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New Technology Google Glass

New Technology Google Glass

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The most recent child in the innovation world is Google Glass, an application that is equipped for distinguishing individuals with the garments, eyeglasses or different frill they wear. The application is planned with the assistance of InSight framework.

How can it function?

It is altogether in view of pictures, which are taken at a specific time. A progression of photos of the individual is taken and the application at that point stores every one of the photos in a record known as a spatiogram. The record stores the hues and examples of the individual’s garments, and different frill. This blend is later utilized by Google Glass to recognize the individual and the name of the individual can be then shown on the Google Glass handset.

There are countless frameworks accessible in the market that can recognize a man with the assistance of face acknowledgment, however, this application stands a stage ahead as it will likewise work if the individual is remaining at a far separation or have their backs turned and the face can’t be seen. It was as of late tried and the outcomes were extremely acknowledging, as the application prevailing to give a right answer at 93 percent occasions.

One of the fundamental preferences and objectives of this application is to recognize companions and known individuals in airplane terminals, stadiums or at other swarmed territories. There is only one impediment this application has, as it is dependent upon what a man is right now wearing. When the individual puts on something else, or different extras, Google Glass is not any more ready to recognize him. It implies the application is useful for only a day or night. However, it is additionally a constructive edge as it guarantees the security of the individual.