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Disabilities Matters for Accessible Website

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In the present scenario, every business owner owns a website for his business so that he could reach to the maximum people as much as possible and also the users prefer approaching websites if they want to get any information about the particular business. These web users are a very huge group of people due to which internet span the globe and allows people to communicate and interact their perspective or opinions across ages and nations.

However there are some differences between the users which are not in terms of location or languages, rather they have lives that are complicated with lifelong disabilities but these extra challenges do not stop them from availing the benefits of being connected to the digital world.

For this purpose, accessibility is necessary which can be added to web functionality by means of tools, additional software or special training as disability might be an obstacle but there are some ways to navigate the web.

Disabilities on web:

Cognitive Issues: It is a condition that affects the brain functioning and processing of information. This can be a learning disorder where letters or numbers are switched and difficulty in retaining memories or short attention span. This lack of concentration can make it extremely hard to focus on completing task while using the web. One way for dealing with this is to avoid pages with long block of texts and the information should be broken up with numbers of bullets. Captioned pictures are also a good idea to maintain interest in site.

Sight Issues: Visual conditions of the users can affect our web usage and accessibility. Although it is common to wear glasses for some users while browsing the web, but it is also a sign of a mild visual disability. It also includes low vision which is a struggle to see the content or text on screen. So the web developers must be careful about writing their codes to display the content and text. Also make sure that our site has a uniform appearance across browsers.

Hearing Issues: Having difficulties in hearing is not only limited to being a consequence of listening high volume music or T.V. while some hearing loss can be corrected with hearing aids or sometimes there is a complete loss of sense. For those who can still hear but have difficulty in perceiving sounds, there are website modifications that amplify foreground noises and separate them from background sounds.