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Analyze Website Traffic Using Google Analytics

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There are often situations where either we or our clients want to know the ways through which they can track the performance of URLs they have been redirecting to a different page. If we are running a marketing campaign, the task of measuring the performance of a landing page or tracking conversion rates and tracing our redirects could provide a wealth of information to push the traffic on our business goals.

But the problem is Google Analytics is not able to track what redirect traffic comes through, rather it only gives the raw traffic numbers to the page without tracking if any URL redirected people to it.

Use of Google Analytics: The process of using Google Analytics to see the traffic sources of a specific page in our Google Analytics account is so easy.

To start, we have to Log into the Google Analytics account and navigate to Behavior > Site Content. From there, we can choose whether to view the traffic sources of all our website’s pages or the exit pages.

Here is the process to view the traffic sources of our site’s landing pages which is important as these are the pages which many visitors will land on first while visiting our site.

The next step would be navigate to secondary Dimension > Acquisition > Source/Medium. Here we will see a list of our website’s landing pages complete with the source of our site’s traffic which is the place where visitors were before clicking on the website and also the medium, which is the ways how our visitors arrived at the site.

Creating segments in Google Analytics to view traffic sources: By using the segments feature in Google Analytics, we can track the traffic stats of a specific web page. This method is more advanced and will give us a more detailed look at the traffic sources of specific pages on our website. The Google Analytics Behavior report only provides us a collective view of all our traffic sources by breaking it down into direct, organic and referral traffic.

Although this is helpful but Google Analytics segments can break our traffic sources down even further such as we can also see when the site’s traffic comes from paid traffic sources or social media sources.

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Disabilities Matters for Accessible Website

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In the present scenario, every business owner owns a website for his business so that he could reach to the maximum people as much as possible and also the users prefer approaching websites if they want to get any information about the particular business. These web users are a very huge group of people due to which internet span the globe and allows people to communicate and interact their perspective or opinions across ages and nations.

However there are some differences between the users which are not in terms of location or languages, rather they have lives that are complicated with lifelong disabilities but these extra challenges do not stop them from availing the benefits of being connected to the digital world.

For this purpose, accessibility is necessary which can be added to web functionality by means of tools, additional software or special training as disability might be an obstacle but there are some ways to navigate the web.

Disabilities on web:

Cognitive Issues: It is a condition that affects the brain functioning and processing of information. This can be a learning disorder where letters or numbers are switched and difficulty in retaining memories or short attention span. This lack of concentration can make it extremely hard to focus on completing task while using the web. One way for dealing with this is to avoid pages with long block of texts and the information should be broken up with numbers of bullets. Captioned pictures are also a good idea to maintain interest in site.

Sight Issues: Visual conditions of the users can affect our web usage and accessibility. Although it is common to wear glasses for some users while browsing the web, but it is also a sign of a mild visual disability. It also includes low vision which is a struggle to see the content or text on screen. So the web developers must be careful about writing their codes to display the content and text. Also make sure that our site has a uniform appearance across browsers.

Hearing Issues: Having difficulties in hearing is not only limited to being a consequence of listening high volume music or T.V. while some hearing loss can be corrected with hearing aids or sometimes there is a complete loss of sense. For those who can still hear but have difficulty in perceiving sounds, there are website modifications that amplify foreground noises and separate them from background sounds.

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Presentation Ideas for Website Designing

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If our website is giving a visually stunning presentation to our users, it would surely leave a remarkable and positive impression on them whether we are using it for marketing product or introducing our services or communicating any information to the visitors.

Nowadays, most of the web owners provide a mass of solutions and methods for delivering quality information to a wide audience on demand such as Flash, PDF, Videos, photo slideshow etc but the only thing they should keep in mind to keep the presentation compelling, easy to access and compatible with multiple devices to have the big impact.

Here are some guidelines for ensuring memorable and unique presentation:

Short and Sweet: We must focus on avoiding too much fluff of our presentation and get only that stuff which really matters. The idea of speaking and narrating will lead to bring majority of our communication personally. We should use presentation slides in order to highlight the key messages and topics by using as little as possible.

Style Carefully: If we focus on the pleasing design and focused layout, it can be helpful in defining the overall purpose of our presentation. We could be able to direct the user’s eye on the targeted place as we design each slide. We must choose that background which provide sufficient contrast and do not compromise with text.

Bold Typography and Proper Hierarchy: At the time of designing a process, we must ensure that our website should be readable on all kinds of devices. We can go for a small number of complementary fonts for their weight and style along with some effects such as gradients or shadows for helping in setting them apart from the background.

Illustrate our Point: If you do not have proper space for explaining something in texts, we can choose the charts, info-graphics, photography and art. We can also add emphasis to the topic with a little humor.
Provide Control: We should also focus on providing control to users in moving between slides and pausing our presentation. Slide show style generally involves a set of controls.