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A bid Strategies from Google Ads and its Types

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Bidding is now new platform for generating lead and getting your work done with just clicks and all those fresher advertisers first onrush into bid automation through the one that are one of Google’s free bid strategies part of Google Ads Platform. There are varieties of names for bid strategies in the past for example, current name of Target CPA strategy previously termed as Conversion Optimizer. Bid strategies earlier called as Flexible bid strategies another example.

There are broadly seven strategies available currently, and four out of them are the subset under Google calls Smart Bidding. The other three are of less use to the advertisers and more with vanity goals; perhaps they are not that helpful in bidding.

Types of Bid Strategy

1. Vanity Bidding

a) Maximize Clicks

b) Target Location (on search page)

c) Target Outrank

2. Smart Bidding

a) Target CPA

b) Target ROAS

c) Enhanced CPC

d) Maximize Conversions

The above three vanity bid automations don’t operate in real-time but rather updates bids periodically. With the use of historical data bids are set t o what Google believes requires to achieve the desired outcome in simulations. Mentioned below are the types of bid strategy:-

Maximize clicks

Any advertiser that is brand focused will work on visits on their landing page and tracking the conversions is the key for standing a chance in competitive search. Due to some reasons advertisers cannot install the conversion but they can still let Google drive as many clicks as possible for advertiser budget. Good clicks are of no guarantee for the site but they are eyeballs to companies’ websites.

Target Search Page Location

It’s best the bid strategy to increase the visibility of companies’ ad ‘sand their position in the search results to get on the top of the first page by Target Search Page Location. For raising and lowering the bid, manually this platform can be used and staying at the recommended level as with the help of manual bidding and not letting the page levels to be lowered. Lists of merits through this strategy as it is automotive at the beginning and it can be more beneficial with the increasing exposure and accumulated data. Eventually things can be automated with the acquired data in the hand.

Target Outranking Share

One of the best bid strategy works automatically to raise or lower the bids to stay ahead of a competitor. Other ads will outrank when there are desired percentages of auctions where both advertisers are competing. With certain budget limits the results can also be limited so solely dependent on this bid strategy won’t be influential and beneficial both. This strategy is very helpful in getting highest rank but there are other also who are using same strategy but they are not at top just because the use of correct set of keywords that will outrank other company advertising at the same moment (using negative keywords).