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Voice User Interface – Conversational UI

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We often stuck in a situation where our hands are busy to operate our phone. It is urgent to receive the call as it is important but we could do so. Here, voice user interface plays an important role. VUI or Voice User Interface is a technology through which users are allowed to use voice as an input for the computers, mobile phones or other devices.

Any evolving technology can be termed as useful when it is capable to save some of its most critical things such as energy, time or money etc. and in this context, it is time. VUI offers faster and easier ways to perform these things and voice is the next big technology.

Here are some common things that users can utilize the VUI for:

Unlocking: Through the VUI, the users can give command to their phone to unlock it and it would be unlock automatically. We can wake up along with our sleeping phone with a VC.

Texting: The basic functionality of VUI is to help in converting to texts what we speak through our voice. For example, if we want to chat with our friends or Google Search, we can all do this through VUI. This is also now in possible with Google as input can be in the form of voice search.

Selfie People: This is the great thing for the selfie lovers out there. We can command our phone and it obliges with the beautiful selfie. It can also be done with videos or pictures.

Turn on/Off: Voice commands can also be used for turning our phone on and off as well as various features such as Bluetooth, WiFi, speakers or even other devices.

Navigation: The feature of VUI is very important when the users are on the go. Voice can be helpful in both – searching for the location and giving the directions as well. This feature has already embedded by the GPS systems and Google Maps.

Alarms: Through the VUIs, the task of setting alarm or snoozing it can be performed with our eyes only.

Television: This essential function is also been used in televisions due to which dependence on the remote has minimized. Now there is no necessity to take too much care of remotes or save them from children as voice based instructions will be helpful in changing the channels or turning on and off the television.

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Reasons Why People Leave Our Websites

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One of the most important parts of having a website is to attract more and more visitors and make them retain to our site. Once we have the visitors on our site, we will want to keep them around for a while instead of seeing them instantly leaving our site and going somewhere else.

If we want to retain more and more visitors to our site, then the task of increasing the page views and time on the site is really important and ignorance of these could cause visitors to leave. Here are some major reasons due to which people are leaving our site:

Inaccessibility: The task of accessing our site regularly is really important for the designers and developers. If a site is inaccessible to our users, it will make them leave the site no matter how great our site is. If they are not able to access the site, then they have no other any option besides leaving. We can create an accessible website through the different browsers, internet connections and different needs from users so that it could be attractive and effective.

Frustrating Navigation: If the visitors have the difficulty in navigation through the site to find their desired information, many of them will leave the site. In order to make things easier, navigation should be given more thoughts and attention in which pages are most important. In addition to this, navigation should be logical and intuitive. Big sites can use a sitemap in order to help visitors who want to use them.

External Links: Nowadays almost every website includes links to other websites and blogs are especially are full of external links. The each link has a purpose and they are really helpful in making our site more valuable and useful for the cloths. But the fact is that some visitors will leave because of these links and never return. This is not a bad thing for all the time but it is something that we should consider.

Advertisements: These are the main source of income for many of the websites as well as blogs but they cost the site some visitors. The only purpose for the advertiser who is paying to these banners or text link on our site is to achieve exposure and generate clicks.

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Impact of Geometry in Web Design

Impact of Geometry in Web Design

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Geometry is the visual study of the shapes, sizes, patterns, and positions which simply occurs in all kinds of cultures through these all activities by the human such as:

Building various structures

Machines or motion


Various art patterns


But the concept of geometry is more than these described points above. For the purpose of understanding the geometric shapes, we first need to know about the organic shapes. Almost everything we notice in our daily life is an organic shape which means that it naturally occurs. Imperfect, irregular or asymmetrical are some other ways of describing these organic shapes. While on the other hand, geometric shapes are uniform and they consist of straight lines and curves.

These geometric shapes can occur naturally in rare and beautiful occasions such as in the form of snowflakes, crystals, and diamonds. In addition to this, geometric shapes have to be designed digitally through a design tool that may be the reason behind incorporating a diamond.


Lines and shapes can be used in order to intuitively guide users as they often make their way with the help of websites such as call-to-action buttons.

These geometric shapes are being used in order to contain vital content such as text or imagery that needs to be highlighted to users.

These are helpful in making a website look more appealing without any overpowering the website design.

Geometric shapes can also be used in order to build a visual identity and that’s why they are becoming more and more common in web designing and they have low bandwidth consumption in comparison to the heavy photos which are generally more detailed and take more time to download.

Use of geometric shapes in web design:

Geometric patterns are big on attention grabbing so we should use a combination of shapes if it is necessary.

We should mix and match the shapes and patterns as certain shapes can complement each other so it should be used wisely. We should make sure that we are using the right colors for helping in creating the right impression.

In general terms, shapes have their own meaning which is associated with it. These shapes can effectively be utilized in website design in order to bring about a stimulus in visitors.

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List of Critical Elements Every Homepage Must Have

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Website’s most important or valuable page is the homepage. I am sure a layman also understands this very well. And this is the reason that most of the IT professionals whether designers or developers, leave no stone un-turned in making this page appealing and useful from every point of view. Homepage gives the peek inside of your business, so it very important that it should be intriguing. So it very important that all of us should know about those critical elements that homepage of every website must have.


Heading or title
The headline of the page should be catchy and short. It should clearly reflect that what website is all about. Simple and clear lines can covey the messages easily and besides this people can understand it.

Sub-headline on the home page should tell in brief about the services you offer. You should be very careful with the language and show value. Try to give the user those things which he or she is looking for.

Calls-to-action can be very effective in controlling visitor’s actions. Commonly used buttons are Click here or learn more, these compel visitors to complete the action. These can be primary as well as secondary. They help in accomplishing the goal of turning user to clients.

Visual Hierarchy
Without creating any clutter or confusion, everything is made visible using contrast shape, color and size. So that user goes through every part of the website. Setting the visual hierarchy on homepage is very important.

Try to incorporate testimonials from the clients, they should not be fake. As this can help in building trust among the visitors. Customer proof is the best way to inbuilt the relationship which you are looking for. Video testimonials can be better idea.

Navigation should be kept simple so that visitors get a clear path from homepage into your website.

Unique and catchy content can do wonders for you. So if you are interested in generating more leads include great content. Don’t copy it from other websites.

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Why your business should hop on the mobile bandwagon

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“Mobile Internet will overtake desktop Internet usage” this prediction has been made from the Mobile Marketing Statistics for 2013. This drastic change in the way users consume information online would bring a change in the world of technology to certain extent.  To keep your business growing you need to remain updated. The best solution is to make sure that your business’s website is optimized for both computer and mobile access. Read on to know in detail why your business should hop on the mobile bandwagon.


Mobile devices have become everyone’s choice
More than 5,000 US adult Smartphone Internet users showed that 77 percent of users visit search engine websites using smart phones this was reported from the study conducted by Ipsos OTX across. People find it easy to search the web on Smartphone instead of opening their pc.  So, it’s almost necessary to design a website which is user friendly that is can be easily viewed on mobile and other gadgets.

For the ease of users
It is difficult to use the desktop versions of websites on Smartphone’s, as viewing particular icons is very difficult in this case. Users have to zoom in and out to view the content, making the experience tedious. According to a study conducted by Google 61percent of mobile users are more likely to leave a site if it is not mobile-friendly. Easy navigation which is crucial for gaining and retaining customers is all possible with mobile friendly websites.

Designing and developing a mobile friendly website is much cheap in terms of cost than desktop websites. Regular desktop screens are much bigger than mobile screens that mean in case of mobile friendly sites there is only room for the necessities. Creating an app is possible, but it’s much more cost-effective to implement a scalable website.

Ease of access
Every user today has an “on-the go” attitude about searching. They look for those options where less time is consumed.  An Internet user wants easy and quick access to know everything about your business like about the services you provide, hours of operation, and other contact details.

Rankings on Search engines
Search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing, rank mobile-optimized businesses higher than their competition. Mobile-friendly websites are known for their good SEO, which results in more consumer exposure and ultimately in a higher listing. So, to be on the top of the Google Search Engine rankings, you must give it a chance.

ECommerce Transaction
Making eCommerce transactions is much easier in case of mobile-optimized site in comparison to other web sites. After implementing a mobile-friendly design you can see the result in significant sales increase. Users are less likely to look elsewhere if your website allows them to make direct transactions instantly through their mobile phones.

Above discussion clearly indicates that if you really want to increase traffic on your website, boost up your search engine rankings, or in all want to serve your customer in a better way, then you should move your business website to the land of mobile.