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All about Website Wireframe Kit

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The task of designing a website demands for a highly expert web designer and developer as it is a dynamic and ever changing process. If we are starting work with a new client without first presenting our capabilities and concept of art of the requirements, it is definitely going to end up in a quite huge mess. Clients always change their minds and here, wireframes kits play an important role.

It is great to use wireframes as they can help us in creating designs and their concept even before start working on actual work. They are so accessible and easy to use through which we can have readily presentable designs available for our clients within an hour. This better helps the client in understanding the kind of design he is looking for so that they could finalize their final idea by closely working with the wireframe to understand the website.

Look at some of the reasons for using wireframes for our websites:

  • Wireframes have the grayed out appearance through which it is easy for the client to focus on the layout and structure without being distracted by the colors or copy.
  • It gives us the opportunity to provide several very different layouts to the client to choose form so that if they scrap a wireframed layout idea, the loss will be significantly less than a fully designed layout.
  • Designers are free to complete focus on user experience and flow before choosing typefaces, colors, images and other design elements. If a design looks great but does not well, it is not a success at all.
  • It can also be iterated quickly and if the client wants any significant changes to combine elements from different versions, we can implement them on the wireframe more quickly than revising a design.

In simple words, wireframes are basically grayed out layouts that can show our recommendations for the elements to be included on the design. These wireframes do not convey any actual design details as they generally consist of gray boxes but they are focused at presenting the layouts of different features.

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Use Twig and Timber for Next Website

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There is no doubt that WordPress is a great platform to manage our content on our site as well as for other works on website. It is the most versatile platform proof of which is that currently it acquires more than 23% of the internet as we know it.

The wordpress themes industry is getting pretty large and every day we see many new businesses pop-up, offering their own themes and now one more has been added to these trends which are Twig and Timber.

Twig: It is a PHP based templating system which allows us for writing faster and cleaner codes across all the sites we build. It is also easier to use and focused on more complex development tasks or can even take a brand new CMS when the project or client demands for it.

Timber: Timber is that plugin which is responsible for uniting wordpress with Twig. Along with the advantage of using Twig, it allows us to separate the PHP from our HTML templates. It gives us a more comfortable environment for developing themes.

Pros of using Twig:

  • Fast: Twig is able to comply down to plain optimized PHP code. In comparison to regular PHP, the overhead was reduced to the very minimum.
  • Secure: Twig has the sandbox mode in order to evaluate untrusted template code. Due to this, twig can be used as a template language for applications where the users can modify the template design.
  • Flexible: As the Twig is powered by flexible lexer and parser, developer can define its own custom tags and filters as well as create its own DSL.
  • Easy to Learn: The syntax is easy to learn and along with this, it allows web designers to get their job done faster without getting in their way.
  • Extensibility: Twig is flexible enough for all our needs even the most complex ones due to the open architecture, we can also implement our own language constructs for creating our own DSL.
  • Unit tested: One thing that Twig is fully unit tested and its library is also stable and ready to be used in large projects.
  • Documented: Twig is fully automated along with a dedicated online book and a full API documentation.

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Responsive Web Design Trends

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Today’s generation is the mobile friendly generation and to reach to maximum customers, numerous web design companies are offering responsive web design as a part of their services so that users can reach to them whenever they want easily. Responsive web design is basically that design which function smoothly across all the devices like desktops, laptops, phones or tablets etc.

To make our reach to the competitive market, it is important to design website in such a way that keeps responsive web design in mind.

Here is the list of top trends in the field of responsive web designing that are making our website appearance more beautiful:

Vector Graphics: This concept is becoming more and more popular to use instead of raster graphics. There is only one difference which is that scalable vector use points on a vector map for building a certain design while a raster graphic is just a plain old image by using pixels on a bitmap. They provide the benefit of being resized without losing visual quality which is crucial to seamless responsive web design.

Hidden Menus: Hidden menus are the most essential and popular trend in an effort to keep things simple. We are seeing a trend in which minimal home pages are becoming popular and users must click a menu icon for revealing the website’s navigation options.

Single and Long Scrolling Home Pages: This concept sounds like an amazing trend in responsive web designing. It is like a website with one page and includes nearly entire content on that single page. These types of sites have a navigation bar at the top of the screen but the only difference is that by clicking on these options, users are taken to a location already on this page.

Card Based Design: They are the simple and prominent way to organize information into the pattern of a grid. In this trend, pieces of information are organized into cards in a visually appealing way with a distinctive image or block of texts. They are essential for the responsive web design due to its ability to rearrange its structure as per the user’s screen size.

Minimalism: The above trends are about increasing simplicity but minimalism is the trend which falls under the new idea of web design whose goals are to reduce clutter, focus on efficient user experience and simplify the best we can.

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Social Media Content Calendar

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As we know that social media is an efficient and all time promising tool for increasing traffic on our blogs and sites so why we are posting updates only when we are online? It is the perfect reason to start a social media calendar. Through the use of third party scheduling and social media management tools, we would be able to manage multiple social media accounts and always have content going online at different times.

This is a great idea to make sure that our older content is always getting a fresh and consistent flow of click activity. It can help us in visualizing all our planned posts for the next weeks or months ahead.

How to Prepare Social Media Calendar:

Step 1: Categories: At the time of creating our sharing schedule, it helps us with a list of post types that we would like to share on a regular basis especially if we are sharing several types of updates such as:

  • Conversation starters
  • Blog Posts
  • Quotes
  • Re-sharing
  • Images or videos etc

Step 2: Categories Placement: After having the categories, we have to decide the time to share the content such as blog posts might be share don Tuesday and videos on Wednesday.

Step 3: Regular Updates: This is one of the most fun and exciting part of the social media calendar which come up with all the content we will be sharing in the coming months or weeks and if we write our updates as far into the future, we can have them for our entire category.

Step 4: Special Events: As we know that the year is full of special events in addition to the regular posts so it will be great if we would plan ahead for them so that we can make sure not to miss them as well as create more excitement and opportunities around them. We should write our posts for those events so that we could diminish the rule of forgetting or missing one. There are some special events we might consider covering such as:

  • Holidays especially which are relevant to our industry.
  • Product Launches
  • Announcements
  • Met ups etc.

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Beta Plugins – Future of WordPress

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As an efficient content management platform, WordPress is continuously evolving with the latest technologies and also looking for adding the features that would be able to keep its visitor’s base happy as well as attract the new users on their site. Over the years, it also added some very popular additions such as Custom Post Types or Custom Fields and widgets etc.

Now there are Beta Plugins which are in the development for the possible inclusion in the future version of WordPress. These plugins provide an easy way to get involved with Beta testing WordPress. Here are some beta plugins while you have not heard much about them yet:

Two-Factor: Two-factor authentication has become quite popular throughout the industries like banking and even social media. In terms of reality of compromised data, the two-factor provides user accounts with that extra bit of security. In WordPress, they allow back-end users for further verifying their accounts through various options including email and the Google Authenticator app.

Customize Posts: This is the common issue with the users that when they create or edit content, they are not able to see the exact changes which are affecting the front-end of our website in real time. But the customize posts provides the functionality in order to resolve the issue and also allows the users to edit page and post content from within the WordPress customizer.

Dark Mode: This is one of the biggest trends which we are witnessing in the UI design in optimizing screens for easier viewing at night. This is available in multiple forms with mobile apps such as Google Maps which are changing over to a dark color scheme to coincide with the time of day and windows 10’s night light feature.

Preferred Languages: As we know that WordPress is being used by people all over the world. In this, although the existing ability for users to choose the primary language of their site is good but the software will revert back to English if a translation string in the theme or plugin cannot be found in the chosen language. Preferred languages provide users an ability to set fallback choices and also allow WordPress to move on to the next chosen language in the chin.

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Creating Different Shapes with CSS

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Sometimes when we want to create some quality CSS containers, we find it difficult as they are round or somewhat round, square or rectangular and we feel like we have a lack of creativity in performing these tasks. When we get the job done, we find that they are not especially unique or exciting.

But with the help of modern CSS and JavaScript, we have the opportunity to design containers that essentially stand out differently amongst the circles and squares. Here are few unorthodox container designs that enhance the standard shapes:

Notched Boxes: It is subtle as well as offers a much fresher initiative on the standard box. We can have a more nuanced look by simply angling off the sharp edges. This is that type of effect which provides a much more artistic feel at the time of maintaining usability.

Angled Full Width Image: We can have the images could stretch out over the full width of the viewport if we do something a bit different in terms of shape. These angled borders are an efficient way of creating a cool visual effect that does not overwhelm the user as sometimes subtle is usually better.

Accent Containers: Although the containers can be used as places to hold content, they can also be used for nice design accents.

Windows: In this, the CSS clipping paths can perform some amazing things as well as they can also bring one of the staples of print design into the more interactive medium. Clip paths are helpful in creating a window shaped effect around a set of images which completes with beautiful hover animation.

Diamond Navigation Menu: One of the best things about the series of diamond shaped buttons is that they can turn the boring collection of navigation links into something unique.

In conclusion, we can say that CSS is an integral part of modern web development process. It is the highly effective HTML tool for easy controlling over layouts and presentations of website pages by separating content from design. The significant benefit of CSS is the added design flexibility and interactivity which brings to web development.

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Virtual Reality – Future of Web Design

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The concept of virtual reality is now making its way onto the web development and it is being predicted that it is going to be a very big deal in the coming years and everyone who is involved in the web design is going to be affected in some way or other. In simple words, we can say that future is in our sights whether it is 360 degree videos shared on Facebook or people wearing oversized headsets.

Here are a few ways through which VR is changing web design:

VR is moving to the browser: Until now, there is a necessity of headset and an app of some sort in order to access any kind of VR content online but it is all changing with a number of quality web browsers which are working on the support for web VR. Now there is open standard due to which it is possible to experience VR in our browser. Now the ordinary web visitors will be able to just click a button and start interacting with VR content without any troubling with the downloads.

It is easier to create content: While there is a huge production of headsets which is making it easier for consumers to access the VR content on the web, on the other hand, there is an increasing availability of open source libraries due to which content creation is getting easier.

E-Commerce: As we know that there is a sheer number of ecommerce websites out there but the surprising fact is that they all are following a similar design which means they can get easily lost. Recently a traditional layout has been developed in order to make sites with their own personality and VR in online shopping could be very important in moving forward. With this technology, we can drop the user in a virtual clothing store so that they could try whatever they want.

Other uses of VR: These are just a few examples of VR but in real life, this technology can also be used for almost any aspects such as educational services, live music or stress relievers and space exploration and sports.

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Presentation Ideas for Website Designing

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If our website is giving a visually stunning presentation to our users, it would surely leave a remarkable and positive impression on them whether we are using it for marketing product or introducing our services or communicating any information to the visitors.

Nowadays, most of the web owners provide a mass of solutions and methods for delivering quality information to a wide audience on demand such as Flash, PDF, Videos, photo slideshow etc but the only thing they should keep in mind to keep the presentation compelling, easy to access and compatible with multiple devices to have the big impact.

Here are some guidelines for ensuring memorable and unique presentation:

Short and Sweet: We must focus on avoiding too much fluff of our presentation and get only that stuff which really matters. The idea of speaking and narrating will lead to bring majority of our communication personally. We should use presentation slides in order to highlight the key messages and topics by using as little as possible.

Style Carefully: If we focus on the pleasing design and focused layout, it can be helpful in defining the overall purpose of our presentation. We could be able to direct the user’s eye on the targeted place as we design each slide. We must choose that background which provide sufficient contrast and do not compromise with text.

Bold Typography and Proper Hierarchy: At the time of designing a process, we must ensure that our website should be readable on all kinds of devices. We can go for a small number of complementary fonts for their weight and style along with some effects such as gradients or shadows for helping in setting them apart from the background.

Illustrate our Point: If you do not have proper space for explaining something in texts, we can choose the charts, info-graphics, photography and art. We can also add emphasis to the topic with a little humor.
Provide Control: We should also focus on providing control to users in moving between slides and pausing our presentation. Slide show style generally involves a set of controls.

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Why should my website be mobile optimized?

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As we know that almost all the people across world are using mobile device. According to a survey, there are mobile phones more in number as compared to the human population. It is not a secret that everybody is using the smart phone and businesses have started to think about mobile users so that every mobile user can avail there services from phone itself. Surely, we know that a responsive website makes mobile surfing easy and simple. We need to think about why mobile optimization is must for your business?

Here are some reasons that why mobile optimization is needed:

1) Everyone is using mobile: we are living in a world where mobile has become the first priority for everyone. Today around 1.2 billion of people access the web from mobile phones. Incredibly 80% of the internet users are mobile devices users and almost all access are made through a mobile device.

2) Around half of the traffic on internet is by mobile users: this proves that over half of the traffic on internet is via mobile device. So if want to attract more customer then you need to be thinking mobile.

3) Mobile customers are buying more: it is a fact that mobile users spend more time on their mobile phone as compared to desktop because mobile is a hand-held device and anybody can use it anytime. According to the survey most of the purchases are made through mobile phone because mobile is available almost all people.

4) Screen is switched by mobile users: many people have habit to switch screen while they are surfing on internet. 90% people switch their screen from desktop to mobile as surfing from mobile is easy.

5) Mobile landing page needs a different strategy: according to some sources, mobile landing page must include minimal design, 5-word headlines, fast page loading speed.

6) Google also favors responsiveness of mobile: now Google has also started favoring mobile friendliness in the SERPs ranking. Those pages which are not mobile friendly have to face loss from the Google.

7) Most of the social media reference is made through mobile: as an unresponsive website gives you negative ranking to your website so your website must be mobile optimized.

A mobile friendly website makes your website more available to users, as they can access it easily from their mobile device. And mobile users are more in numbers

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Web Design Trends

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Getting snobby about trends in creative disciplines is easy and there’s nothing creative or innovative in keeping tabs on to know “what’s hot” until and unless you are not doing continuously for updates. Creativity is way of conversation where learning to recreate elements of our world in ochre and charcoal on cave walls. A sprawling, polyphonous and chaotic conversation is possible because of trends acting just like threads.

From selection to adoption or resistance, the creativity choices exist alongside these trends. Evolution of trends helped in providing context and many other benefits which are mentioned below in detail.

  1. Responsive Web Design

The prediction of large number of mobile users has come true and because of this introduction of responsive web design came into existence. An innovative design that responds according to the device system criteria everyday there is increase in mobile usage that led to the introduction of this unique design for every website. This trend will long last for few more years.

  1. Simplicity

Web designing trends also includes simplicity as one of their factor. This factor helps in developing interest among the customers as well as better understanding of the website. But the arrangement of so many things simply is one of the difficult tasks. Before developing of the website experts need to use pen and paper for every idea want to be incorporated.

  1. Circles

Recent trend that came into existence is circle that is even when web 2.0 was having boom and most of the designers were focusing more on drop shadows and circles. With the introduction of CSSS3, the creation of different kinds of boxes for highlighting or navigation links in the website.

  1. Vector Art

Few websites uses cartoons to welcome their users for advancing their brand introduction. It is one of the best ways of using these adorable vector dudes with the rising trends. Points for website enhancement are very helpful for website recognition.

  1. Infographics

It has hardly created any affect on the website trends but any expert cannot ignore but because of it presentation simplicity it is very popular. Even without any clue about the topic anyone can understand with the images and understanding.