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Make Perfect Instagram Profile Page with these Tips

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Social media is the prominent and efficient platform for our brand to reach maximum audience in least time and make them aware about our products and services. These days, numerous consumers are getting shifted towards using Instagram instead of Google for search anything for a brand or business and here, our Instagram profile plays an important role.

It is just like the goal of our website is to convert visitors into customers; goal of our Instagram profile is to convert visitors into followers. Here are some tips through which we can optimize our Instagram profile to make it convert for us:

Make it Public: Our Instagram profile picture will be public by default which means that anyone in this world can view our profile picture and posts on Instagram. If we are creating an Instagram profile for the business purpose, it is exactly that we want. Anyone in the world is able to see our posts and follow our brand and view photos.

Searchable Username: By having a username which is easily recognizable and searchable, it will help the potential followers to search our brand and business easily. If is already taken, we should try keeping business name as the first part of our username.

Easy business name: The next step would be making sure to add our full business name to the “name” section of our profile and this will appear under our profile picture and username in search. If we want to edit he business name, just go to the profile page and click “Edit profile”.

On brand Instagram profile picture: While visiting our Instagram page, our profile is the first thing which is noticed by the visitors as it is displayed prominently in the top right hand corner so it should be easily recognizable with our other social networks.

Actionable and informative bio: Our bio is one of those things which leave a great impact on the visitors along with our profile picture. It is a description at the top of our profile which should be in limited characters. We can use them to let people know about ourselves.

Trackable link in the bio: The one of the biggest issues people face in Instagram is that it is not exactly a great platform to drive traffic directly on our site from the app as there are no clickable links or URLs anywhere except the single “website” box in our bio.