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Parallax Scrolling Effects for Web Design

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Many web design trends may come and go but the parallax effect is one of them which stuck around and proved its relevancy in web design world. It has a great impact on the user interface design on both websites and mobile apps.
Basically parallax web design is to use of visual effects which are combined with 2D scrolling in order to create the illusion of depth and layers in the user’s experience. There is a use of different backgrounds and foregrounds designs in this concept that can move at the different speed for conveying the seamless online story through the scroll bar.


  • It encourages users for going through different levels of depth along with a sense of animation.
  • Through this, user is enabled for longer page visits as it generates curiosity in them which leads to scrolling through the entire design.
  • It also reflects our professionalism and higher level of creativity of our company which makes user to visit our site at once.


  • Although it has many advantages but it is not so good for the content heavy website and as a result, we face negligible or potentially negative organic SEO impacts.
  • The users with motion sickness may find themselves upset or disturbed.
  • The users who are not so much aware about the modern technologies or tech savvy may find our parallax web design as overly complicated as well as frustrating to go for any relevant information.
  • If there is a use of parallax scrolling, it demands for extra steps to address the responsive requirements
  • Some older browsers do not support or have a difficulty in rendering the parallax design and scrolling without heavily relying on libraries.
  • It could be considered too niche in order to be adopted on very large websites.

So the parallax design can be used in order to achieve many things in web design whether it is presenting our product in new and engaging ways or telling more vivid and interactive stories to our visitors. We can also get the direct feedback with parallax scrolling which is engaging and extremely motivating.