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In order to compete in this highly competitive market, many business owners generally find themselves in dilemma with their digital marketing campaign specially on deciding particular tool to use and focus on. There are several sources on website traffic available out there but some do not know which is better?

When it comes to increase traffic to our site, mainly there are two methods which are SEO and PPC. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is basically a way to optimize our site so that our site can be raked up on top of search engines based on some keywords we want to rank.

PPC (Pay Per Click) is through the third party for creating traffic and Google Adverd is the most popular one. There are a few elements that can help us in determining the right for our website. Here is the comparison:

Benefits of SEO:

User-Friendly Websites: SEO is really helpful for the business owners in creating a faster, smoother and user friendly website. SEO is all about improving user experience too. If there is a well-structured, clean and uncluttered website, it would compel the user to stay longer which will be helpful in decreasing the bounce rate and increasing page views.

Bring More Customers: Websites enable us to stand out from our competitors and increase our customer base. An SEO optimized website will be helpful in bringing more customers and grow faster than businesses that do not have one.

Better Conversions Rates: As SEO optimized websites loads faster and easy to read and surf, they can display properly in almost all types of devices such as mobile or tablets. They are easy to navigate and can get more attention of users.

Website Recognition: This is the one of benefits of getting higher rankings on the SERPs tools when our site display on the first page of search engines such as Google, Yahoo etc. due to this, our potential customers will more trust on our brand instead of other brands that do not have a strong we presence.

Benefits of PPC:

Fast Results: PPC is the efficient and fast way for adverting campaign and get the instant results. In simple words, if we have a website running, we can create an adverd account, setup our ads and run them in Google network and start getting traffic.

Measurable Results: Through the PPC, we have a clear measurable target. We can measure anything related to the PPC campaign from costs, profiles, views etc. we can also know how much we spend or generating profit or loss.

No more SEO: This is the best thing about PPC is that once we create profitable campaigns, we do not need to worry about Google and the changes they are doing to their ranking algorithms.