over layouts and presentations of website pages by separating content from design. The significant benefit of CSS is the added design flexibility and interactivity which brings to web development.