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Motion Design is Future of UI

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One of the necessary components of a website or an app is a good design. It is really crucial as it is helpful in designing a good user interface and that’s why it provides a better user experience. It enables us to increase our reach to more numbers of users so that they could navigate easily on our app or website.

A good app or website consists of multiple elements such as colors, fonts, space and icons. Earlier, the static design was used but nowadays, the trend of motion design is quite popular as they can help in bringing the digital products to life.

In addition to these, this design can also implement into them. If they have used correctly, it could be more powerful in comparison to the other elements. It can also enable the user for understanding the solution by showing them the happening after a certain action as well as guide them also into the action’s destination.

Through these motion designs, different relationship between the element can be highlighted and hide the background action. We can also use this between the screens thereby we could inform them that they are leaving the old user interface as well as progressing to the new interface.

Through the proper implementation of the motion, it can also be used for telling our story in the simple and easy way. These different transitions can amaze the users as well as lift them excited. It is very helpful in complimenting our design as well as brand identity.

Through this, we can enhance user interaction as it adds an extra dimension of time into our designs and helpful in bridging the gap between human and software. It can enhance the usability. These designs can incorporate a number of elements into it. These are shapes, text, lines, illustrations, and photography as well as 3D objects, video and many more.

All of these kinds of elements can be animated in motion UI design for these reasons:
• System status in order to load indicators and notification.
• Navigations and transmitters can be used for the hierarchy and connection between the elements, function change as well as other such effects.
• Visual feedback for acknowledgment as well as results of the actions.