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SEO Copywriting Tips

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Connections are built with communication and writing is one mode that helps in communication. Writing has evolved and it sets a base for all authentic indexing and website ranking on top. But if writing doesn’t have connections, simpler terminology and language formulation it becomes difficult for readers to understand and make sense. Tips are very helpful when writing content for an SEO article or blog writing.

So here are the few helpful tips for SEO copywriting, to enhance and improve SEO content writing.

  1. Write for humans and optimize for robots – a Few years back SEO was an unknown word and SEO content was not even read. Search engines like Google prefer natural content to obvious SEO stuff. For great ranking, your content needs to be great and authentic. So always focus on flesh and bone target audience but help robots to find your content.
  2. Forget about keyword density – One of the SEO myths is a density of keywords but there is nothing to indicate that Google favors a certain density over another. It’s important to use relevant keywords in your copy and add in the article naturally. Cramming keywords may lead to harm when added in the article
  3. Use related keywords, synonyms, and grammatical variations – Many search engines and Google use Latent Semantic Indexing (LSI) to match the results to the intentions of the person performing the search. In order to make content relevant and easy synonyms, related keywords and grammatical variations should be used without stuffing the actual keyword into the copy.
  4. To find related Keywords use Google Tilde – When you performing a search you can add Google Tilde, a number of search results will come up with related keywords. AT the bottom of the page Google finds relevant keywords related to your query. To increase the relevance of your content use these keywords.
  5. Answer your Prospects’ Question – If your prospects have question-related to your product and services, they’ll probably search that question in Google. So try to write content that delivers credible answers and they’ll visit your website. Providing answers better than competitors will bind more & more readers.

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Effective ways to market your Blog

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Blog writing is the easiest way now-a-days to use your right to expression in so many ways. Also, it is a ready source to get useful information on niche topics for a wide range of users. People usually follow their favorite writers or public figures via their blogs.

On the contrary, despite of providing high quality information on important topics, some blogs could remain deprived of required amount of traffic. No matter what you are providing in your blog, if its not reaching to its target audience, its a far cry in oblivion.

In order to make it on Google top list, a blog has to be optimized and required to be carried on the “Online Platforms” effectively and regularly.


Here are some easy to practice tips in order to market your blog effectively and make it a success in web world.

Keep it Social Media Friendly:
How would you feel, if you dress impeccably, while putting the perfect make up on and with the right choice of accessories but still no one even look at you, let alone compliment you because you are locked up in a room! Cherry on the top – no one even knows that you are in that room.

I know, that would make you feel very angry and disappointed but isn’t it the same situation what is happening to your blog where you are writing all the good information about different topics but not showcasing it properly to world and still clueless that why on earth your blog is not getting any attention!

 The simple solution would be – to link your blog with your social media profiles, like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linked-In, StumbleUpon or Pinterest etc. Once you’re done writing and proof reading your article, post it on your blog and make sure that a link or a part of your post is being shown on your social media profiles.

Also, share your post with related groups. For example, if you are writing about Web Promotion, then target people who are related with SEO, Web or any other kind of Media promotion. This simple trick would gain a lot of attention for your blog.

 Keep yourself “email list” ready
Your email list is your best friend, where all the contacts, you have ever earned are resting together. Just believe in those who have trusted you so far and keep on adding lot more.

Please do not panic, if you still do not have a list at back and call, since all you have to do now is – to get an ‘Auto-responder’ account, which will start collating an email list for you from the moment you use it.

There are some websites like MadMimi and Mailchimp are also available, which offers you to integrate with their auto responders so that you’d get a chance to grow your email list.

 Be the Guest Blogger

There are several sites/ blogs are available, where they accept guest posts. It is a good way to sharpen your writing skills and to divert people to your own blog from a different blog zone.

The more guest posts you publish, the large no. of people would acknowledge your writing and would look for you in order to seek more information.

Build Links to build reputation

It might look like a complicated process but it is one of the foolproof ways wherein you link external blogs or website to your blog manually. This can be done by either Blog Commenting or Guest Blogging.

 For Blog Commenting, simply go to other blogs and leave a review wherein you link back your blog to that page or blog. This process should be practiced religiously or else it would not fruit powerfully.

 Keep your blog ‘Book Marked’
Some websites like Bookmarkfly or StumbleUpon provides you with the opportunity to get yourself registered on such a platform from where you would get nothing but attention if you get noticed even once!

All you have to do is to get your registration done and finally speak your wonderful mind out.

Apart from using different tricks and techniques in order to make your blog a hit, there is a basic step you should never forget and which is to keep your posts simple enough to understand and update regularly. This is the mantra because “what lies in front of eyes, bind with your mind”.

So keep posting, use appropriate and eye-catching visuals, keep it crisp, in short – Happy Blogging!