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Types of Usability Testing

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If we have a good analyst, we do not have to worry about the different types of usability testing for our website as he will be able to perform web analytics and also come up with best solutions for the several interactions on our website.

There can be many reasons for the requirement of usability testing such as we are not the good and experienced analysts as an analyst’s career demands for valuable experience necessarily. The other reason can be is that it requires lot of guesswork out of elimination and bug testing process.

In order to evaluate customer experience of our website, usability testing has many types and their selection is based on purpose and goals of our research.

Moderated In-Person: In this process, a facilitator will be located with the participant or in a group and it will be on hand so that it could answer questions and also respond to any feedback. If we want a quality and genuine result, the test should take place in a lab and it often explains more.

Moderated Remote: This is quite similar to the in-person testing but the only difference would be that facilitator and participant will be in separate locations and testing will be carried out by using screen sharing software. This facilitator observes the participant as well as uses the software and identifies any task flow issues.

Un-moderated Remote: This administrator conducts some particular tests for people in multiple locations for interacting with the software. Through this, we can collect a lot of data immediately and in some cases, we will have a recording of the participant’s screen.

Problem Discovery: It is also known as formative studies and the ultimate goal is to diagnose and fix as many problems as it is possible for it. It is a great activity for the purpose of using at the time of development and it is considered one of the most significant UX concepts.

Benchmark: The task of collecting benchmark data will be very helpful in explaining the performance of our website but it possesses some criticism also which is that there is a level of artificially which can raise objection on the validity of findings.