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Reasons Why People Leave Our Websites

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One of the most important parts of having a website is to attract more and more visitors and make them retain to our site. Once we have the visitors on our site, we will want to keep them around for a while instead of seeing them instantly leaving our site and going somewhere else.

If we want to retain more and more visitors to our site, then the task of increasing the page views and time on the site is really important and ignorance of these could cause visitors to leave. Here are some major reasons due to which people are leaving our site:

Inaccessibility: The task of accessing our site regularly is really important for the designers and developers. If a site is inaccessible to our users, it will make them leave the site no matter how great our site is. If they are not able to access the site, then they have no other any option besides leaving. We can create an accessible website through the different browsers, internet connections and different needs from users so that it could be attractive and effective.

Frustrating Navigation: If the visitors have the difficulty in navigation through the site to find their desired information, many of them will leave the site. In order to make things easier, navigation should be given more thoughts and attention in which pages are most important. In addition to this, navigation should be logical and intuitive. Big sites can use a sitemap in order to help visitors who want to use them.

External Links: Nowadays almost every website includes links to other websites and blogs are especially are full of external links. The each link has a purpose and they are really helpful in making our site more valuable and useful for the cloths. But the fact is that some visitors will leave because of these links and never return. This is not a bad thing for all the time but it is something that we should consider.

Advertisements: These are the main source of income for many of the websites as well as blogs but they cost the site some visitors. The only purpose for the advertiser who is paying to these banners or text link on our site is to achieve exposure and generate clicks.