Tips for Best Typography for Website

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Tips for Best Typography for Website

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Any website becomes successful when it is able to convey its intent and emotion of the business to the maximum visitors and in terms of digital world, the easiest way to perform this task is through the typeface. Typography is personal as well as can be used as an extension of a particular brand. It is important to pick up a typeface which is appropriate for our industry as well as compliments our brand and image.

Here are a few tips for bringing the most of the typography on our website:

It’s about contexts: There are particular typefaces which are appropriate for the different industries, purposes and brands such as we will not expect a toy manufacturer website to use the same font as a law firm uses. Sometimes simple font is the most appropriate option whereas other times, use of decorative font could make people talking about our website.

No excess typefaces: Having too many fonts on a website look disorganized and also confuse our visitors. It is distracting and takes attention away from our website. We should use 2 and 4 typefaces in our website design for everything. Consistency is the key to a professional website and using the same fonts throughout is the initial step towards this.

Alignment is important: An aligned text can dictate how the readers look through our web pages. For providing the best user experience, the text must be aligned for complimenting the structure and flowing of our content. Alignment is a guide for our readers, the easier it is to follow, and the more likely they are to read it.

Text size: The size of the words on web page is a great contributor to the user experience. Most people are around 20 to 23 inches from their computer screen when sitting properly, so it is important to keep design strategy in mind when implementing our website. Texts should be large enough to be legible. If there is a necessity to zoom in or out, it would impact user experience.

Spacing: This is also important when considering the texts. The correct distance between characters and words can impact appearance of our content and its readability. Too far apart letters will be harder to read and make our content appear longer.