Color Psychology Matters for Impactful Web Design

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Color Psychology Matters for Impactful Web Design

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There is no doubt in this fact that the color psychology is being used extensively in all the aspects of the design whether it is from the color used on day to day grocery items to brand logo or website design, color is most important element in conveying a specific message to users.

According to the experts, when we see any color, our eyes send a message to the region of brain known as hypothalamus. Then it sends further signals to the pituitary gland and then onto the thyroid glands. These signals release hormones that can cause fluctuations in our mood, emotion and also our behavior.

Each color means something to every person and it depends on our personal preferences and cultural backgrounds. Here are some points of color psychology in web design:

Red: This color can actually increase a person’s heart rate and also can cause to breath faster. It can be considered with excitement, love, energy and movement. Simultaneously, it also has some negative associations such as war, violence, fire and anger. It can be used for drawing attention of the users or to create excitement.

Yellow: It is considered as the brightest color and also associated with the competence, happiness, optimism and youth. It has some negative associations such as deceit and cheapness etc. We can use bright yellow color in order to energize people and for creating a sense of happiness.

Orange: It is considered as an energetic and vibrant color as well as often associated with fun, happiness, energy and ambition etc. it can also be used in order to communicate caution. If we draw attention to our call to action such as subscribe, buy, and sign up etc or other content, then we should make sure that people will notice it. It is good for ecommerce.

Green: It possesses a harmonizing and balancing effect as well as associated with the growth, health, nature, money and wealth etc. It is the easiest colour for our eyes to process. We can use it for creating the relaxing and calming effect as well as to represent new beginnings and nature. It is too efficient for science and medicine etc.

Blue: It is considered with competence, quality, calmness, dependability and wisdom etc. it can also be refreshing and energizing. It is being used by huge corporations and banks due to its non-invasive. It is also good for the health care as well as science and government.