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Responsive Web Design Trends

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Today’s generation is the mobile friendly generation and to reach to maximum customers, numerous web design companies are offering responsive web design as a part of their services so that users can reach to them whenever they want easily. Responsive web design is basically that design which function smoothly across all the devices like desktops, laptops, phones or tablets etc.

To make our reach to the competitive market, it is important to design website in such a way that keeps responsive web design in mind.

Here is the list of top trends in the field of responsive web designing that are making our website appearance more beautiful:

Vector Graphics: This concept is becoming more and more popular to use instead of raster graphics. There is only one difference which is that scalable vector use points on a vector map for building a certain design while a raster graphic is just a plain old image by using pixels on a bitmap. They provide the benefit of being resized without losing visual quality which is crucial to seamless responsive web design.

Hidden Menus: Hidden menus are the most essential and popular trend in an effort to keep things simple. We are seeing a trend in which minimal home pages are becoming popular and users must click a menu icon for revealing the website’s navigation options.

Single and Long Scrolling Home Pages: This concept sounds like an amazing trend in responsive web designing. It is like a website with one page and includes nearly entire content on that single page. These types of sites have a navigation bar at the top of the screen but the only difference is that by clicking on these options, users are taken to a location already on this page.

Card Based Design: They are the simple and prominent way to organize information into the pattern of a grid. In this trend, pieces of information are organized into cards in a visually appealing way with a distinctive image or block of texts. They are essential for the responsive web design due to its ability to rearrange its structure as per the user’s screen size.

Minimalism: The above trends are about increasing simplicity but minimalism is the trend which falls under the new idea of web design whose goals are to reduce clutter, focus on efficient user experience and simplify the best we can.

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SEO in 2018

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Similar to all other technologies, the field of SEO is also evolving and if our business is not taking the advantages of using new SEO strategies on our websites as well as blogs and social media, then definitely we are missing out a lot in terms of ranking our business in internet searches.

SEO is one of the most effective ways in order to ensure our customer find our business and buy our products and services. It is the constantly evolving technique that needs a good understanding as well as knowledge of latest improvements in the ranking schemes. Here we are sharing some SEO trends or changes that are impacting their work this year:

Content and Links: There is no secret that link building and quality content are the most important factors in SEO. Link building basically a process of getting links from other websites and nowadays content plays an important role in this process. Not every type of content will provide us the back links.

SEO in 2018 focuses on creating quality, valuable content that is engaging numerous visitors and likely to be linked to. In addition to this, we must get our content in front of right people by distributing it through the right channels.

Rank Brain and User Experience Signals: Rank Brain is also one of the most important factors in SEO along with content and link building. It may be difficult to optimize for the Rank Brain but that does not mean it is impossible.

We should make it clear to search engines and users what our content is about and why it is created and make it consistent. We must go for fresh content and use a natural quality language. User experience also matters a lot as when users interact with our business or organization via website, application, it helps in SEO ranking.

Voice Search: The concept of voice search has gained the mileage as it is more convenient for the users in order to speak with an assistant than to type. Its results are also faster. There are very some god reasons to want voice search data.

Optimizing for the voice search requires slightly different tactics from those for traditional SEO. It could also help us with better experience for those searching by voice.

Video Marketing: It is the great tool in SEO marketing this year. Ranking in the Google’s first page is the top priority in SEO and if we have pages with video are more likely to rank on the first page of Google Search Engines.

Mobile First Index: Mobile version of our websites is the starting point for what Google include in their index. It our site does not have the mobile friendly version, the desktop site can still be included in the index but it impact negatively on our site’s ranking.

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Web Design Trends Expected in 2014

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With the commencing of New Year comes the hope of looking for new things. We are always excited to know that what 2014 has in its store for changing the World Wide Web. Some of the trends spotted in last year may be followed this year too. Web Designers and business owners want to remain updated with all the latest trends, so that they can reach the pinnacle they are looking for. Read on to know in detail about the trends you can follow in the coming year.


Minimalism design
Best usability practices are one of the criteria which would be followed this year too. Cluttering would be avoided and designs would be kept simple or plain. Useless information that is not needed would not be added. Accommodating the needs of customers would be payed heed. Without having excessive design elements the message would be conveyed.

Responsive Layouts
Responsive web design to match all forms of digital media would be carried out in 2014 too. No need of creating another websites for mobile devices. A single code can run perfectly on all environments and at a variety of screen resolutions the content can be rendered easily. Responsive web designs are fluid and no scrolling or recycling is required. It saves the time and money too.

Videos would replace the text
Watching anything is easier than talking out time to read it. To facilitate users more videos and less text would be added. Videos can help in explaining things better. Videos can be shared easily and produced easily on websites. Technical communication becomes easier through videos.

Use of One or Two Colors
Simple color schemes would be used in websites in 2014. One or two colors would be used while designing the website so that it looks simple and easy for the users. Black and white colors would be replaced by blue and other colors. Unique designs would be produced with a simpler look.

Content In short bursts
Instead of long narratives content would be putted in short bursts. Simplified content is expected to dominate in the coming websites.

Long Scrolling pattern
Long scrolling websites with content organized in a much simpler way are expected to appear again this year. Layout would be changing throughout so this would be not at all boring.