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Top 4 PHP Frameworks

Top 4 PHP Frameworks

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Web app Development world is very vast and PHP is ruling it and one of the best and most favoured server-side programming languages known for its simple to use feature. PHP web app developers is a big plethora of frameworks providing the developers an integrated the, a platform for creating robust applications, reusable components, and permitting them favored quick development of web applications.

A basic structure is received by developer with some integrated modules for developing robust web applications quickly. A PHP framework provides coding standards and developer guidelines by standardising the process and stabilises the product.

One of the best and complete PHP frameworks created to quickly build web applications using the MVC architecture. The framework has the huge developer community with some specific packages, the lightweight blade template engine, unit tests, ORM, a packaging system, restful controllers and it is only framework introduced routing in an abstract way.

Background tasks are handled with Queue management facility and also logs activity for all developers while tasks are being normally performed on the front end.

CodeIgniter is an ideal framework for rapid web application development with light weight and with simple framework understanding. It can installed easily and simply by just downloading directly from the host. Down load the file and you are ready to go and there are no further software installation is required.
Development of full web application becomes easy with the simple curves and libraries available and the development side is vast and very useful. The features available with it are wonderful and it has in-built libraries for unit testing, form validation email session, and much more. Own library can also be created and share it with the developer community.

The framework is considered one of the very stable, powerful, well-researched and modular project. It’s a fantastic platform for developers’ community. Used by large corporations and many open source projects, it’s a very professional framework keeping mind the stability. Like other frameworks the documentation is very vast so as developer community. Best for the development of REST API’S and web applications.

Beginners guide for developers and it is quickly growing commercial web applications. It comes with code generation and scaffolding functionality to speed up the development process while bringing many packages to take care of some of the common features.

Feature of MVC conventions, helping the developers in guiding them in their development process. Security features available including ways to prevent CSRF, SQL Injection, XSS and tools required for validation of form.