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Basic Content Marketing Considering in B2B and B2C

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Content gives vision to idea and words provide a view of an innovative idea into papers. Content always plays a bridge between owner and their people of an audience, different platforms use different ways of writing format like informational content, entertainment content, website content, digital content. The best way of communicating information, thoughts, and news using all those platforms of social media and digital media will be always beneficial and currently trending.

Content plays a vital role in the marketing of an organization that is present in an online platform and content marketing is the new term which differs in B2B and B2C but the tactics differ. The key differences on both will be effective if content written targeted to the right audience and right platform with the right message.

B2B, around 51 percentile of marketers don’t have effective processes in place to evaluate the quality of leads and in simpler terms means identifying of prospects is way less. Whereas B2C identify their prospects around 64 percentile and this process quality leads get lost and forgotten.

E-mail marketing rate of in B2B and B2C is 58 percentile and 63 percentile respectively and this land as the most effective marketing strategy processes for the marketers.

One of the difficult tactics faced by marketers is a content creation in B2B and the rate is 39 percentile but the difficulty phase faced by Business to Consumer marketers comes with social media in the execution of content.

Other social media which help a lot both to B2B and B2C marketers are LinkedIn and Facebook by the percentile of 83 percentile and 90 percentile respectively. In B2B, marketers connect with other companies and increasing their network.

Another important factor that comes in content marketing is Blog content i.e. part of off page SEO which plays a major impact in the presence of the website. Blogs content written get into the count list of Google with the attached links and in B2B marketers get 67% of leads and in B2C marketers get 88% of leads per month with their blog writing and content creation.

Marketing has just evolved with the time it’s no more marketing door to door because people are just e-mail away. Digital marketing will more and communicating with the lead will become more convenient.

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Google+ Tactics to Increase Traffic on Site

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Google+ is more than just a social media platform. It can be an amazing tool that can help us in boosting a website’s ranking on Google’s search engine. Although Google+ is a hugely underestimated content marketing tool but now it is a great way to increase our blog’s visibility across the web. Here are some essential points which we can consider while ranking through the Google+.

Link Google+ to blog home page: This is the first step in getting results from the Google+. We can connect our profile with our blog’s home page so that we could generate incredible results, which also include our photo next to the blog post links so that anyone can search for our name.

Consider circles: Circles will be very helpful in organizing the connections into the groups we interact with in our life such as family, friends, B2B, B2C, local etc. Through this, people can view our posts by circles as well as we can send posts to circles.

Hangouts on air: They are very helpful in increasing level of branding by enabling us to host webinars for free and if we perform Hangout on Air, Google+ streams it here and on YouTube as well as records the video and sends us the recording to our email.

Use of Hash tags: Google+ also offers hash tags to make searching simple for topics just like twitter and Facebook. It is a great way to get noticed not only inside Google+ but also in the world of Google search.

Link to our blog posts: It is important that whenever we have a new blog posts, we must link it from Google+ and make that post public. It will automatically publically available both inside Google+ and in Google search results.

Use of Ripples: Ripples are the most efficient but little known feature of Google+. It is helpful in identifying people who are sharing the public posts as well as how large an audience they have. It is an amazing tool to determine who has the power to spread our post to the wider users possible.

Long post inside the Google+: Long post get the most comments with a lot of links. We should write an amazing post and link back to our own blog for the additional resources. We must focus on the hash tags with relevant topics so that they could easily be found.