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List of Critical Elements Every Homepage Must Have

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Website’s most important or valuable page is the homepage. I am sure a layman also understands this very well. And this is the reason that most of the IT professionals whether designers or developers, leave no stone un-turned in making this page appealing and useful from every point of view. Homepage gives the peek inside of your business, so it very important that it should be intriguing. So it very important that all of us should know about those critical elements that homepage of every website must have.


Heading or title
The headline of the page should be catchy and short. It should clearly reflect that what website is all about. Simple and clear lines can covey the messages easily and besides this people can understand it.

Sub-headline on the home page should tell in brief about the services you offer. You should be very careful with the language and show value. Try to give the user those things which he or she is looking for.

Calls-to-action can be very effective in controlling visitor’s actions. Commonly used buttons are Click here or learn more, these compel visitors to complete the action. These can be primary as well as secondary. They help in accomplishing the goal of turning user to clients.

Visual Hierarchy
Without creating any clutter or confusion, everything is made visible using contrast shape, color and size. So that user goes through every part of the website. Setting the visual hierarchy on homepage is very important.

Try to incorporate testimonials from the clients, they should not be fake. As this can help in building trust among the visitors. Customer proof is the best way to inbuilt the relationship which you are looking for. Video testimonials can be better idea.

Navigation should be kept simple so that visitors get a clear path from homepage into your website.

Unique and catchy content can do wonders for you. So if you are interested in generating more leads include great content. Don’t copy it from other websites.