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How to Target the Right Keywords?

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If we want the successful Search Engine Optimization of our websites and business, the task of picking up the right keyword and keyword phrases is one of the most important steps. As increasing traffic to our sites is our first priority but attracting the right audience is simultaneously important.

The idea is that different keywords represent different levels of interest and intent. Keywords are characterized by the type and arranged by their effectiveness at converting.

Brand Terms: The people who are already familiar with our brand and business are the easiest of all to convert but in case of volume, these keywords might not produce the most impressions or page views but they can have the best conversion rates.

Product Terms: It includes the basic details about our products and it’s working along with its efficiency. Based on the diversion of array of products or services, the list could be big. Users who are searching for these terms are a little further back in the decision cycle and our cost per action can be higher than on brand terms.

Competitors Terms: There was a also a time of paid search marketing in which the competitors terms were second in terms of brand and conversion rate and CPA efficiency. But in the recent years, Google has tightened up their quality score requirements and now is really impossible to get the reasonable cost per click on the competitor terms.

Substitute Product Terms: This is something that someone can use rather than of our product such as if we are selling pens, we might consider bidding on pencils. In the competitive terms, Google will not give us a lot of credit for the relevance on these terms so they can be more expensive to bid on for the pay per click.

Complementary Product Terms: These are the things which are really helpful in our product such as TV stands if we are selling TVs. Basically they are someone else’s product terms but we can get some marginal conversions with them.

Audience Terms: This category considers all kinds of other terms for which people in our target audience might be searching for. Generally the impression volume is vast on these words so it can be tempting category to try.