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Make Perfect Instagram Profile Page with these Tips

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Social media is the prominent and efficient platform for our brand to reach maximum audience in least time and make them aware about our products and services. These days, numerous consumers are getting shifted towards using Instagram instead of Google for search anything for a brand or business and here, our Instagram profile plays an important role.

It is just like the goal of our website is to convert visitors into customers; goal of our Instagram profile is to convert visitors into followers. Here are some tips through which we can optimize our Instagram profile to make it convert for us:

Make it Public: Our Instagram profile picture will be public by default which means that anyone in this world can view our profile picture and posts on Instagram. If we are creating an Instagram profile for the business purpose, it is exactly that we want. Anyone in the world is able to see our posts and follow our brand and view photos.

Searchable Username: By having a username which is easily recognizable and searchable, it will help the potential followers to search our brand and business easily. If is already taken, we should try keeping business name as the first part of our username.

Easy business name: The next step would be making sure to add our full business name to the “name” section of our profile and this will appear under our profile picture and username in search. If we want to edit he business name, just go to the profile page and click “Edit profile”.

On brand Instagram profile picture: While visiting our Instagram page, our profile is the first thing which is noticed by the visitors as it is displayed prominently in the top right hand corner so it should be easily recognizable with our other social networks.

Actionable and informative bio: Our bio is one of those things which leave a great impact on the visitors along with our profile picture. It is a description at the top of our profile which should be in limited characters. We can use them to let people know about ourselves.

Trackable link in the bio: The one of the biggest issues people face in Instagram is that it is not exactly a great platform to drive traffic directly on our site from the app as there are no clickable links or URLs anywhere except the single “website” box in our bio.

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Make Your Website Accessible with these Tips

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There are a millions of users out there and if we want to attract more of them to our site, there are some necessary steps which we must follow to ensure that site are being used by everyone. For this, accessibility is important which is not difficult to implement. All we need to understand the underlying issues which can make a site hard or impossible to use by certain people.

Here are some tips to apply and mistakes to avoid for making the site accessible:

Choose CMS that is supportive to accessibility: As there are many content management systems are available there to help us in building our website but we must choose a CMS that suits our needs and make sure it is accessible also. After that, we have to consult the theme’s documentation for notes on accessibility and tips for creating accessible content and layouts for that theme.

Use heading correctly: We should put our focus on using the correct and strategically heading (h1, h2, etc.) to navigate the well organized and easily interpreted content by screen readers. We should also make sure to adhere to correct order of headings and separate presentation from structure by using CSS.

Proper alternative texts for images: Alt text should be used for the images so that screen readers users could be able to understand the message conveyed by the use of images on the page. It is crucial for informative images such as infographics. The alt text should contain the message we want to convey through that image.

Give links unique and descriptive names: Whenever we include links in our content, we should use text that is able to properly describe where our link will go. Use of “Click here” is not a good idea as it is not descriptive and ineffective for the screen reader users. The most unique content of the link should be shown first.

Design forms for accessibility: If our form fields are not labeled properly, the screen reader user does not have the same cues available as the sighted user. For this, each field in our form should have a well positioned and descriptive label.

Use tables for tabular data: We should use tables for page layouts as they add additional verbosity to screen reader users. Whenever a screen reader goes through the table, he is informed that there is a table named ‘X” number of columns and rows and distracts from the content.

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Graphic Design Vs Web Design

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Although the web design and graphic design both are totally different concepts but still people often get confused in between these two. They both are considered as “Art Designer” and their work is misunderstood due to the involvement of art skill and creative ability. Besides, they both use almost same design tools and can do the jobs related to the web design or graphic design.

Here are some key points which are helpful for us to get the difference between these two:

Web Design: The concept of web design is associated with different skills and disciplines in the production and maintenance of websites. It also includes different areas of web design, interface design, authoring including standardized code and user experience design along with search engine optimization etc.

Graphic Design: Graphic design mainly deals with the process of visual communication and problem solving which are using one or more of typography, photography and illustration. The graphic designers are responsible for creating and combining symbols, images and text to form visual representation of ideas and messages.


Colors: In terms of color, these two are completely different. The graphic design takes use of CMYK color mode due to rely on printing and this color used is more focused on visual impacts and visual flow guidance. On the other hand, the web design uses RGB as per the special imaging mode and it is more focused on the teasing out the relationship between the information structures.

Fonts: Generally the choice of font is more freely in the graphic design as there is no necessary to worry about the implementation of the final effect. But in the web design, it needs to be more comprehensive in order to avoid the pressure on the server by the output due to the small choose scope. With the development of technologies, this gap naturally narrowed.

Graphics: The graphic design has more performances in the use of graphics in comparison to the web design especially for the product websites. Along with this, the graphic design does not need to take the final effect into account and in terms of size of unit used in design; the graphic design uses physical sizes while web design uses pixels.

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Parallax Scrolling Effects for Web Design

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Many web design trends may come and go but the parallax effect is one of them which stuck around and proved its relevancy in web design world. It has a great impact on the user interface design on both websites and mobile apps.
Basically parallax web design is to use of visual effects which are combined with 2D scrolling in order to create the illusion of depth and layers in the user’s experience. There is a use of different backgrounds and foregrounds designs in this concept that can move at the different speed for conveying the seamless online story through the scroll bar.


  • It encourages users for going through different levels of depth along with a sense of animation.
  • Through this, user is enabled for longer page visits as it generates curiosity in them which leads to scrolling through the entire design.
  • It also reflects our professionalism and higher level of creativity of our company which makes user to visit our site at once.


  • Although it has many advantages but it is not so good for the content heavy website and as a result, we face negligible or potentially negative organic SEO impacts.
  • The users with motion sickness may find themselves upset or disturbed.
  • The users who are not so much aware about the modern technologies or tech savvy may find our parallax web design as overly complicated as well as frustrating to go for any relevant information.
  • If there is a use of parallax scrolling, it demands for extra steps to address the responsive requirements
  • Some older browsers do not support or have a difficulty in rendering the parallax design and scrolling without heavily relying on libraries.
  • It could be considered too niche in order to be adopted on very large websites.

So the parallax design can be used in order to achieve many things in web design whether it is presenting our product in new and engaging ways or telling more vivid and interactive stories to our visitors. We can also get the direct feedback with parallax scrolling which is engaging and extremely motivating.

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Virtual Reality – Future of Web Design

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The concept of virtual reality is now making its way onto the web development and it is being predicted that it is going to be a very big deal in the coming years and everyone who is involved in the web design is going to be affected in some way or other. In simple words, we can say that future is in our sights whether it is 360 degree videos shared on Facebook or people wearing oversized headsets.

Here are a few ways through which VR is changing web design:

VR is moving to the browser: Until now, there is a necessity of headset and an app of some sort in order to access any kind of VR content online but it is all changing with a number of quality web browsers which are working on the support for web VR. Now there is open standard due to which it is possible to experience VR in our browser. Now the ordinary web visitors will be able to just click a button and start interacting with VR content without any troubling with the downloads.

It is easier to create content: While there is a huge production of headsets which is making it easier for consumers to access the VR content on the web, on the other hand, there is an increasing availability of open source libraries due to which content creation is getting easier.

E-Commerce: As we know that there is a sheer number of ecommerce websites out there but the surprising fact is that they all are following a similar design which means they can get easily lost. Recently a traditional layout has been developed in order to make sites with their own personality and VR in online shopping could be very important in moving forward. With this technology, we can drop the user in a virtual clothing store so that they could try whatever they want.

Other uses of VR: These are just a few examples of VR but in real life, this technology can also be used for almost any aspects such as educational services, live music or stress relievers and space exploration and sports.

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Tips for Best Typography for Website

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Any website becomes successful when it is able to convey its intent and emotion of the business to the maximum visitors and in terms of digital world, the easiest way to perform this task is through the typeface. Typography is personal as well as can be used as an extension of a particular brand. It is important to pick up a typeface which is appropriate for our industry as well as compliments our brand and image.

Here are a few tips for bringing the most of the typography on our website:

It’s about contexts: There are particular typefaces which are appropriate for the different industries, purposes and brands such as we will not expect a toy manufacturer website to use the same font as a law firm uses. Sometimes simple font is the most appropriate option whereas other times, use of decorative font could make people talking about our website.

No excess typefaces: Having too many fonts on a website look disorganized and also confuse our visitors. It is distracting and takes attention away from our website. We should use 2 and 4 typefaces in our website design for everything. Consistency is the key to a professional website and using the same fonts throughout is the initial step towards this.

Alignment is important: An aligned text can dictate how the readers look through our web pages. For providing the best user experience, the text must be aligned for complimenting the structure and flowing of our content. Alignment is a guide for our readers, the easier it is to follow, and the more likely they are to read it.

Text size: The size of the words on web page is a great contributor to the user experience. Most people are around 20 to 23 inches from their computer screen when sitting properly, so it is important to keep design strategy in mind when implementing our website. Texts should be large enough to be legible. If there is a necessity to zoom in or out, it would impact user experience.

Spacing: This is also important when considering the texts. The correct distance between characters and words can impact appearance of our content and its readability. Too far apart letters will be harder to read and make our content appear longer.

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Responsive web design (RWD)

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Responsive design is an idea to make a web page responsive by using flexible layouts, flexible images and cascading style sheet concepts. The main motive of making a responsive website is to detect the visitor’s screen size and changes can be made to the layout according to requirements. A responsive web design solves many types of problem which arises in many new types of mobile devices. Concept of X and Y coordinate grid for layout of responsive website, it is a mathematical concept not a fixed width parameter. Grid layout gives you a more fluid layout which will resize itself to fit into the display.

It is designed to adapt and respond to the functioning of the computing device used by the visitor to display the website. It is only website that will appear good to you at any device that you are using, from a large screen device to medium and small screen device. It is responsible to give all the users the same experience as it is on large or small device.

Responsive web design allows the website designers to create contents and publish it everywhere and for all devices, no need to create multiple contents for the same website. It is a website development strategy to render the web pages in an efficient and optimized manner that a website can function throughout all devices and from anywhere.

Traditional web designing approaches focuses only on website being viewed on laptops and PC’s. But a responsive website approach deals with website to be viewed on every device. A web developer has to use their coding skills to make a website responsive and can be accessed from any device.

Three main components of a responsive website is:

1) It must have flexible layouts: one must use a flexible grid to create the website layout which will automatically resize to any width.

2) Use of media queries: media queries allow the designers to specify different designs for different devices.

3) Media should be flexible: making the media (video, images) scalable by making changes in the size of media as size of viewport changes.

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How SEO Spend their Time

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When it comes to SEO, every businessman wants immediate results for their websites so that they could stand on the number one page ranking spot on Google. There are also many website owners who possess unrealistic expectations and often imagine instant result just after starting working on their SEO strategy but the truth is that it is a time consuming and requires lot of efforts.

It is not a magic wand as it takes time, planning and maintenance to achieve and maintain the ranking as well as ROI and traffic results which we want to accomplish. If we want speedy results, it will end up in harming us in the long term run as Google has become automatically suspicious if any website gets sudden results.

Keyword Targeting and competitor analysis: Generally the concept of competitor analysis is underestimated but we can learn a lot by analyzing our competitors if they dominate search results. We can learn valuable tools to incorporate into our own SEO strategy to achieve a higher ranking quicker. Keyword research is also an important factor in how long SEO takes.

Inbound Links: Links play a huge role in SEO but their impact on how long it takes depends on the various deeper factors in which first thing is volume of links to our website as more links will help us in achieving SEO success more quickly.

Content: The published content on our website has an important role in quickly seeing our results and the very first thing on which we should concentrate is that quality matters a lot. It should be unique and original.

Fixing Errors, Hosting issues and Penalties: Fixing the damage such as SEO errors, unauthentic website hosting and Google penalties is another issue that comes when trying to achieve a better ranking. Depending on the number of 404 errors, broken links, 301 redirects and inconsistent optimization, we can see the positive results in less time after resolving these issues.

SEO friendly design and structure: These all are the large and essential component to our website traffic and ranking along with the CMS system and URL structure as they all are the areas of concern which can drag down our page ranking. We must ensure our site’s structure and URL structure which supports proper optimization for the high ranking.

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SEO in 2018

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Similar to all other technologies, the field of SEO is also evolving and if our business is not taking the advantages of using new SEO strategies on our websites as well as blogs and social media, then definitely we are missing out a lot in terms of ranking our business in internet searches.

SEO is one of the most effective ways in order to ensure our customer find our business and buy our products and services. It is the constantly evolving technique that needs a good understanding as well as knowledge of latest improvements in the ranking schemes. Here we are sharing some SEO trends or changes that are impacting their work this year:

Content and Links: There is no secret that link building and quality content are the most important factors in SEO. Link building basically a process of getting links from other websites and nowadays content plays an important role in this process. Not every type of content will provide us the back links.

SEO in 2018 focuses on creating quality, valuable content that is engaging numerous visitors and likely to be linked to. In addition to this, we must get our content in front of right people by distributing it through the right channels.

Rank Brain and User Experience Signals: Rank Brain is also one of the most important factors in SEO along with content and link building. It may be difficult to optimize for the Rank Brain but that does not mean it is impossible.

We should make it clear to search engines and users what our content is about and why it is created and make it consistent. We must go for fresh content and use a natural quality language. User experience also matters a lot as when users interact with our business or organization via website, application, it helps in SEO ranking.

Voice Search: The concept of voice search has gained the mileage as it is more convenient for the users in order to speak with an assistant than to type. Its results are also faster. There are very some god reasons to want voice search data.

Optimizing for the voice search requires slightly different tactics from those for traditional SEO. It could also help us with better experience for those searching by voice.

Video Marketing: It is the great tool in SEO marketing this year. Ranking in the Google’s first page is the top priority in SEO and if we have pages with video are more likely to rank on the first page of Google Search Engines.

Mobile First Index: Mobile version of our websites is the starting point for what Google include in their index. It our site does not have the mobile friendly version, the desktop site can still be included in the index but it impact negatively on our site’s ranking.