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SEO Mistakes to Avoid

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If we want to reach our business and websites to the maximum people, a successful Search Engine Optimization is really important. It helps us in getting higher ranking and increasing traffic on our sites so that we could stand among the competitors. But there are a few misconceptions about SEO especially for the new bloggers.

Here are some SEO tips which give us a glimpse of what can cost us in terms of rankings:

Keywords Stuffing: Some people think that if they use their targeting keywords in every sentence of content, it would boost their ranking but it is not true. In fact, going overboard with using keywords is registered as spammy by many search engines. It can hurt our SEO performance and not crucial to our SEO success.

Title Tags and Meta Tags: Quality content is not worthy until we include a target keyword in them. Title tags and Meta descriptions are essential factors of our SEO that should not be ignored and skipping or copying them can be a terrible mistake. These are considered by search engines when crawling our website. They can improve performance of content.

Quality Content: For successful SEO, we should grasp over quality external links included in the content. It is more important than their quantity. Our link should deal with relevant and well ranking websites with amazing reputations.

Mobile Friendly Experience: SEO optimization is not only about content and keywords rather quality of website in terms of performance on mobile devices as they are the first choice of users today. Search engines can recognize when our website is not mobile friendly.

Purchasing Links: If we are paying for our links, Google will crack down on us as today search engines have become more sophisticated and crack down hard on anyone crossing the line.

Analytics: For a successful SEO optimization and make our content efforts work, tracking their progress is really important. Setting up and regularly reviewing our analytics is essential for our optimization results.

Duplicate Content: This is the most common mistake which every blogger does. It is not only harmful for our Google ranking but also motivates visitors to leave our site. Our content should be unique and fresh. We can go for info graphic but it must be our own.

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Links which are harmful for your website

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Whether you are running a website for business or other purpose, you should know about every SEO sin that can penalize your website. Among different search engines Google is the one that launches latest version of algorithms more frequently. And the one that is not aware of the latest SEO techniques to be followed has to pay for it.

Orca-harmful links

Back links is the term which can be traced in SEO techniques from times and is working well till now. It is usually added on others blogs or websites that is helps in driving traffic towards your website. If you are looking for best position in SERP, then back links can really help you a lot. Getting back links to your website is not a difficult task, but what one needs to consider here, is to the follow the way that is permitted by Google. Natural links and unnatural links are the two different types of links that can be good or bad for your website.

Reciprocal links are the other links in this category in which webmaster links to your website and your website and you also link to his or her website. Although this can help you to some extent in raising your search engine position, but Google doesn’t see them as earned. Bad links are one of the worst links which can take your website to trouble. So, as a precaution avoid to these links and if by chance you get these links just remove them.

Most common bad links are from social bookmarking websites, the links from pages with very less content, link directories, back links of those websites which have duplicate content and Links from irrelevant websites and content.

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Twitter – A Wonderful Platform for Promoting Business.

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Twitter a wonderful social networking platform which was exploded by US bloggers in 2006. It involves the tittle-tattle from celebrities, for entrepreneurs and also provides a fantastic opportunity for business promotion too. Read on to know in detail that how small and big companies are using it for their business promotion.


1. Using Proper Keyword
Using the right keywords in your biography is Key to the registration process. You have to be clever though as like every other areas of Twitter you’re restricted in the number of characters you can use. Most members use various search engines to track down relevant people to follow so use search terms you think will be popular. If you’re targeting SMEs for instance include ‘small businesses, ‘small businesses’, ‘SMEs’, ‘entrepreneurs’ etc. Equally if you’re after clients or customers in a particular locality include that as a keyword.

2. Respond to others
Like other online communities such as forums and groups, the key to making the most of Twitter is demonstrating that you’re an expert in your field. Keep an eye out for particular issues you could help with by scanning tweets or using a Twitter search engine. If people recognize that you know what you’re talking about and you’re willing to offer bits of advice for free they are much more likely to do business with you.

And don’t forget to check the ‘@replies’ section on the right hand side of your Twitter page. This lists the members who have tweeted directly at you so you can respond. You could also type your username into a Twitter search engine to see whether there are people who you aren’t following have been talking about you.

3. Tweet on regular basis
Ensuring you tweet on a regular basis is key to building a good community. One way to make sure this happens even when you’re busy doing other things is using a service which sets up pre-scheduled tweets for particular times in the future. There are several sites which allow you to do it but our favorite is Hoot Suite.

4. Adding a human element
To avoid perceptions of a faceless organization, adding a human element to your tweets is very necessary as it will build personality around your business. Like Del computer business representatives for instance post under their real names plus the company – e.g. RichardatDELL which is a great idea. You should also post about non-business issues too although avoid anything too salacious or very personal.

5. Keep People busy
As well as responding to other people’s questions you should also ask some of your own, this can keep them busy. You can’t know everything and it will encourage some community interaction. You could also use it to do a bit of market research and ask questions directly related to your business or sector.

6. Every character counts
With important things to say and only 140 characters in which to say it, it’s important you’re as succinct as possible while at the same time getting your point across. If you’re including links to your or other people’s websites use a service such as TinyURL.com or is.gd which allow you to shorten URLs. Other services like ow.ly and bit.ly also allow you to track how many people click on your links.