Futuristic Social Media Trends

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Futuristic Social Media Trends

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With every passing year social media changes are increasing, which include several new features, consumer preferences and brand opportunities. Even in the upcoming years social media trends will continue to evolve and surprise. Changes in social media marketing landscape is unpredictable but there are trends to put forward for change analysing for example smash hits are converted into Instagram stories, along with Instagram Shopping allowing users to make more instant purchase.

A recent trend came up last year i.e. chatbots on social and they are incorporated or released with Facebook and Twitter Chatbots but previous years had been already packed with other social trends. Here are few upcoming trends of 2018 which will engage the customers and users more to social media.

  1. Engagement between Brands and Customers will increase

Nowadays connection between brands and customer has increased as compared to passing year and while sharing personal accomplishments they will definitely describe one or other brand. Different brands are suddenly realizing the impact of social media engagement and developing a long-lasting relationship instead of just treating social media as a site of advertising their products.

Keeping the followers happy i.e. providing a network where they can reach their liked websites. It’s an golden opportunity for different business owners to develop the relationship with their customer thus increasing their reach.

  1. Development of Customizable Chatbots

Responding to incoming social messages by brands is necessary but what if there are hundreds or thousands of similar queries to answer. So, the answer is chatbots. There’s an increase in chatbots comparing to previous year spikes. For gathering information facebook messenger alone have 100,000 chatbots for providing guidance and take actual orders. In fact, it has show increasing organizational productivity by up to 3.5 times. Development of few more customizable chatbots on many new and advancing social media management sites like twitter etc.

  1. Relying on new Social Listening Tools

There are new introductions of themes with the increasing social media trends in 2018 and thus introducing the relying of more on social listening tools. It is the practice of tracking customers’ conversation revolving around specific phrases, brands or words. Then those words and phrases are leveraged in order to find new opportunities to create content specifically for those audiences only.