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Responsive web design (RWD)

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Responsive design is an idea to make a web page responsive by using flexible layouts, flexible images and cascading style sheet concepts. The main motive of making a responsive website is to detect the visitor’s screen size and changes can be made to the layout according to requirements. A responsive web design solves many types of problem which arises in many new types of mobile devices. Concept of X and Y coordinate grid for layout of responsive website, it is a mathematical concept not a fixed width parameter. Grid layout gives you a more fluid layout which will resize itself to fit into the display.

It is designed to adapt and respond to the functioning of the computing device used by the visitor to display the website. It is only website that will appear good to you at any device that you are using, from a large screen device to medium and small screen device. It is responsible to give all the users the same experience as it is on large or small device.

Responsive web design allows the website designers to create contents and publish it everywhere and for all devices, no need to create multiple contents for the same website. It is a website development strategy to render the web pages in an efficient and optimized manner that a website can function throughout all devices and from anywhere.

Traditional web designing approaches focuses only on website being viewed on laptops and PC’s. But a responsive website approach deals with website to be viewed on every device. A web developer has to use their coding skills to make a website responsive and can be accessed from any device.

Three main components of a responsive website is:

1) It must have flexible layouts: one must use a flexible grid to create the website layout which will automatically resize to any width.

2) Use of media queries: media queries allow the designers to specify different designs for different devices.

3) Media should be flexible: making the media (video, images) scalable by making changes in the size of media as size of viewport changes.