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Single Page Websites Are Good for SEO

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Today in the web development, the trend of single page websites is increasing rapidly. Numerous companies are choosing them instead of multi pages sites in order to fulfill the requirement of their businesses. But here, one question arises that does the design of the website really impact the SEO? Or they could affect the chances of ranking with the Google.

Read on some pros and cons of single pages websites and its impact on SEO:


Better mobile experience: As we all know that today a number of people are using mobiles in terms of searching anything such as web searches which is one of the benefits to have a single page website. They can typically convert much easier to the mobiles as well as users in finding them simple to navigate.

Easy to target particular audience: They are great tool for those who are looking to target a specific website audience as well as these websites can provide them a definite type of user experience. The task of controlling their behavior on our site is easier and we could steer them in particular direction.

Higher page authority: Links one of the important factors which are able to determine the ranking of the website as well as benefit for single page website is that every link acquired will point to the main URL.


No wide keyword targeting: This is one of the drawbacks of having a single page website as they are generally supposed to be designed around the one main concept that limits our ability to rank for a wide variety of keywords. The multi page websites have a benefit that every page on their website is a new opportunity to position for targeting an audience specific to page theme.

Lack of details: Another drawback of single page websites is that the content which is published on them is generally not as particular as published on multi pages websites. We do not have the opportunity to devote a separate page for each topic which we want to cover rather than all the information needs to be presented on one page.

No advanced SEO strategies: There are few SEO strategies along with best practices which simply will not work on the single page site in which one is known as “siloing”. It is the practice of structuring our website into main areas of interest in order to demonstrate authority in these areas.