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Modern Data Scientists

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Data scientist jobs are most fashionable job today in IT field. It is considered as the most desirable job of 21st century, which requires a culture of multidisciplinary skills. A data scientist job is considered as multi function job because it needs different scale of skills by combining many skills such as intersection of mathematics, computer science, statics, business and communication.

Finding a data scientist is not a cakewalk, it’s really tough to find the data scientist. And finding the people who can understand that what a data scientist is even more complicated, to hire a data scientist we need a strong HR team which can analyze all the qualities of a data scientist. So let us know what a data scientist really is?
Quality of a Data scientist has been taken into the four parts:

1) Math and Statistics
2) Programming and Database
3) Domain knowledge and Soft skills
4) Communication and Visualization

Let us have the spot light on each topic:

Math and Statistics: Data scientist must have good understanding of statistics, they must be familiar with statistical tests, distribution etc. in math and statistics a data scientist should know about machine learning, statistical modeling, experiment design, Bayesian inference, supervised and unsupervised learning, optimization of gradient, decent and variants.

Machine learning– suppose you are working in large company with large amount of data or a company whose products itself are data driven (using Google maps, Uber), than you must know about machine learning methods.

Programming and Database: A data scientist must have a decent programming skill, such as c, c++. And statistical programming skills such as Python, R. and also knowledge about database and SQL. As well as they must have knowledge about computer science fundamentals, scripting languages, relational algebra, hadoop.

Domain knowledge and Soft skills: A Data scientist must be passionate about the business, curious about the data, influence without authority. Must have hacker mindset, problem solver. Soft skills should be excellent so that communication should be easily done.

Communication and Visualization: Ability to engage with the senior management. Story telling skills and creative mindset, translate data-driven insights into decision actions, visual art design, R packages like ggplot or lattice.