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Must Have WordPress Plugins

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WordPress plugins are the great and efficient tools for adding and extending the functionality to wordpress. These plugins are helpful in adding the amazing functionality to our site and make it look good. Many of us have been asking or looking for plugin suggestions to have the right set of tools that can help us in taking our business to the next level.

Although the kind or niche of our website mostly determines the essential plugins we should have on our site but there are some plugins that every WP blog needs.

Here are some must have wordpress plugins we should have on our wordpress site:

Everest Forms: Contact pages are one of the fundamental pages we need in a website; no matter it is small or big website or what type of website it is. We definitely need a contact page so that our users can contact us easily or give any feedback and reach for our business goals. So here is a plugin to create contact forms. It is a modern wordpress contact form plugin with drag and drop interface that allows us to build beautiful contact forms easily and quickly.

Jetpack: It is one of the powerful and must have plugin for every wordpress website. As its name is suggesting, it offers a pack of interesting features for our website to fly up high and make it a success. It manages our site security, website performance, traffic growth and image optimization along with website appearance and many more.

Akismet: It is one of the default plugins of wordpress that is associated with every new wordpress core installation. It is simply an anti-spam plugin that checks all comments and filters out of the spammy comments. We can have a status history for each comment in order to learn which comments were found spammy by Akismet or the moderator.

Yoast SEO: Search engine are the major source of traffic for every website and Yoast SEO is an amazing plugin that guides us all the way to create better content and improve our ranking on search engine. It mainly concentrates on creating the useful content for the users and technically SEO friendly.

User Registration: WordPress user registration is another example of integral features which we definitely do not want to miss. Essentially “register” feature is available on the default wordpress installation and can be enabled from WP dashboard by following some steps.

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Creating Different Shapes with CSS

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Sometimes when we want to create some quality CSS containers, we find it difficult as they are round or somewhat round, square or rectangular and we feel like we have a lack of creativity in performing these tasks. When we get the job done, we find that they are not especially unique or exciting.

But with the help of modern CSS and JavaScript, we have the opportunity to design containers that essentially stand out differently amongst the circles and squares. Here are few unorthodox container designs that enhance the standard shapes:

Notched Boxes: It is subtle as well as offers a much fresher initiative on the standard box. We can have a more nuanced look by simply angling off the sharp edges. This is that type of effect which provides a much more artistic feel at the time of maintaining usability.

Angled Full Width Image: We can have the images could stretch out over the full width of the viewport if we do something a bit different in terms of shape. These angled borders are an efficient way of creating a cool visual effect that does not overwhelm the user as sometimes subtle is usually better.

Accent Containers: Although the containers can be used as places to hold content, they can also be used for nice design accents.

Windows: In this, the CSS clipping paths can perform some amazing things as well as they can also bring one of the staples of print design into the more interactive medium. Clip paths are helpful in creating a window shaped effect around a set of images which completes with beautiful hover animation.

Diamond Navigation Menu: One of the best things about the series of diamond shaped buttons is that they can turn the boring collection of navigation links into something unique.

In conclusion, we can say that CSS is an integral part of modern web development process. It is the highly effective HTML tool for easy controlling over layouts and presentations of website pages by separating content from design. The significant benefit of CSS is the added design flexibility and interactivity which brings to web development.