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Black hat SEO versus white hat SEO

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Now we will see the difference between black hat SEO and white hat SEO.
Black hat SEO

Making use of unrelated keyword: in this one adds the keyword that is not related to your content or that has no meaning with your content. These types of content are red-flagged because it looks unnatural. For example suppose you are working on a site which is selling online Ayurveda medicines but in content you have written something irrelevant like micheal Jackson the great dancer, then sentence does not go with your website service, it shows deliberately you are misusing keywords to endorse ay celebrity for their publicilty. It is counted in black hat SEO. It is a big no-no.

Automation of content: anywhere, either in the body text or comment box. A bot comment can be recognized very easily, it may contain two-three keywords that will automatically help in URL ranking.

Creation of doorway pages: these pages are created fake. And these pages are stuffed with keywords so that search engines may find them. In short these are the fake pages or dummy pages which are created especially for keyword stuffing.

Cloak: it presents the completely different content. Its goal is to display it on search engine.
Links and text invisible: it is one of the most common black hat techniques, in which content and links are hidden in order to improve ranking. One way is to do by writing white color text on white background or writing links in very small text so that nobody can see it. These all techniques are black hat and they are risky too.

White hat SEO

Quality of content: creating a high quality content and valuable content by also sharing content and URL links. You must keep in mind that your content should be original, unique and not matching with contents of other website. There should not be any grammatical mistakes and spelling mistakes.

Using effective keywords: keywords should be effective, and it should be used correctly. Keyword on which people searches more should be focused first. As effective keywords are searched by most of the people on search engines. It is the best strategy to increase ranking of your website in a correct manner.