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Speeding Up UX with Skeleton Screens

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It is very common with us that sometimes when we are on the particular site and clicked on something but get nothing in revert and out of frustration, we click on that again and also reverse our action by trying something else. This is a clear case of a site suffering with UX issues.

Obviously we find it annoying that we are clicking on something, work is being done by sending data back and forth behind the scenes but we are getting nothing on our computer. This issue may be because of large downloading or overloading of server but that is not our concern.

All we know is that it is very annoying to witness nothing happening on our computer b clicking on some buttons. This is where the skeleton screens can be very helpful in alleviating the perception of inactivity. We can also retain traffic on our site and reduce bounce rates.

Skeleton Screens: It is much like we are building a house and there is a basic outline for every website where we know the location of everything from graphics and subject matter and so much before the actual work is being done. Through this, we can decide how our website should going on to look before going though the process of making it.

A skeleton screen will show our visitors what they can expect and where. Although it does not provide all the information about our website to the user but it allows people to know in some milliseconds where they should shift their focus. As soon as they get the actual information, they are already looking at the right place.

Sometimes it is executed correctly but they do not even realize that they are looking at the Skeleton screen. The idea behind the skeleton screens is that the site could come up immediately as the brain registered something being on the screen and by the time, he finds his focus and words on the screen.

These skeletons screens can be used in programs all the time. They can be used on the websites as well as applications so that we could give the perception that the program is faster than actually.

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Web Design Trends

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Getting snobby about trends in creative disciplines is easy and there’s nothing creative or innovative in keeping tabs on to know “what’s hot” until and unless you are not doing continuously for updates. Creativity is way of conversation where learning to recreate elements of our world in ochre and charcoal on cave walls. A sprawling, polyphonous and chaotic conversation is possible because of trends acting just like threads.

From selection to adoption or resistance, the creativity choices exist alongside these trends. Evolution of trends helped in providing context and many other benefits which are mentioned below in detail.

  1. Responsive Web Design

The prediction of large number of mobile users has come true and because of this introduction of responsive web design came into existence. An innovative design that responds according to the device system criteria everyday there is increase in mobile usage that led to the introduction of this unique design for every website. This trend will long last for few more years.

  1. Simplicity

Web designing trends also includes simplicity as one of their factor. This factor helps in developing interest among the customers as well as better understanding of the website. But the arrangement of so many things simply is one of the difficult tasks. Before developing of the website experts need to use pen and paper for every idea want to be incorporated.

  1. Circles

Recent trend that came into existence is circle that is even when web 2.0 was having boom and most of the designers were focusing more on drop shadows and circles. With the introduction of CSSS3, the creation of different kinds of boxes for highlighting or navigation links in the website.

  1. Vector Art

Few websites uses cartoons to welcome their users for advancing their brand introduction. It is one of the best ways of using these adorable vector dudes with the rising trends. Points for website enhancement are very helpful for website recognition.

  1. Infographics

It has hardly created any affect on the website trends but any expert cannot ignore but because of it presentation simplicity it is very popular. Even without any clue about the topic anyone can understand with the images and understanding.

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Choosing The Right CMS

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CMS stand for Content Management System and the term is not just limited to one meaning rather it has variety of meanings depending on scenarios and the person’s or project objectives. CMS is an application that allows the multiple users with different capabilities levels to manage content, data or information of a website project, or internet/intranet application.

The management of content refers to many factors that affect the website are like developing, editing, combining on, reporting, acknowledging website content, collecting data and information etc. In simpler terms it is a management system where users can do web editing giving full control of updating, changing and organising all of the content on any website. But the question arises how to choose the best CMS for website.

Firstly, choosing the right CMS either will make your website or break the online face of any website that’s why it is necessary to consult with web experts or agencies who are working with this from many days. With the growing need and size of the organization, the number of stakeholders also increases so, IT might demand for CMS fitting the current infrastructure stack.

Few essential features that could help users and website owners to ease the understanding like

  1. With this management the solution required for the audience and you will be on track that means providing ease in working.
  2. The main essentials provided by CMS is functionality, even the users unaware of it will be able to work with continuous work thus maintaining functionality.
  3. The roles played by admin is smooth and very easy to understand thus developing face of the company fluently in-front of the users.
  4. Customization is another important factor which is obtained with CMS as it customize according to the website being in process.
  5. It develops the trust and security in the mind of owners as everything is secured and safe.
  6. Support and scalability is another feature that is obtained with CMS.

Other than these features, figuring out stakeholders involved in CMS decision in accordance to different organizations. Further prioritizing the requirements of stakeholder which are beneficial for organization, these are the basic understanding of CMS and right way to choose it.

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Search Engine Optimization Guide For Better Understanding

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SEO is one of the main and important factors for all those website owners who want to increase their visibility of website in-front of the users. After development of website SEO is the next website a business should go for. Firstly SEO works as a main head computer for increasing the visibility of a website or web page in search engine’s unpaid results.

For improving the ranking experts encompassed both technical and creative elements along with improvement it helps in driving more traffic and increasing awareness of search engines. It is one of the ways of making sure whether the website is structured in a proper way and understandable by search engines. SEO comprises of many aspects from links to word on the page, it is not just limited to building search engines friendly websites.

The majority of web traffic is driven with the help of various search engines like, Google, Bing and Yahoo. Here is the guide for better understanding of SEO and further process how experts work to enhance the visibility of website. Following key points or steps are used for SEO of website:-

  1. Keyword Research

Understanding of how would people search for your website using search engines. A thorough and detailed research is required for the development for specific items.

  1. Keyword Rich Domain

After researching for keyword next step comes purchasing of domain for the website. The web address is known your domain like .com id highly recommended. A website will have more reach if, the keyword becomes the domain address.

  1. Permalinks

Permalinks must be changed in your wordpress setting as it is a key which are included in post titles.

  1. SEO plug-in

Website made on wordpress is easily functional for any website through the use of plug-in. All the plug-ins is very helpful for website.

  1. Quality Content

Content plays major role and that what makes users or viewers go through the website and understand it better. Trying filling the content that make readers go for more and add content regularly to website.

  1. Social Media

For every piece of content you create, make sure you blast it to your social sites like Twitter and Facebook are musts. Traffic can be increased through this and SEO as well.


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Importance Of Responsive Web Design

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Rapid increase in the use of mobile devices like smartphones and tablets has overtaken the desktop as the primary process of accessing the web. With excessive use of such devices led to the introduction of more mobile-friendly website. Every client aims at having responsive version of their website for smooth running on all devices. It is one of the most powerful modern concepts in the field of designing.

Before moving forward understanding of responsive website development is very essential as it is a technique for developing websites in a manner that all of the websites content, images and structure remain the same on any device. That refer a website can run pm any device like mobile, tablets and desktop screens etc.

With such technique handling users has became easy and reduce the workload for developing different website for different devices. Few reasons why it is of key importance for a client and website both?

  1. The use of mobile has increased a lot as it is one of the most portable and available device for the consumers. Such feature allowing the website to get opened on any device.
  2. Consumer experience is what matters when comes to impact of different website and it provides elegant and easy experience.
  3. Advantages of having responsive website will lead too much saving of time and money with minimum maintenance.
  4. The major factor which is affected by this technique is it improves SEO performance. SEO enables the website to be on top rank of search engines, qualifying the quality factor.
  5. One of the widely used sites are e-commerce and widely used devices are mobiles and around 9 out 10 are indulged using these two tools
  6. Around 6.8 billion people are using devices and websites and it reduces the page loading speed and thus helping increasing the rank of the website.

Today, anything that’s fixed and unresponsive isn’t web design, it’s something else. More reach to customers with development of web responsive design.

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Futuristic Social Media Trends

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With every passing year social media changes are increasing, which include several new features, consumer preferences and brand opportunities. Even in the upcoming years social media trends will continue to evolve and surprise. Changes in social media marketing landscape is unpredictable but there are trends to put forward for change analysing for example smash hits are converted into Instagram stories, along with Instagram Shopping allowing users to make more instant purchase.

A recent trend came up last year i.e. chatbots on social and they are incorporated or released with Facebook and Twitter Chatbots but previous years had been already packed with other social trends. Here are few upcoming trends of 2018 which will engage the customers and users more to social media.

  1. Engagement between Brands and Customers will increase

Nowadays connection between brands and customer has increased as compared to passing year and while sharing personal accomplishments they will definitely describe one or other brand. Different brands are suddenly realizing the impact of social media engagement and developing a long-lasting relationship instead of just treating social media as a site of advertising their products.

Keeping the followers happy i.e. providing a network where they can reach their liked websites. It’s an golden opportunity for different business owners to develop the relationship with their customer thus increasing their reach.

  1. Development of Customizable Chatbots

Responding to incoming social messages by brands is necessary but what if there are hundreds or thousands of similar queries to answer. So, the answer is chatbots. There’s an increase in chatbots comparing to previous year spikes. For gathering information facebook messenger alone have 100,000 chatbots for providing guidance and take actual orders. In fact, it has show increasing organizational productivity by up to 3.5 times. Development of few more customizable chatbots on many new and advancing social media management sites like twitter etc.

  1. Relying on new Social Listening Tools

There are new introductions of themes with the increasing social media trends in 2018 and thus introducing the relying of more on social listening tools. It is the practice of tracking customers’ conversation revolving around specific phrases, brands or words. Then those words and phrases are leveraged in order to find new opportunities to create content specifically for those audiences only.

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Unloading Facts To Remember For Digital Marketing

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Digital marketing being misunderstood with buzzword rather another phrase which is overused, often incorrectly used and uttered only to make the speaker sound smarter. Description of digital marketing is very simple though it is a broad term where marketing of products or services via all types digital technologies. These technologies are concerned mostly to the internet but it also includes other mediums for example mobile phones.

The only constant change

Digital marketing changes and developed continually and the way how businesses make use of it directly affects their branding and customer engagement. With the development of changing technology, business and marketing managers have to keep up with it and the aim is to work all those in favour of creating a technological developments for the users and clients.

Arch enemy or best friend, Google digital marketer

All those business who embrace digital marketing towards their way of gaining exposure then Google should be better placed as friend not enemy. Consumers are swayed by easy-to-navigate website as they generate and bring forth the answers all of their questions and that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. Customers are mostly operating off through mobile devices than desktop or PCs that require responsive development of the website.

Earlier it was not difficult to design a beautiful website with some easy reading copy and at present if a website cannot be found on search engines then it is wholly wrong. So, there are businesses who are finding way to rank first on the Google page. Write any word and the website that displays at first must be playing hard techniques. Over the years, SEO has been through many changes and with quick alteration they can recognize cheat activities going on.

At initial level business should try to understand the digital marketing with what Google needs and asks in order to rank the site at top. New implements are introduced regularly by Goggle that what should be on regular check by the marketers to make a perfect and without any error website.

Digital marketing uses SEO along with Search Engine Marketing that includes paid advertising boosting websites and then focusing on content marketing and much other automation like marketing influencer, marketing campaign, showing presence of social media and optimisation with marketing of e-commerce. Thus, a marketing plan is very important for any business for their online presence.

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Content Marketing Generates Sales

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For lead generation demand for content is huge by the users and they are of high value in the world of modern SEO. If the company fulfils that requirement for users then only a trust can be developed with whatever social media marketing a company s throwing their way. Content is always a king for any business model no matter what a company business is of concern, thus content marketing must be of primary goal.

Studies conducted by researchers few years ago, revealed that many B2B marketers have kept a data of plans describing about plans to increase their lead budget generation budgets by up to 50% coming year. The investment amount will rise, overall. Leads that are generated through various social media marketing channels is mostly through blogging which is the primary avenue rather than native advertising for B2C and B2B marketers.

Statistics shows that blogging constantly leads to more and more B2B marketers compared to those who are not continuously working on it. Different leads are generated with the publishing of different kind of content on the website. This kind of regular work will lead to more visitors and impressive media marketing conversion with the clients.

Focusing on the type of content will bring potential clients like hundreds. What to write and how to create content will help in developing for generations. Promotions on the social media channel will become a lot easier with the right type of content.

Few steps that will help in generating inbound leads with your content.

  • The first and foremost step is to do extensive market research that require understanding the content with research and smart-decision are completely based on in-depth market analysis.
  • Second step is to create high-converting landing pages i.e. understanding the anatomy of a perfect landing pages with compelling headline and strong and captivating opening in order to building an interest among the readers.
  • Creation of lead bait without any doubt email trumps social media marketing when related to customer retention. It has become one of the formidable strategies of generating lead.
  • Fourth step is content creation and the performance is best displayed when they are built on a solid foundation of high-quality and data driven content.

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Role of Graphics and Visuals in Web Designing

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Website should be appealing; this is the most probable statement that every website owner would say to the designer. And the designer does this all by including proper graphics and visuals. But, with the changing trends everybody needs to remain updated with practices followed day to day. This involves selecting proper images which go best with the design of the website. Integrating images on website can be done in a number of ways and this solely depends on what impact it leaves on the user, as user experience is the sole target. Read on to know in detail about the role of graphics and visuals in web designing.


Use of Single Color
Most of the designers today focus on using single color instead of using their combination. A number of times black and white are used to give a smooth and clean look. Balanced aesthetics helps in gaining the attention of the client.

Info graphics
Long paragraphs of content on the website can make your visitors bore. Try to incorporate visuals that can explain the motto behind. Portray stories or use power of visualization with textural content, that can keep your visitors busy and they will love to know what will be next.

Show your Customers the reality
Don’t insert fake images in your website as this can distract interest of your customers; instead try to incorporate something meaningful that can connect them to the real world. Images that are analogous to the real life conditions create a sense of familiarity and this in turn helps in building good long lasting relationship too.

Quantitative Data
Whenever you want to disclose figures always show them in the form of numeric charts that can help the reader in understanding. Diagrams can explain the concepts more logically. Financial, scientific or any type of data can be best expressed in this form.

Top of the website
Mostly the space on the top of the website which is called hero space has large portion blank and it is noticed immediately as soon as the website is loaded. Content density is usually lower in these areas so anything put will be visualized very well. So a proper strategy should be followed which includes putting sliders etc.

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Google Vs Yahoo

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Google Vs Yahoo, battle between world’s most popular social media search engines is in air from times. Two of the world’s largest internet companies are always competing to provide the best search results for users. 1 Billion Active users are registered every month on Google, while 800 Million users are counted for Yahoo. Google counts ca. 12 Billion queries monthly and Yahoo only 3 Billion, In the USA. Although both the search engines have their own utility, but users love to know about every title and battle related to these competitors.

Orca - Google vs Yahoo 1

Google and Yahoo are users favorite search engines and most of website owners try their best to get first position on the SERP of these engines. But, there are some basic differences, just check them.

Indexing is a process which is followed on every page of the website by different search engines. Only those pages appear on the SERP which undergo this process. Visitors won’t be able to see your site and you will be lost somewhere behind. To be indexed, website owners need to ping each search engine web directory. The comparison for indexing speed of Google and Yahoo resulted in figures that conclude that indexing speed of Google is faster than Yahoo.

Simplicity in Design and Speed Access
Design and speed at which the user gets the result matters a lot! Complicated designs with quite complex views are not liked by all types of people and simple style is always the priority. Everyone needs quick results, so here Google is again the winner. Users have speed access here and they don’t have to wait for the search results being displayed. Yahoo in comparison to Google looks more complicated. In addition, a longer access time is also often expressed by the visitors.

Relevant information
Most of the users look for websites which can give them relevant information about their topic. It should have quality content that can serve the purpose. Website that only contains a collection of ads and keywords is typically less noticed by the user. Sophisticated algorithms of Google help it in selecting the best content which is full of information. Yahoo lags behind Goggle in this case.

In case of relevance of the search results, Google is much superior to Yahoo or even the other search engines.