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Impact of Geometry in Web Design

Impact of Geometry in Web Design

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Geometry is the visual study of the shapes, sizes, patterns, and positions which simply occurs in all kinds of cultures through these all activities by the human such as:

Building various structures

Machines or motion


Various art patterns


But the concept of geometry is more than these described points above. For the purpose of understanding the geometric shapes, we first need to know about the organic shapes. Almost everything we notice in our daily life is an organic shape which means that it naturally occurs. Imperfect, irregular or asymmetrical are some other ways of describing these organic shapes. While on the other hand, geometric shapes are uniform and they consist of straight lines and curves.

These geometric shapes can occur naturally in rare and beautiful occasions such as in the form of snowflakes, crystals, and diamonds. In addition to this, geometric shapes have to be designed digitally through a design tool that may be the reason behind incorporating a diamond.


Lines and shapes can be used in order to intuitively guide users as they often make their way with the help of websites such as call-to-action buttons.

These geometric shapes are being used in order to contain vital content such as text or imagery that needs to be highlighted to users.

These are helpful in making a website look more appealing without any overpowering the website design.

Geometric shapes can also be used in order to build a visual identity and that’s why they are becoming more and more common in web designing and they have low bandwidth consumption in comparison to the heavy photos which are generally more detailed and take more time to download.

Use of geometric shapes in web design:

Geometric patterns are big on attention grabbing so we should use a combination of shapes if it is necessary.

We should mix and match the shapes and patterns as certain shapes can complement each other so it should be used wisely. We should make sure that we are using the right colors for helping in creating the right impression.

In general terms, shapes have their own meaning which is associated with it. These shapes can effectively be utilized in website design in order to bring about a stimulus in visitors.