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How SEO Spend their Time

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When it comes to SEO, every businessman wants immediate results for their websites so that they could stand on the number one page ranking spot on Google. There are also many website owners who possess unrealistic expectations and often imagine instant result just after starting working on their SEO strategy but the truth is that it is a time consuming and requires lot of efforts.

It is not a magic wand as it takes time, planning and maintenance to achieve and maintain the ranking as well as ROI and traffic results which we want to accomplish. If we want speedy results, it will end up in harming us in the long term run as Google has become automatically suspicious if any website gets sudden results.

Keyword Targeting and competitor analysis: Generally the concept of competitor analysis is underestimated but we can learn a lot by analyzing our competitors if they dominate search results. We can learn valuable tools to incorporate into our own SEO strategy to achieve a higher ranking quicker. Keyword research is also an important factor in how long SEO takes.

Inbound Links: Links play a huge role in SEO but their impact on how long it takes depends on the various deeper factors in which first thing is volume of links to our website as more links will help us in achieving SEO success more quickly.

Content: The published content on our website has an important role in quickly seeing our results and the very first thing on which we should concentrate is that quality matters a lot. It should be unique and original.

Fixing Errors, Hosting issues and Penalties: Fixing the damage such as SEO errors, unauthentic website hosting and Google penalties is another issue that comes when trying to achieve a better ranking. Depending on the number of 404 errors, broken links, 301 redirects and inconsistent optimization, we can see the positive results in less time after resolving these issues.

SEO friendly design and structure: These all are the large and essential component to our website traffic and ranking along with the CMS system and URL structure as they all are the areas of concern which can drag down our page ranking. We must ensure our site’s structure and URL structure which supports proper optimization for the high ranking.

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All about Hash tags

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Hashtags on Facebook are becoming common day by day! This feature is recently added in the Facebook platform and people are using it for their business and marketing. But, before going through the other details, let’s check out first that what are hastags? A keyword or phrase that is followed by the hash symbol (#) is hash tag. It’s a label of content that people use for tracking topics on social media platforms. Basically it’s a way of connecting people who find interests in the similar topic, it is not at all necessary that people who look to these posts are your followers or fans.


How to create hashtag

Creating hashtags is very simple, you get to know a few technical things like hashtag is always a single word (it can be a combination of letters, numbers or phrases). No space is allowed between these letters or words, they need to run together. Another important thing is that hashtag will always start with symbol hash, which is called a number sign or pound sign in some countries. You can add your hashtag anywhere in the massage at end or in the middle where it is readable. You might have heard about hashtag directories, but they are unofficial.

Hashtags should be short which can be easily remembered and understood. Pronunciation of long hashtags is difficult and they can’t be remembered too! You can use the already created hashtags too, but try to create unique hashtags.

Powerful Hashtags for Social Media Plattforms

Content hashtags, Trending hashtags and Brand Specific hashtags are the different types of hashtags that one can use on social media platforms. These can help you in promoting your online business through twitter and face book.

Hashtag Tips

  • Hastags as clickable links, which is a new hashtag feature try to use it.
  • On Facebook every hashtag has its own url, which can help you in connecting with people. Try to drive them there to start conversation.
  • Try to post hashtags on every device whether you are using a mobile too
  • While making hastags keep in mind the target market.
  • first letter of the hashtag should be always capital, so that readers can easily catch it
  • Don’t put too many hashtags.