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Digital Video Editing

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With the home computer becoming more powerful and the fall in prices of digital video cameras, amateur digital video editing is becoming more and more attainable to the average person. Online series such as Pure Pwnage and Red vs. Blue are examples of these.

Hard Discussion of Hardware
• The good
• The bad
• The ugly

What everyone loves
Apple Final Cut Pro $1000
• The good: it is extremely broad and deep feature set as it has fully customizable industry-standard interface, strong real-time capabilities and excellent value.
• The bad: it is tough learning curve for beginners and casual users, as it requires a powerful Mac system. It has no multicamera support.
• The bottom line: If you are ready for advanced video editing and you have a Mac G4 or better, look no further.

What I Love

Ulead Media Studio Pro $250
• The good: it is power-packed application suite as it has advanced features and deep options. It has fast tape scan to DV-clip index and real-time preview.
• The bad: it is busy and inconsistent interface and has complex settings for even simple tasks.
• The bottom line: This is a great tool for experimentalists who want to tweak under the hood for more power and better performance.

What is In the future?

Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5
• Apparently the best for pc video editing.
• It is soon closing in on the competition from Apple and Avid.

Miniatures and other applications:

A commonly used technique used with the blue screen effect is to build a miniature and film it on a blue screen. Using this you can create castles and spaceships from household items. With 3D modeling, the techniques are similar to those used with miniatures.

The future and Machinima

• Creating movies with video games.
• With a screen capture and some editing software people are creating entertaining and popular video series available free from the net.
• Movie contests held by Blizzard using Wow