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Native Apps v/s Web Apps

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If we explain our clients about the significant differences between the Native Apps and Web Apps, it will be really helpful for them to know what they need in fact in terms of saving time and money.

Native Mobile Apps: These apps are developed particularly for a special mobile device as well as are installed directly onto the device itself. Users can download the app through app stores like Apple App store, Google Play store etc.

They are built for specific mobile operating system like Apple IOS or Android IOS. App which is made for the Apple IOS will not be able to work on Android IOS and vice-versa.


• Native mobile apps can also be used offline due to which they are faster to open as well can be access anytime.
• They give the opportunity to the user for using the device-specific hand gestures.
• They are good at performance as they can store information locally and can synchronise with the server after the user is done by using the app.


• Native mobile apps are more expensive in order to develop especially when it needs to be compatible along with multiple operating systems and that’s why it can multiply the development cost.
• App maintenance cost is higher.
• Use of this app is contingent on the desire of the user in order to download and install the app onto their mobile device.

Mobile Web Apps: These apps are basically internet enabled applications which are accessible through the web browser of the mobile device. There is no necessity to download and install the app onto mobile for accessing it.
These apps are written as web pages in HTML and CSS along with the interactive parts in JavaScript or similar languages, which mean that single web app, can also be used on most of the devices which are capable of surfing the web.


• They are immediately accessible by the users through a browser across a range of devices such as Android, I phone etc.
• These apps are much easier in order to update or maintain by the developer.
• They are also easier for users in order to discover the pages which can be displayed in search results.


• They have limited scope in terms of accessing a mobile device’s features is concerned.
• Web apps are unavailable when offline.