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Why Our Business Needs a Mobile App?

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It is the technology through which the entire world is easily accessible and it is right at our fingertips. The power of technology empowers us, unites us and informs us about the various activities across the world. If we want to build a mobile app for our business, then it is important that our objectives will be clear from the starting and we posses strategies about them.

These days, numerous small businesses possess their own efficient mobile app whether it is the coffee shop or beauty spa. These all companies have the different strategies when it comes to the marketing to the next level. Here are some reasons why we need a mobile app for our business:

We are Visible to our Customers: Studies show that most of the people spend their lot of time on his or her mobile device. While possibly only a little bit of applications make up the data of this total usage and it will not change the fact that each user has to unlock, scroll or scan their device for the app which they are looking for. This can be advantage for our company.

Direct Marketing Channel: Having an app can lead to multiple benefits like we can have general information about the prices, booking forms, search features along with user accounts, messengers, news feeds and many more. One of the biggest benefits of having a mobile app is that all the info we would like to provide our customers such as special sales or promotions is right on our fingertips.

Offline Working: It is the biggest difference between a mobile app and a website as we need to download the graphic and page design elements for the websites in order to see the specific page but if we have a slow internet connection, it will trouble us. However app also demands internet connectivity for executing their tasks but they still provide basic content and functionality to the users in offline mode.

Customer Engagement: It does not matter that what kind of business we are running, all we need to know is that our customers want to reach to us. By developing a messaging feature in our mobile app, we can make a huge difference for our customers.

Website Integration: As the mobile app is connected with our database so every time we create promotion or change the names and prices of the products, our data will be automatically synchronized with our mobile app by ensuring the customers never presented with the misinformation.

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Things to remember Before Developing a Website

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As soon as the technology is getting advanced, the need of online presence is also increasing for many businesses so that they could be successful among their competitors in this day and age. For this purpose, having a website is really important but for many people, the task of building a website is not so easy as they do not have skills to build that.

The fact that the work involved with building a successful website should be done upfront. Here are some steps which need to be taken before you should begin building a website:

Choose a Domain and Host: Great domain names say so much about a website so it needs to accurately reflect our brand’s voice and they should be easily spell by the users. The task of choosing the right name for our brand is significant as inculcating SEO, simple selling and brand identity into the domain name leads to the higher possibilities of being located in search engine results.

Technology and Purpose: Choosing the right technology in eh building of new successful website is one of the things that developers need to perform very quickly.

In addition to this, the main purpose of our business should also be kept in mind while developing a website as different kinds of websites have different purposes depending on the intended audience.

Color and Layouts: We should consider color for our websites very carefully for background, highlights or banners or texts etc. as they are very subjective and sometimes can evoke opposite emotions in people. They can also have different meanings in different cultures.

Simultaneously, the layout of the website is equally important as it takes mere seconds for a visitor to decide if they like our site enough to stay or not.

Sitemap: It can be an effective tool for the designer and non-designers alike. It is a focused planning tool that can be helpful in organizing and clarifying the content needs to be on our site.

Content: Strong and original content has the ability to attract and influence the visitors on our website. In order to successfully target our audience, the content must be unique and has some sense of freshness.

Audience: The essential step towards building a high converting website is to identify our target audience. Knowing our target audience and ideal customers is essential as they have a huge influence on our web design and will help us in making the perfect website.

Advertisements and Pop-up Messages: Advertisements and pop-up messages are the new concern by the developers as they have an impact on web design but they should not be used in excess as it si the most annoying thing for most of the users.

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Customer Tracking Technology

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Online stores are getting increasingly ubiquity among clients, and their security is a major purpose for it. This has given a vibe of uncertainty to the physical stores as they are losing the hold. Presently, to coordinate with the pace of online stores, certifiable stores too have connected another procedure to enhance their security. Furthermore, this is finished with the joint effort with the client’s PDA.

A large portion of the stores out there utilize camcorders to record the exercises of the clients, however, it is without a doubt an obsolete procedure. Proceeding, the stores began following the clients with their mobile phone organize, and when the client ranges to the store’s WiFi framework. Nearby, the stores likewise monitor returning guests by their cell phones.

The innovation has an incredible significance from a stock perspective. They would now be able to distinguish the client’s advantage, the time they spent in the store or the divisions they more inclined to visit. Then again, the client’s excessively are getting handier with it, as the stores have begun distinguishing them and their advantage and began serving appropriately.

While obtaining on the web, we see commonly that the clients get a brisk reaction for their coveted things, in the event that they are general clients of the store. The new innovation will help store proprietors to win the trust of the clients, or even by offering them a couple of different things by recognizing their advantage. There are a few worries from the client’s side, however, the innovation is in its beginning stage and it will get client’s trust without a doubt.

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Easy Online Tools for Small Businesses

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Small businesses leave no stone unturned to keep their growth trajectory upwards. But, due to limited resources all owners fail to do so. Ups and downs related to it make it more complex. A number of factors like staffing resources, finance, new competitors and technology and many more determine small business success. But, besides this there are some easily-manageable tools too, that can be used for business growth. Read on to know about them in detail.

Orca -online-tools

E-MAIL MARKETING: Email marketing helps in building strong customer relationships by targeting audience. It is a wonderful a strategic tool that helps in building strong band that accelerates fresh sale. Other direct marketing efforts are directly augmented through this. The free version of this software allows at add up to 2000 names to your lists.

BOOKKEEPING – E-COMMERCE: E-commerce is a growing trend which has eliminated many time-consuming activities like paperwork. Cost of doing business is also reduced to a considerable extent by cutting short the expenditures of stationary and other things. The losses occurring due to indirect data entry or the processing errors are also reduced by use of automated bookkeeping. So, you can do a good business without a team of staff members too.

WEBINARS: For webinars and teleseminars Free Conferencing.com is a great program. Up to 1000 people on the call can be handled easily through this way. Showing and sharing screens becomes much easier through this. This also records the seminar too.

SOCIAL MEDIA: Role of Social Media in growing business needs no explanation. As we can see small and big companies all using Face book, Twitter, LinkedIn to promote their businesses. People build their professional network and through this they get connected to number of people across the globe.

WEBSITES, BLOGS and POSTS: Websites, Blogs and Posts are the easiest ways of promoting business. Your clients remain connected to you through this. Content posted on websites and blogs help you in telling customers about the services you offer.

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Why your business should hop on the mobile bandwagon

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“Mobile Internet will overtake desktop Internet usage” this prediction has been made from the Mobile Marketing Statistics for 2013. This drastic change in the way users consume information online would bring a change in the world of technology to certain extent.  To keep your business growing you need to remain updated. The best solution is to make sure that your business’s website is optimized for both computer and mobile access. Read on to know in detail why your business should hop on the mobile bandwagon.


Mobile devices have become everyone’s choice
More than 5,000 US adult Smartphone Internet users showed that 77 percent of users visit search engine websites using smart phones this was reported from the study conducted by Ipsos OTX across. People find it easy to search the web on Smartphone instead of opening their pc.  So, it’s almost necessary to design a website which is user friendly that is can be easily viewed on mobile and other gadgets.

For the ease of users
It is difficult to use the desktop versions of websites on Smartphone’s, as viewing particular icons is very difficult in this case. Users have to zoom in and out to view the content, making the experience tedious. According to a study conducted by Google 61percent of mobile users are more likely to leave a site if it is not mobile-friendly. Easy navigation which is crucial for gaining and retaining customers is all possible with mobile friendly websites.

Designing and developing a mobile friendly website is much cheap in terms of cost than desktop websites. Regular desktop screens are much bigger than mobile screens that mean in case of mobile friendly sites there is only room for the necessities. Creating an app is possible, but it’s much more cost-effective to implement a scalable website.

Ease of access
Every user today has an “on-the go” attitude about searching. They look for those options where less time is consumed.  An Internet user wants easy and quick access to know everything about your business like about the services you provide, hours of operation, and other contact details.

Rankings on Search engines
Search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing, rank mobile-optimized businesses higher than their competition. Mobile-friendly websites are known for their good SEO, which results in more consumer exposure and ultimately in a higher listing. So, to be on the top of the Google Search Engine rankings, you must give it a chance.

ECommerce Transaction
Making eCommerce transactions is much easier in case of mobile-optimized site in comparison to other web sites. After implementing a mobile-friendly design you can see the result in significant sales increase. Users are less likely to look elsewhere if your website allows them to make direct transactions instantly through their mobile phones.

Above discussion clearly indicates that if you really want to increase traffic on your website, boost up your search engine rankings, or in all want to serve your customer in a better way, then you should move your business website to the land of mobile.