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Front End Vs Back End Developers

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If you have an interest in programming, website development and application development, then probably the developing career is the right choice for you. When it comes to the developers, it includes two groups to choose form which are front end developers and back end developers.

Here are some of essential points of differences in these two developers in terms of description, skills, and programming languages to help you in your decision:


Front End Developers: A front end developer is a person who is able to create the front end of a website or other applications. It is the part that users engage with in order to get to the information in the back end.

Back End Developers: On the other hand, a back end developer is someone who creates the storage and output capabilities of this information. It works on optimizing the database as well as customizing the Word-press. In addition to this, it also creates the plugins needed to create the overall functionality of the client website.

Skills: We often think that what kinds of skills are needed by front end and back end developers? Well, the answer is here. Both are required to perform some heavy lifting in the programming department.

From end developers are needed to have a better grab for the user interface design and visual appeal in comparison to the back end developers. Additional skills that they are needed is that will have to go beyond programming which also includes the ability to wireframe a website layout and design as well as creating the website designs in PSD and turn them into the functional websites.

On the other hand, the back end developers have some sort to do with the design of the website or application. They mainly concentrate on what makes everything work behind the scenes. If any person is interested in design, then back end development is the right choice for you.

Programming Languages:

The front end developers should possess only these front end languages which are HTML, CSS, IQuery and JavaScript.
While the back end developers have to be expert in the programming languages that are rendering on the server side of the website or application. The most popular programming languages are PHP. Ruby on Rails and Java.