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How to Design Great Mobile Website Experience

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As soon as the number of devices and screen sizes are increasing out there, the concept of responsive web design has become the standard protocol for many businessmen. So it is essential that we design and test our websites to ensure that users can easily navigate and access our content – no matter how they are accessing it.

For the purpose of making mobile friendly websites, here are some tips which should be kept in mind:

Focus on Readability and Usability: It is true that visitors attracts to a beautiful websites and that’s why most of the business owners try to get the website too fancy when it comes to mobile which is not right as a high end layout or feature can look stunning on the desktop but may just not make sense for a phone. So things should be simplified and appropriate to read and there is not a big deal in removing or replacing it with something that performs this job more effectively.

Available Screen Real Estate: Although the multi-column layouts are good and adopted worldwide but text heavy columns are not sufficient for the smallest screens. In this case, it will be a good idea if we simply turn multiple columns into the single column. But when we talk about the tablets and phones held in landscape orientation, columns can still be quite effective.

No More Content on Same Exact Spot: Most of the developers often try to place every single design element in the same relative spot for both mobile and desktop users so that their websites could reach to maximum people but this approach could be risky and may not work sometimes on smaller screens. For example, many websites place items in their header like search forms or social media icons etc. It is great for the larger screens but may not be helpful for the smaller screens on phone etc.

Mobile Specific Features: At the time of designing a quality responsive design strategy, we must consider on adding some small touches which will bring a higher level of convenience for the mobile users. There is no need for performing extra efforts to implement.