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Behind the Scene of WordPress Working

Behind the Scene of WordPress Working

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The question of how actually WordPress works behind the scene must have popped up in the mind. It looks easy when you enter the name of the link and it starts working but there are many things that work behind the WordPress. WordPress an open source software, anyone can create their own apps and templates using it.

Understanding the process of WordPress working behind the scene will be helpful and will bring future enhancements with improvement ideas. Beginning with the entering the name of the website and its loading time, so it’s a configuration file of WordPress named wp-config.php. This file is a set of global variables for WordPress database information.

Setting up of Default Constants, it includes the information of default WordPress upload location, maximum file sizes and other default constant sets in the wp-config.php file. Moving on the third factor that affects the WordPress working is loading the advanced-cache.php file, exists in every website uploaded by WordPress. A new plugin screen will pop-up called Drop-ins.

Creation of own database abstraction layer by the developer and loading them in a db.php file placed inside the wp-content folder. For improving database performance WordPress caching plugins are used. WordPress will load the present file with the presence of the file.

Connecting MySQL and selecting a database which has enough information to proceed further. Further connecting with MySQL server and select the database and there may connection error can arrive if WordPress is unable to connect to the database. Next step can be followed if everything works fine.

For loading object-cache.php or wp-includes/cache.php File, developers will look now for this file and id it doesn’t exist then WordPress will move on wp-includes/cache.php file. Another file that is required for the requirement for multisite network or the file name is a wp-content/sunrise.php file, can be found when looking into WordPress.

The next step of WordPress will be load I10.php library in the wp-includes folder. With this file WordPress Localization system loads along with translation loading, sets locate etc. WordPress provides the guide as well in different languages.

If there is a multisite network, the WordPress will now load the multisite plugins. This part only includes few background scenes of WordPress working but the second part will include further background working of WordPress.