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Learn some amazing facts of Google

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Google came into existence when two students pursuing Ph.D. at Stanford University name Larry Page and Sergey Brin. There are much better to know about Google than their founders and existence and there is always something hidden and this massively successful company has a simple layout though. Google has always done things differently, and that keep things fresh, immersive and consistently progressive.

Let just go through the points about Google and deeply learning about it.

  1. The entire written works of mankind from the beginning of the recorded history in all languages i.e. 50 petabytes.
  2. 20 Petabytes of the data in Google is processed on a daily basis.
  3. At least once a day every person uses Google.
  4. The number of languages Google homepage has set-up is 88 including Urdu, Latin, Klingon. These all are developed by the employees of Google who are very equipped in python, C++, Java.
  5. A human will take 95,116 years to do manual searches on Google that do to even of 50 million pages.
  6. Google has records of data’s that existed way 100000 years back, how Homo sapiens came into life, till the 1st
  7. The traffic increased when spell checker was introduced that means “Did you mean” feature. One of the biggest leaps in search usage introduced by Google.
  8. The feature of “Do you mean” is used by 20 percentile of people and at least 5 percentile of people use a particular search preference before it will make it into “Advanced Preferences.
  9. Google records everything and around 620000000 visitors visit Google on a daily basis.
  10. The front page of Google is simple because the founders of Google didn’t know HTML and just wanted a quick interface.

Google has turned into so much more than just a search engine, bringing out the innovative ideas and trying out new things on almost a daily basis. It’s hard to imagine where they’ll venture next, though I’m curious to know what the next Google Doodle is going to be.

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How Google Works?

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Google is technically complex platform to understand. You got a query or confusion; search it on Google. There are hundreds of different factors taken into account so that the search engine can figure out what should go where. It’s like a mysterious black box, and very few people know exactly what’s inside. Ah, good news to tell every curious learner that search engines are actually pretty easy to understand.

We may not know every single factor but we also need don’t need to. So here are the answers with all wonders or query you type on Google search field and learn with these points mentioned below.

  1. Web crawlers, also known as Google bots. Google sends these crawlers that go through all the web pages on the World Wide Web.
  2. These bots are made of millions of computers that surf the web much like how people do it, except they do it much more quickly. It is necessary to make sure that you have the most current and updated sites, these Google bots are working all the time, crawling and re-crawling websites.
  3. How often a site is crawled depends on how quickly its content changes. Explaining through example is any newspaper or update will crawl up more often because the website content is getting updated regularly and much better than a static website. Webmaster can also indicate how often they want their sites to be crawled.
  4. All the links can be detected by bots on the sites, which are then, go through the queue system for crawling later on. Search ranking of the site is very much dependent on these links.
  5. Google Index database keeps the copies stored and the index works like the contents page of a book and contains all the possible search terms.
  6. When anyone types in a query in the search engines, the index will match the query with all the web pages in which the query terms appear and then grab the pages for the search results.
  7. A short page of the description will appear relating to the written query.
  8. All the WebPages works and ranked according to the relevance before they are displayed on the result page. Google considers around 200 factors when ranking sites. One of the important things to learn is page rank, which takes into consideration how many sites are linked to a web page and the quality of the linking sites.

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Definitive Guide to Voice Search Marketing

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Did you realize that 28% Of Search Queries in India are now done by voice? Furthermore, that by 2020, half Of All Global Searches will be voice seeks? Truth be told, India is seeing 270% Year on Year Growth in Voice Searches, as uncovered in the ongoing occasion.

The fast selection of individual aides – Alexa, Siri, Google Assistant and Cortana – is changing the manner in which buyers look through the web. Voice look is quick turning into the favored mode for individuals to interface with their associated gadgets. It is likewise noticed, the headways made in voice innovation and its developing selection.
So how would we as advertisers adjust to this change? All things considered, that is the thing that this article is about!

We’ll discuss the development of voice seek, what it implies for you as advertisers and how you can utilize it to drive mindfulness, commitment and deals for your image.

For what reason is voice seek so imperative?

The conventional screen interface is missing out to voice

Throughout the most recent decade, laptops and portable screens have been the essential ways clients have connected with the web. In any case, with the coming and development of voice partners, especially keen speakers like Google Home and Amazon Echo, this is changing and evolving quickly!

The communication has now begun occurring through voice, with keen speakers, without utilizing a screen much of the time.

As advertisers, we have invested years advancing for screen User Interfaces and screen User Experiences yet when there is no screen any longer, at that point these viewpoints wind up out of date. The center is currently moving to building conversational User Interfaces and screen User Experiences.

For new web groups of onlookers, voice is the favored method of info

The second thing which makes voice so imperative is the capacity to contact new groups of onlookers.
Consider it – The following flood of India’s Internet development – The Next Billion or So Internet Users – will be generally from littler urban communities and towns. For the greater part of them, voice is an a lot less demanding and easy approach to connect when contrasted with composing on a little screen gadget. While there are indic consoles to enable these new clients, to voice is likewise a characteristic method to make an inquiry or question. Google is seeing a 270% year-on-year development in voice inquiries in India. As an advertiser, voice is your door to contact them.

Incredible, so since we’ve seen why voice is critical, how would we use it?

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Different Aspects of Technical SEO

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We all know that SEO matters a lot in online businesses if we own a website and content is like the lifeblood of SEO but SEO is as important as the content but technical SEO refers to any SEO activities which do not include the content. It is the foundation of your website which gives our content the best chance to rank in the search engines through relevant keywords and phrases.

Technical SEO is the main reason for the search engines to crawl to our website and index the site. It can analyze the search engines techniques for accessing and crawling to our site.

Why Technical SEO is important? We are having a car with super sporty body with good fuel capacity but we cannot imagine the car without the good mechanics to run with as it will not be powerful. The same condition is with SEO. Only having the great content on the site is not sufficient enough if our website is not technically sound. Technical SEO should be combined with other SEO factors in order to make the SEO strategies successful.

Here, go through the few of the technical aspects of SEO:

Conducting technical SEO audit: Technical SEO audit is simply the process of finding out any issue which is acting as barrier for search engine to crawl to our site.  It also gives us the opportunity to know the possibilities for improving the site performance. In order to create a template of all the technical issues and then resolve it one by one.

Mobile optimization: It is must as today mobile users have increased to the great extent than desktop users. If our site is not mobile optimized, it is definitely a bad sign. The mobile traffic is more than the desktop traffic which means that mobile users are the ones who are visiting the site and making purchases.

Check the Robots.txt file: This file is something which would tell search engines those parts or pages of the site to be crawled and which not to be crawled. The crawled pages are those which are visible to the users and not crawling pages are those which are visible to site administrators.  The reason behind checking is that whether the entire website may have been blocked by the site owners.

Duplicate content: Google do not like the duplicate content but it can be found on both on site and off site. So we need to be careful in finding out both as if our website is having more number of duplicate content, then our site will be penalized by the search engines.

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Analyze Website Traffic Using Google Analytics

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There are often situations where either we or our clients want to know the ways through which they can track the performance of URLs they have been redirecting to a different page. If we are running a marketing campaign, the task of measuring the performance of a landing page or tracking conversion rates and tracing our redirects could provide a wealth of information to push the traffic on our business goals.

But the problem is Google Analytics is not able to track what redirect traffic comes through, rather it only gives the raw traffic numbers to the page without tracking if any URL redirected people to it.

Use of Google Analytics: The process of using Google Analytics to see the traffic sources of a specific page in our Google Analytics account is so easy.

To start, we have to Log into the Google Analytics account and navigate to Behavior > Site Content. From there, we can choose whether to view the traffic sources of all our website’s pages or the exit pages.

Here is the process to view the traffic sources of our site’s landing pages which is important as these are the pages which many visitors will land on first while visiting our site.

The next step would be navigate to secondary Dimension > Acquisition > Source/Medium. Here we will see a list of our website’s landing pages complete with the source of our site’s traffic which is the place where visitors were before clicking on the website and also the medium, which is the ways how our visitors arrived at the site.

Creating segments in Google Analytics to view traffic sources: By using the segments feature in Google Analytics, we can track the traffic stats of a specific web page. This method is more advanced and will give us a more detailed look at the traffic sources of specific pages on our website. The Google Analytics Behavior report only provides us a collective view of all our traffic sources by breaking it down into direct, organic and referral traffic.

Although this is helpful but Google Analytics segments can break our traffic sources down even further such as we can also see when the site’s traffic comes from paid traffic sources or social media sources.

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Make Perfect Instagram Profile Page with these Tips

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Social media is the prominent and efficient platform for our brand to reach maximum audience in least time and make them aware about our products and services. These days, numerous consumers are getting shifted towards using Instagram instead of Google for search anything for a brand or business and here, our Instagram profile plays an important role.

It is just like the goal of our website is to convert visitors into customers; goal of our Instagram profile is to convert visitors into followers. Here are some tips through which we can optimize our Instagram profile to make it convert for us:

Make it Public: Our Instagram profile picture will be public by default which means that anyone in this world can view our profile picture and posts on Instagram. If we are creating an Instagram profile for the business purpose, it is exactly that we want. Anyone in the world is able to see our posts and follow our brand and view photos.

Searchable Username: By having a username which is easily recognizable and searchable, it will help the potential followers to search our brand and business easily. If is already taken, we should try keeping business name as the first part of our username.

Easy business name: The next step would be making sure to add our full business name to the “name” section of our profile and this will appear under our profile picture and username in search. If we want to edit he business name, just go to the profile page and click “Edit profile”.

On brand Instagram profile picture: While visiting our Instagram page, our profile is the first thing which is noticed by the visitors as it is displayed prominently in the top right hand corner so it should be easily recognizable with our other social networks.

Actionable and informative bio: Our bio is one of those things which leave a great impact on the visitors along with our profile picture. It is a description at the top of our profile which should be in limited characters. We can use them to let people know about ourselves.

Trackable link in the bio: The one of the biggest issues people face in Instagram is that it is not exactly a great platform to drive traffic directly on our site from the app as there are no clickable links or URLs anywhere except the single “website” box in our bio.

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Instagram Marketing Strategies

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We all are very well aware about the significant impact of different social media platforms in driving traffic to our sites and among all social media platforms, Instagram is becoming the most popular and efficient platform on world wide web. An Instagram marketing strategy is a prominent marketing tool for businesses if we want to get the most out of our social media marketing.

It is the popular social app that has over 800 million total monthly active users and if our brand does not have a business profile on Instagram, we are definitely missing a lot for our websites.

Here are some Instagram marketing strategies through which we can drive the more quality traffic on our site:

Developing content strategy: There is no doubt that content is the basic foundation of our Instagram presence and that’s why numerous B2C businesses are using Instagram to make their product and services star of the show while B2B companies generally concentrates on company culture and team recruitment as it is the right approach to showcase our brand to maximum people.

Use of Hash tags: In addition to the images, hash tags are the most important element of our post. While captions are helpful in telling the story behind the images, hash tags allows us to get images seen by those outside our current sphere of followers.

Right filters: Keyword hash tags are not the only criteria to pay attention; it also includes certain photo filters on which Instagram community respond and it is more favorably than others. By using these preferred filters, we can have the significant impact on our engagement.

Two way communication portal: Only the task of posting photos and videos and giving opportunity of interaction to the users is not enough, we should rather start interacting with them. it is a prominent opportunity to market our brand as well as our audience is going to be reading our comments.

Be a part of Instagram community: We can the best of using Instagram if we use it to form relationships with other users as with all social networking. It is not only about posting pictures in our own little vacuum, rather it is about participating in forming community around photos.

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Top Transforming Social Media Trends for 2018

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Today, social media is an essential piece of our business marketing strategy and is quickly becoming one of the most important aspects of digital marketing. It does not matter if we are running a small or big business; social media helps us in connecting with our customers, increasing awareness about our brand and also boost our leads and sales. It provides us incredible benefits of reaching millions of customers worldwide.

Here are the top social media trends that are likely to have a significant impact on the web designing industry:

Video content will become powerful: Concept of video content has grown exponentially in popularity over the years and also will continue to grow as well in 2018. It is predicted by the experts that 80% of online traffic will be driven by video content by 2019. Maximum percentage of social media users also prefer to watch a video than read plain. Mobile video is highly likely to be primary way our users will prefer to watch and it elicits higher engagements rates.

Focus on user generated content: In the coming era of social media trends, user generated content will be preferred by most of other social media users. Social networks are also presenting many interesting and amazing opportunities to use user generated content for building healthy relationships with prospective and existing customers.

Use of chatbots and messaging apps: In the coming trend, social media experience will be enhanced by use of chatbots and messaging apps. A good user experience means having well satisfied and happy customers to our sites. This concept of delivering superior user experience is steadily gaining momentum. Chatbots can give medical practices the chances of quickly interacting with their target audience in personal way.

Influencer marketing: As we know that social media influencers possess the incredible reach with following in thousands or millions and that’s why many online marketers are shifting towards paying these influencers in order to promote their products and services as influencer marketing is believed to deliver 11 times the ROI compared to traditional marketing strategies.

Instagram stories: With the instagrams stories, we can publish content that lives for 24 hours before disappearing. It is considered the perfect way to keep the followers engaged without over sharing content to our instagram profile.

Organic research strategies: Due to an increasing number of strengthen online presence of businesses on social media networks, we have to face a dramatic decline in the organic research and that’s why we have to be more selective about the posted content and stop relying in short term tactics.

Ephemeral content: It is a short lived content which appears for just 24 hours and then disappears on its own. This type of content is gaining extreme popularity among marketers.

Live streaming: It is growing at an alarming rate as it is a nearly free way to drive lots of traffic to our social media profile and more revenue for social media practices.

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Social Media Content Calendar

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As we know that social media is an efficient and all time promising tool for increasing traffic on our blogs and sites so why we are posting updates only when we are online? It is the perfect reason to start a social media calendar. Through the use of third party scheduling and social media management tools, we would be able to manage multiple social media accounts and always have content going online at different times.

This is a great idea to make sure that our older content is always getting a fresh and consistent flow of click activity. It can help us in visualizing all our planned posts for the next weeks or months ahead.

How to Prepare Social Media Calendar:

Step 1: Categories: At the time of creating our sharing schedule, it helps us with a list of post types that we would like to share on a regular basis especially if we are sharing several types of updates such as:

  • Conversation starters
  • Blog Posts
  • Quotes
  • Re-sharing
  • Images or videos etc

Step 2: Categories Placement: After having the categories, we have to decide the time to share the content such as blog posts might be share don Tuesday and videos on Wednesday.

Step 3: Regular Updates: This is one of the most fun and exciting part of the social media calendar which come up with all the content we will be sharing in the coming months or weeks and if we write our updates as far into the future, we can have them for our entire category.

Step 4: Special Events: As we know that the year is full of special events in addition to the regular posts so it will be great if we would plan ahead for them so that we can make sure not to miss them as well as create more excitement and opportunities around them. We should write our posts for those events so that we could diminish the rule of forgetting or missing one. There are some special events we might consider covering such as:

  • Holidays especially which are relevant to our industry.
  • Product Launches
  • Announcements
  • Met ups etc.

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Google+ Tactics to Increase Traffic on Site

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Google+ is more than just a social media platform. It can be an amazing tool that can help us in boosting a website’s ranking on Google’s search engine. Although Google+ is a hugely underestimated content marketing tool but now it is a great way to increase our blog’s visibility across the web. Here are some essential points which we can consider while ranking through the Google+.

Link Google+ to blog home page: This is the first step in getting results from the Google+. We can connect our profile with our blog’s home page so that we could generate incredible results, which also include our photo next to the blog post links so that anyone can search for our name.

Consider circles: Circles will be very helpful in organizing the connections into the groups we interact with in our life such as family, friends, B2B, B2C, local etc. Through this, people can view our posts by circles as well as we can send posts to circles.

Hangouts on air: They are very helpful in increasing level of branding by enabling us to host webinars for free and if we perform Hangout on Air, Google+ streams it here and on YouTube as well as records the video and sends us the recording to our email.

Use of Hash tags: Google+ also offers hash tags to make searching simple for topics just like twitter and Facebook. It is a great way to get noticed not only inside Google+ but also in the world of Google search.

Link to our blog posts: It is important that whenever we have a new blog posts, we must link it from Google+ and make that post public. It will automatically publically available both inside Google+ and in Google search results.

Use of Ripples: Ripples are the most efficient but little known feature of Google+. It is helpful in identifying people who are sharing the public posts as well as how large an audience they have. It is an amazing tool to determine who has the power to spread our post to the wider users possible.

Long post inside the Google+: Long post get the most comments with a lot of links. We should write an amazing post and link back to our own blog for the additional resources. We must focus on the hash tags with relevant topics so that they could easily be found.