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Tips for SEO Friendly Images

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SEO friendly images are WordPress SEO  plugin which automatically updates all images with proper ALT and Title attributes for SEO purposes. If your images do not have ALT and TITLE already set, SEO Friendly Images will add them according to the options to set. Well explained the meaning of SEO Friendly images but to follow certain steps will be the perfect icing on a cake.

So, here are the tips for SEO friendly images that are Image Optimization when publishing the photos.

  1. Name your image file correctly – See the image accurately and depict what the image is and the keyword using it. Be sure to separate your keyword-focused name with hyphens and don’t abbreviate.
  2. Change your Image Resolution – Use the images with the highest resolution and keep in mind the space for the image and post in an article. A higher resolution will lead in longer loading time and always try to stick to the standard resolution for web an image is 72dpi.
  3. Utilize Captions – A context to a reader is necessary and that can be provided with captions. Relevant information can be added to the images and it can be used. In the overall content and also related images to feature keyword should be used.
  4. Add images to your XML sitemaps – For indexing the website pages Google uses sitemaps and they can also index the images on your site. It should make sure that your images get added to all XML sitemaps you are sending Google.
  5. Make your images responsive – Change the image size depending on what size screen the reader is on, whether that be a desktop or a smartphone. Just like how mobile-responsive sites are vital, responsive images are too.
  6. Create all the text that optimizes images – If the viewer can’t see the images on the screen, the alt text will take place of an image. When writing the alt text, describe exactly what’s happening in the picture using relevant keywords.
  7. Use the right image at the right place – An image ranks better for the optimized keyword when it is surrounded by related text. Add content that is relevant for images and adding the content that will not distract will be best.
  8. Switch up the type of image you use – There are multiple types of images files that can add your content and intrigue the reader- making your article more SEO friendly. Just be sure the images are not copyrighted.