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Old SEO v/s New SEO

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As we know that the world of SEO is changing and earlier most of the webmasters were using efficient tricks in order to rank a keyword in SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages) but now there have been some amazing changes in the algorithms of major search engines. Now search engines are giving more value to the user experience than anything else in order to serve more natural and human oriented results to the users.

Here we are explaining the differences between Old SEO techniques and New SEO techniques:


• In Old SEO, the webmasters used to operate the SERPs by using the irritating tricks along with technical schemes so that they could rank the website without having any relevant and useful content on it. It was easy for them for ranking on the first page of the search engines by using keywords and back links.
• As per the latest Google search algorithm, updates SEO is prioritizing the user experience and also providing valuable content including relevant images, info graphics and charts etc.

On-Page Optimization:

• The focus of Old SEO was to control the search results so that the webmasters could use them to insert the targeted keywords in the web page. The content used to be full of keywords and purpose to get ranking mileage by keywords stuffing without adding any value for the users.
• In Updates SEO, Google has become smart enough to understand what our web page is all about. Intent of the user can be easily identified and serve the best possible results within least time. Now the content is unique, informative and rich with the images.

Content Marketing:

• In Old SEO, there was no concept of content marketing as the only tricks were to drive traffic through referrals and spamming. Webmasters used to try to get traffic without efficient content but they could not utilize the most powerful online marketing tool.
• In updated SEO, It is all about content marketing only. There is no use of resources if our content is not reaching to the targeted customers. We can try to deliver their each piece of content as many as possible audience.

Email Outreach: Email marketing is one of the powerful marketing strategies that have not been used by the SEO professional till now. It is the perfect medium in order to keep engaging with our targeted customers.