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Latest Google AdWords Updates

Latest Google AdWords Updates

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Most recent Google AdWords Updates for 2018. Top News and AdWords refresh that will change Google AdWords crusade administration in 2018.

It has nearly turned into a pattern, that Google AdWords refreshes are dependable in the news inconsistently as Google has presented a few updates in Google AdWords. This is on account of Google has understood AdWords’ nonstop increment in prominence and its fixation in the hands of the enormous players. Here, you will discover the majority of the most recent Google AdWords updates, News, and highlights that have been presented in 2018.

Google AdWords Comes Up with Advanced Expanded Landing Page Report

With the new AdWords interface, publicists have begun encountering some new updates in 2018.
One of the most recent reports on AdWords is presenting the perspective of full detailing measurements for extended presentation page URLs. Presentation pages are the prime factor to get transformations from AdWords movement.
Along these lines, it is critical to audit the execution report of presentation pages for every URL (both Final URL and the Mobile Final URL). This component was accessible before yet, starting now and into the foreseeable future, you will likewise get the development of the greeting page URLs in a similar report.

Google Launches the New AdWords UI

Google has concocted another interface for AdWords. Numerous new highlights have been presented in the new UI. The motivation behind why publicists keep on toggling between the new and old UI is on the grounds that some essential highlights are absent from the new AdWords UI and these include:

• Display Remarketing Audiences

• Price Extensions

• Message Extensions

• Automated Extensions Report

• AdWords Lab

• Bid Adjustment for Targeting Methods

• Advanced Editing

• Business Data and Shared Library

Google AdWords Introduces Promotion Extension
One of the most recent updates of Google AdWords is Promotion Extension that has been included in ‘Advertisements & expansions’ tab.

It shows up with a label symbol on look content advertisements that causes the promotions to emerge on SERPs. It is something that can be very helpful for E-commerce locales. It can be utilized to exhibit a unique limited time deal or particular offers displayed by the site. The advantages of Promotion Extension are:

• It can expand the CTR of the advertisement by as much as 10%

• The limited time message in the advertisement may show up twice, once with the promotion duplicate and on the second event through the Promotion Extension.

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Few Benefits of moving to WordPress

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If you are planning to create a website or if you already have a one, there are a number of reasons that you should know about the benefits of using Word Press. Since last few years most of the people use Word Press the content management software for their online business. It started as a blogging platform and now people are using it for a number of reasons. Read on to about the benefits of using Word Press in detail.


Simple to Use

The process involved in website creation whether its installation or website management everything is very easy in Word Press. In few clicks you can do installation and other process. Blog pages, new images everything can be added very quickly. So ease of use is the first and foremost thing.

Word Press is Browser based

Since Word Press is Browser based, so you have a number of options to work. You can log in through any device whether its computer or tab and can manage your work.

 Self-contained System

Word Press does not require other software’s like or Dreamweaver or Adobe contribute for editing. Without HTML or FTP software one can do all the work like uploading images, formatting text, uploading documents, creating new pages or blog post, etc.

Word press sites are loved by Search engines

Simple and clean code of Word Press websites helps search engines in reading the content. Search engine optimization in a very precise way is possible through Word Press, tags and meta tags can help in this process.

Word Press is Secure

Among the other software packages Word Press is known to be secure. There are a number of security tips one can follow to secure their websites in every term.

Updated Regularly

Design and development community regularly sends updates for Word Press for improving it. It is an open source, so fixing bugs and updating it is very necessary.

Easy to Control

You are the owner and manager of your website; you don’t need designer for every aspect. You can manage things on your own. You can easily update and control your website.

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How Facebook can help in growing your Business?

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Social networking website Facebook located at http://www.facebook.com/, has recently gained popularity as an online tool to help market businesses. This online tool can be easily accessed through the latest generation of smart cell phones and PDAs. The mission behind the creation was to give people the power to share ideas, so that the world becomes an open place, where anyone can connect any body easily.


Through this social platform a number of people have found their old friends whom they can never approach in the real world. A number of businesses have turned to Facebook as a way to connect to potential customers. Facebook Fan page helps in doing that, clients find this an easiest way of approaching.

A Facebook Fan Pages’ is a place where one can find Fans. These are the internet savvy who have elected to ‘Become A Fan’ of your business so that they can receive updates about your business. These updates are regularly shown on the users profile page.  They don’t need to visit your website or face book page too. Once they open their profile they can know about the latest deals. And if they wish to know more in detail then they can visit the page.

It all depends on the user how he wants to use Facebook for his business. So before setting accounts do plan a few things that can help in better execution. Blog, fresh content, facebook contests, discounts, etc can help you in achieving the target. Through these ways you can engage the audience, which will turn into your clients, if they are interested in doing business with you.