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SEO Mistakes to Avoid

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If we want to reach our business and websites to the maximum people, a successful Search Engine Optimization is really important. It helps us in getting higher ranking and increasing traffic on our sites so that we could stand among the competitors. But there are a few misconceptions about SEO especially for the new bloggers.

Here are some SEO tips which give us a glimpse of what can cost us in terms of rankings:

Keywords Stuffing: Some people think that if they use their targeting keywords in every sentence of content, it would boost their ranking but it is not true. In fact, going overboard with using keywords is registered as spammy by many search engines. It can hurt our SEO performance and not crucial to our SEO success.

Title Tags and Meta Tags: Quality content is not worthy until we include a target keyword in them. Title tags and Meta descriptions are essential factors of our SEO that should not be ignored and skipping or copying them can be a terrible mistake. These are considered by search engines when crawling our website. They can improve performance of content.

Quality Content: For successful SEO, we should grasp over quality external links included in the content. It is more important than their quantity. Our link should deal with relevant and well ranking websites with amazing reputations.

Mobile Friendly Experience: SEO optimization is not only about content and keywords rather quality of website in terms of performance on mobile devices as they are the first choice of users today. Search engines can recognize when our website is not mobile friendly.

Purchasing Links: If we are paying for our links, Google will crack down on us as today search engines have become more sophisticated and crack down hard on anyone crossing the line.

Analytics: For a successful SEO optimization and make our content efforts work, tracking their progress is really important. Setting up and regularly reviewing our analytics is essential for our optimization results.

Duplicate Content: This is the most common mistake which every blogger does. It is not only harmful for our Google ranking but also motivates visitors to leave our site. Our content should be unique and fresh. We can go for info graphic but it must be our own.