Use Cinemagraphs to bring website Life

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Use Cinemagraphs to bring website Life

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Many trend designs may come and go in the world of web design but some of them remain for quite a long period of time such as call to action buttons and emphasis on the scrolling which were more than just trends. They were successful in redefining the components of great web design and now they are common features in almost every website today.

Hero images are another example of a design trend which has shown evolution in unique ways. While they are still popular today but designers have combined hero image aesthetic and placed video in the background rather than a picture. But most recently, cinemagraphs have bridged the gap between photography and video by combining the strengths of each into a striking hybrid.

Cinemagraphs: It is a gif but more subtle or we can say a high definition photo with one element of that image moving such as flickering candle frame or hair waving in breeze etc. Here are some ways we can use cinemagraphs on our websites:

Better Project Pages: whenever people are scrolling down our pages for looking some information, we can make them stop for a while with cinemagraphs. We can offer alternate and more detailed views with these cinemagraphs of our products alongside the static photos we already have. Mostly photos are enhanced by subtle motion.

Get Attention on Landing Pages: Landing pages for the services and freelance work are the great potential to inculcate cinemagraphs especially if our landing pages are too long. If there is a beautiful cinemagraph at the start, it can tempt our users to read further. Placing these cinemagraphs at the end can be great payoff for the reader’s effort.

The first image on the landing page must be like the hero image which we are going to use on home page as it is the place for displaying the best product or drawing the viewer in so that they would keep scrolling.

About Pages: If a user is visiting our about page that means they are quite curious but they are totally convinced yet. They may be interested but looking for more information about our company. In this case, the right visual aid can help us in convincing them about our expertise.