Evolution of Marketing Concepts

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Evolution of Marketing Concepts

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Fundamentals of Modern marketing and marketing management are the base for the correct understanding of marketing concepts. The very course of actions is defined by the way of thinking and the walk of life that proceeds to doing.
How can we define concept? Concept is a philosophy, an idea, an attitude, a course of thinking and also an opinion relating to any aspect of divine and human creations. Marketing concept is the philosophy of an organization in the more vigorous kingdom of marketing. It’s an agenda of orientation or philosophy.

In short, marketing concept is referred to a process of life which includes all the resources of an organization are assembling to create, stimulate and satisfy the consumer at a profit. Marketing is mostly considered a physical process and also representing a distinct philosophy of business.

Organizations that prevails the concept of future orientation, customer orientation, value orientation and profit orientation with the applied modern management practices to all sales, distribution and other marketing functions.
The philosophy profoundly deals in management and organizational structure that aim on the desires of the consumers.

A great change has been observed after the Industrial Revolution that took place during the latter-half of the 18th and first-half of the 19th centuries. In the period of time gradual trace are recognised and categorised in four categories named – production-positioning, sales-orientation period and customer orientation period along with social orientation period.

There’s a brief difference between marketing and selling concept as in selling we have factory or a product that are focused on selling and promoting existing product where as marketing focuses on customer needs with integrated marketing and attaining customer satisfaction with profit.

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