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Learn some amazing facts of Google

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Google came into existence when two students pursuing Ph.D. at Stanford University name Larry Page and Sergey Brin. There are much better to know about Google than their founders and existence and there is always something hidden and this massively successful company has a simple layout though. Google has always done things differently, and that keep things fresh, immersive and consistently progressive.

Let just go through the points about Google and deeply learning about it.

  1. The entire written works of mankind from the beginning of the recorded history in all languages i.e. 50 petabytes.
  2. 20 Petabytes of the data in Google is processed on a daily basis.
  3. At least once a day every person uses Google.
  4. The number of languages Google homepage has set-up is 88 including Urdu, Latin, Klingon. These all are developed by the employees of Google who are very equipped in python, C++, Java.
  5. A human will take 95,116 years to do manual searches on Google that do to even of 50 million pages.
  6. Google has records of data’s that existed way 100000 years back, how Homo sapiens came into life, till the 1st
  7. The traffic increased when spell checker was introduced that means “Did you mean” feature. One of the biggest leaps in search usage introduced by Google.
  8. The feature of “Do you mean” is used by 20 percentile of people and at least 5 percentile of people use a particular search preference before it will make it into “Advanced Preferences.
  9. Google records everything and around 620000000 visitors visit Google on a daily basis.
  10. The front page of Google is simple because the founders of Google didn’t know HTML and just wanted a quick interface.

Google has turned into so much more than just a search engine, bringing out the innovative ideas and trying out new things on almost a daily basis. It’s hard to imagine where they’ll venture next, though I’m curious to know what the next Google Doodle is going to be.

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Online Lead Generation Ideas

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Earlier professional services firms didn’t have much information in regard to generating leads online. Surprisingly business firm currently is earning more in profits when generating leads through online. Formulating strategies for generating leads and removed traditional marketing or lead generation. A mindset was built for generating leads that too even through networking and referrals.

The answer for generating leads is here and digital marketing will provide you with the journey of exploring lead generation ideas that were specifically tested and proven to deliver results. Read the article below and get the best way to grow your business.

Online Lead Generation By Website Optimization – Your website and/ or landing page lie at the central hub for conduction an online business and where most of the sales transaction will like take action. More than 800 B2B marketers were gone through survey and showing the result of B2B technology in the community indicating that website optimization for better lead acquisition is among the top 3 effective lead generation.

  1. Customer focused website navigation for ease in understanding your content.
  2. Content should be highly customer focused that helps your audience in the purchase decision making process.
  3. Self-multiple calls-to-action that entices your audience to subscribe, download, contact you or make purchase-together with good Visuals like large action buttons.
  4. Help your prospects in their budgeting process by making it easy for them to understand your pricing schemes with products clearly categorized according to price ranges.
  5. Access to lead generation forms should be present in both your main content and sidebars.

Online Lead Generation By Search Engine Optimization – SEO is ideal for generating leads particularly through organic web searches that consumers use every day. Higher visibility of website or landing pages is indicated through good ranking search results, generating a lot of leads in the process. The primary focus in SEO is necessary and there are several techniques for content marketing and content marketing also gives leads to lead generation.

Through B2B social media marketing cover one-fourth of lead generation, PPC covers one-sixth of the lead generation whereas SEO covers one-third of the B2B business. The primary tool that was started in 2014 was content and SEO.

When comes Business to Consumer i.e. B2C SEO covers a percentage of 41, PPC holds about  34.2 percentile and Social Media Marketing helps in lead generation by 24.8 percentile. These data collected differs from continuous uses. And these numbers are increasing and will increase with a more digital landing.

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Through Engagement Build Your Trust

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Revolution is a process of evolution and with evolution either the trust is built or completely shattered. Trustor credibility is one important factor that lays the foundation for organization growth, a refined knowledge and years of experience in marketing brings the trust and credibility of customers. Evolving from Tradition marketing and traditional marketing techniques to revolutionary evolving techniques has bound the customers to one singular brand. ‘Brand’ that what is called to service when authenticated by multiple users with use.

Marketing differs with an organization but building trust doesn’t it’s a factor that is earned and with professional services customers trust on internet services has increased. So here are the tips from the experts regarding developing credibility within customers.

Create – First & foremost step is to create and it means researching first. So readers or buyers are bound when reading so create free content that your audience wants to read. There are multiple ways to reach them like- blogs, infographics, research studies, E-newsletters, Webinars where you will gather information. Next step is to attract visitors and create more interaction, these all should end with a request proposal. While creating a content three basic things are important that are – client research, web analytics, and keyword research.

Promotion – Just like a product needs marketing in the same way content needs promotion on different platforms and with different ways. Firstly, nurturing the clients through E-mails and E-Newsletter and making them aware of the content. Use PPC and SEO for more link indexing plus promote through social media. All the Distribution sites and Partners will play a major role and they will get to know about new services which will be shared further.

Convert – Last but not least is optimizing the conversions through Web Analytics, A/B testing and Usability testing. Use compelling offers and use online forms to build your lists. Test continuously to improve results over time.

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Tips for Social Media Management

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Management is necessary factor in every organization and the current digital world management is required for social media accounts. And the process of managing your online interactions and content across social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and P interest.

Social Media Management is more than beyond posting updates on social media profiles. SIM is a way to communicate with your audience and looking for new opportunities to increase reach and visibility. So here are the tips for best social media management any company may need.

  1. Double Check – There’s nothing quite like realizing there is a typo in a past after it has been posted for an hour. With this error your brand may look less intelligent, and it is very easy to avoid. Spell check is your friend and keep a toll to recognize such errors.
  2. Use Images – To increase the engagement on social media platforms, images are the best tool.
  3. Don’t Link Your Own Posts – A wrong message can be sent if link your own posts and it may look little tacky as well. Let the users connect with you and your organic content.
  4. Post at Prime Times – Keep in mind the prime time, means time matters a lot in social media. When posting the content on social media do research and post at times when your audience is most active online. Think of the audience you are trying to reach, and what their schedules might be like when considering post times.
  5. Use Incentives – Contest and promotions of multiple types can help and encourage your users to be active and to engage with your content.
  6. Have a sense of Humor – Prefer being natural while interacting with audience. Be human! People like to feel like there’s an actual person behind the keyboard.
  7. Stay Safe – Frequently change your passwords and remove admins from your page who no longer have an article role in your company. Stay up to date on the latest malware and bugs.
  8. Avoid Controversy – Avoid topics like religion and politics unless you are ready to face backlash.

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Avoiding Social Media Crisis

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What is a social media crisis? A social media crisis is an issue that arises in or is an amplified by social media and results in negative mainstream media coverage, a change in business process or financial loss. In simpler terms, an issue that is aroused due to media and the leading toe negative impact on the society, a process of business or may cause financial loss.

What is the reason behind this social media crisis? Lack of planning and preparedness – companies present themselves in social media platforms without preparing for the threat of a future social media crisis. The best solution is following the hierarchy and needs that are far mentioned below by the authors.

Currently, social media crisis are on the rise 76 percentile but these can be avoided with proper planning and internal investment by companies. So learn these social business hierarchies of needs to land the company solidly in social media platforms.

  1. Enlightenment – Prepare for and sew real-time market response to business processes and business planning. Make decisions based on real-time business such as customer ratings and reviews. Use real-time customer engagement by empowering employees through a holistic model and using real-time social data & insights to make key business decisions.
  2. Enablement – A support and flexibility to the employees will make them prosper and reach their goals. Trust them to use their own initiatives and encourage them to stay connected and to learn from each other. For reporting purpose to give the employees templates to measure and record social media results.
  3. Formation – Across the whole company co-ordinate social media efforts for best results. Form Centre of Excellence to serve the whole organization in terms of education, measurement and tool deployment.
  4. Safety – To respond the possible crisis organize a team and process to deal with it in future. A team monitoring and responding to the social conversation around the clock will be best. Training the team to deal with internal ‘fire drills’ and create a company-wide process for responding to customers in real time.
  5. Foundation – For social business building a strong foundation will be a good start and defining clear business objectives for using social media. Developing policies and protecting both employees and customers in relation to social media crises. Using social media tools to provide basic training to empower employees.

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Tips for SEO Friendly Images

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SEO friendly images are WordPress SEO  plugin which automatically updates all images with proper ALT and Title attributes for SEO purposes. If your images do not have ALT and TITLE already set, SEO Friendly Images will add them according to the options to set. Well explained the meaning of SEO Friendly images but to follow certain steps will be the perfect icing on a cake.

So, here are the tips for SEO friendly images that are Image Optimization when publishing the photos.

  1. Name your image file correctly – See the image accurately and depict what the image is and the keyword using it. Be sure to separate your keyword-focused name with hyphens and don’t abbreviate.
  2. Change your Image Resolution – Use the images with the highest resolution and keep in mind the space for the image and post in an article. A higher resolution will lead in longer loading time and always try to stick to the standard resolution for web an image is 72dpi.
  3. Utilize Captions – A context to a reader is necessary and that can be provided with captions. Relevant information can be added to the images and it can be used. In the overall content and also related images to feature keyword should be used.
  4. Add images to your XML sitemaps – For indexing the website pages Google uses sitemaps and they can also index the images on your site. It should make sure that your images get added to all XML sitemaps you are sending Google.
  5. Make your images responsive – Change the image size depending on what size screen the reader is on, whether that be a desktop or a smartphone. Just like how mobile-responsive sites are vital, responsive images are too.
  6. Create all the text that optimizes images – If the viewer can’t see the images on the screen, the alt text will take place of an image. When writing the alt text, describe exactly what’s happening in the picture using relevant keywords.
  7. Use the right image at the right place – An image ranks better for the optimized keyword when it is surrounded by related text. Add content that is relevant for images and adding the content that will not distract will be best.
  8. Switch up the type of image you use – There are multiple types of images files that can add your content and intrigue the reader- making your article more SEO friendly. Just be sure the images are not copyrighted.

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Make Perfect Instagram Profile Page with these Tips

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Social media is the prominent and efficient platform for our brand to reach maximum audience in least time and make them aware about our products and services. These days, numerous consumers are getting shifted towards using Instagram instead of Google for search anything for a brand or business and here, our Instagram profile plays an important role.

It is just like the goal of our website is to convert visitors into customers; goal of our Instagram profile is to convert visitors into followers. Here are some tips through which we can optimize our Instagram profile to make it convert for us:

Make it Public: Our Instagram profile picture will be public by default which means that anyone in this world can view our profile picture and posts on Instagram. If we are creating an Instagram profile for the business purpose, it is exactly that we want. Anyone in the world is able to see our posts and follow our brand and view photos.

Searchable Username: By having a username which is easily recognizable and searchable, it will help the potential followers to search our brand and business easily. If is already taken, we should try keeping business name as the first part of our username.

Easy business name: The next step would be making sure to add our full business name to the “name” section of our profile and this will appear under our profile picture and username in search. If we want to edit he business name, just go to the profile page and click “Edit profile”.

On brand Instagram profile picture: While visiting our Instagram page, our profile is the first thing which is noticed by the visitors as it is displayed prominently in the top right hand corner so it should be easily recognizable with our other social networks.

Actionable and informative bio: Our bio is one of those things which leave a great impact on the visitors along with our profile picture. It is a description at the top of our profile which should be in limited characters. We can use them to let people know about ourselves.

Trackable link in the bio: The one of the biggest issues people face in Instagram is that it is not exactly a great platform to drive traffic directly on our site from the app as there are no clickable links or URLs anywhere except the single “website” box in our bio.

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Instagram Marketing Strategies

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We all are very well aware about the significant impact of different social media platforms in driving traffic to our sites and among all social media platforms, Instagram is becoming the most popular and efficient platform on world wide web. An Instagram marketing strategy is a prominent marketing tool for businesses if we want to get the most out of our social media marketing.

It is the popular social app that has over 800 million total monthly active users and if our brand does not have a business profile on Instagram, we are definitely missing a lot for our websites.

Here are some Instagram marketing strategies through which we can drive the more quality traffic on our site:

Developing content strategy: There is no doubt that content is the basic foundation of our Instagram presence and that’s why numerous B2C businesses are using Instagram to make their product and services star of the show while B2B companies generally concentrates on company culture and team recruitment as it is the right approach to showcase our brand to maximum people.

Use of Hash tags: In addition to the images, hash tags are the most important element of our post. While captions are helpful in telling the story behind the images, hash tags allows us to get images seen by those outside our current sphere of followers.

Right filters: Keyword hash tags are not the only criteria to pay attention; it also includes certain photo filters on which Instagram community respond and it is more favorably than others. By using these preferred filters, we can have the significant impact on our engagement.

Two way communication portal: Only the task of posting photos and videos and giving opportunity of interaction to the users is not enough, we should rather start interacting with them. it is a prominent opportunity to market our brand as well as our audience is going to be reading our comments.

Be a part of Instagram community: We can the best of using Instagram if we use it to form relationships with other users as with all social networking. It is not only about posting pictures in our own little vacuum, rather it is about participating in forming community around photos.

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Top Transforming Social Media Trends for 2018

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Today, social media is an essential piece of our business marketing strategy and is quickly becoming one of the most important aspects of digital marketing. It does not matter if we are running a small or big business; social media helps us in connecting with our customers, increasing awareness about our brand and also boost our leads and sales. It provides us incredible benefits of reaching millions of customers worldwide.

Here are the top social media trends that are likely to have a significant impact on the web designing industry:

Video content will become powerful: Concept of video content has grown exponentially in popularity over the years and also will continue to grow as well in 2018. It is predicted by the experts that 80% of online traffic will be driven by video content by 2019. Maximum percentage of social media users also prefer to watch a video than read plain. Mobile video is highly likely to be primary way our users will prefer to watch and it elicits higher engagements rates.

Focus on user generated content: In the coming era of social media trends, user generated content will be preferred by most of other social media users. Social networks are also presenting many interesting and amazing opportunities to use user generated content for building healthy relationships with prospective and existing customers.

Use of chatbots and messaging apps: In the coming trend, social media experience will be enhanced by use of chatbots and messaging apps. A good user experience means having well satisfied and happy customers to our sites. This concept of delivering superior user experience is steadily gaining momentum. Chatbots can give medical practices the chances of quickly interacting with their target audience in personal way.

Influencer marketing: As we know that social media influencers possess the incredible reach with following in thousands or millions and that’s why many online marketers are shifting towards paying these influencers in order to promote their products and services as influencer marketing is believed to deliver 11 times the ROI compared to traditional marketing strategies.

Instagram stories: With the instagrams stories, we can publish content that lives for 24 hours before disappearing. It is considered the perfect way to keep the followers engaged without over sharing content to our instagram profile.

Organic research strategies: Due to an increasing number of strengthen online presence of businesses on social media networks, we have to face a dramatic decline in the organic research and that’s why we have to be more selective about the posted content and stop relying in short term tactics.

Ephemeral content: It is a short lived content which appears for just 24 hours and then disappears on its own. This type of content is gaining extreme popularity among marketers.

Live streaming: It is growing at an alarming rate as it is a nearly free way to drive lots of traffic to our social media profile and more revenue for social media practices.