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How SEO Spend their Time

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When it comes to SEO, every businessman wants immediate results for their websites so that they could stand on the number one page ranking spot on Google. There are also many website owners who possess unrealistic expectations and often imagine instant result just after starting working on their SEO strategy but the truth is that it is a time consuming and requires lot of efforts.

It is not a magic wand as it takes time, planning and maintenance to achieve and maintain the ranking as well as ROI and traffic results which we want to accomplish. If we want speedy results, it will end up in harming us in the long term run as Google has become automatically suspicious if any website gets sudden results.

Keyword Targeting and competitor analysis: Generally the concept of competitor analysis is underestimated but we can learn a lot by analyzing our competitors if they dominate search results. We can learn valuable tools to incorporate into our own SEO strategy to achieve a higher ranking quicker. Keyword research is also an important factor in how long SEO takes.

Inbound Links: Links play a huge role in SEO but their impact on how long it takes depends on the various deeper factors in which first thing is volume of links to our website as more links will help us in achieving SEO success more quickly.

Content: The published content on our website has an important role in quickly seeing our results and the very first thing on which we should concentrate is that quality matters a lot. It should be unique and original.

Fixing Errors, Hosting issues and Penalties: Fixing the damage such as SEO errors, unauthentic website hosting and Google penalties is another issue that comes when trying to achieve a better ranking. Depending on the number of 404 errors, broken links, 301 redirects and inconsistent optimization, we can see the positive results in less time after resolving these issues.

SEO friendly design and structure: These all are the large and essential component to our website traffic and ranking along with the CMS system and URL structure as they all are the areas of concern which can drag down our page ranking. We must ensure our site’s structure and URL structure which supports proper optimization for the high ranking.